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19 Best Profitable Halal Jobs For Muslim Sisters

Halal jobs for muslim sisters are increasing in the digital revolution.

Want to know best halal jobs for muslim sisters?

You need to research about halal jobs for muslim sisters and launch an online business.

Disclaimer: This post has affiliate links. I earn a commission when you make a purchase at no extra-cost to you. Thank you.

Tools You Need To Get Halal Jobs For Muslim Sisters

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In this blog post, I ‘ll highlight the best halal jobs for muslim sisters that pays good money.

Do you want to learn how muslim sisters earn more money from halal jobs?

The internet is helping muslim sisters achieve financial independence at home.

Where To Find Great Freelancers/Tools For Your Online Job?

1. FiverrFind great website designers to help you.
Everything starts from $5
Faster project completion.
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2. 99 DesignsWork with top-rated creators and designers.

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3. Canva ProDo-it-yourself designs.
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If you are fed up earning a low income, this is your best time to try new home based opportunities.

The Best Halal Jobs For Muslim Sisters To Start At Home

Below are the step start halal jobs for muslim sisters:

1. Start A Blog

Blogging is one of the most lucrative halal jobs for muslim sisters to venture.

You can start a food blog, parenting, lifestyle or personal blog and share your advice online.

The demand for information and opportunity to make a passive income is something to consider.

The secret to blogging success is to choose a right niche and serve your readers.

You can recommend products/ services in your blog posts.

Blogging requires you to have a domain and web hosting to start.

I highly recommend you prepare yourself and start your Blog on

2. Create Online Course

Creating and selling online course is the quickest way to become financially independent.

In fact, smart muslim sisters are taking advantage of this opportunity as a halal job.

For example, Ebooks can help you create a passive income online.

There are online platform to learn and sell your online course.

Over one billion products were sold online by bloggers, digital marketers and entrepreneurs.

Also, you can host your courses from a website, manage your customer service and deposit your earnings into your bank.

You can find freelancers to write and create your own digital courses.

Where To Learn Digital Marketing Skills To Get High Paying Online Jobs?

Online Courses/Business SkillsBenefitsWebsite
1. SkillshareLearn digital skills.
Launch a course.
Make passive income
Try Skillshare Here
2. AppSumoCreate & Sell software.
Digital courses + Ebooks.
Make money with AppSumo.
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3. TeachableGet coached by experts.
Launch your own course.
Generate cash from your courses.
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3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the easiest online halal job for muslim sisters.

You can start your own affiliate business by signing up to affiliate programmes.

Flex-Offers is the best place to get started online.

This business does not require you to run a customer support service.

The affiliate company handles everything on your behalf.

You only have to refer clients via your affiliate links.

For example, you can promote a halal product or company and earn commissions.

Some companies pay 10-75% commission per sale.

In my opinion, you need to learn about Flex-Offers business and get launched.

4. Babysitting

Babysitting business is growing among muslims.

More parents are working 9-5 jobs and busy schedules force them to hire babysitters.

It’s one of the best halal jobs for muslim sisters to launch at home.

You can set your own fees and earn a great income from the comfort of your home.

However, you need to have a professional website for people to contact you.

5. Freelancer

Freelancing jobs are gaining grounds in the economy.

The Covid Pandemic and Lockdowns are making employees to supplement income through freelancing.

Halal jobs for muslim sisters working as freelancers includes writing articles, press releases, editing and much more.

Freelancing helps you to take back control and work whenever you want.

You can launch your freelancing business online by leveraging existing platforms.

6. Translator

You can make money online as a translator for companies and businesses.

Multi-Culturalism brought different nationalities together.

Also, it creates an opportunity to generate a side income as a muslim sister at home.

For example, hospitals, immigration, police and prison service are compelled to pay translators.

You can start this halal job with a simple website and start promoting your service.

7. Tutoring

If you have a skill or expertise in a particular field, you can start a tutoring service.

Online tutoring is booming for many muslim sisters as their main halal job.

Tutoring is a very rewarding service by helping others to learn from you.

In fact, you could teach Quran online and earn more blessings and income.

8. Email Marketing Agency

Email Marketing Agency is the biggest halal jobs you can start as a muslim sister.

Everyone has an email account and is more important than a social media account.

Most online marketers use email marketing to sell their products/services.

For example, you can help small business owners build their email marketing service online.

Charge them $1000 and 10% from earnings they generate.

The Latest Email Marketing Tools You Need To Start Halal Jobs

Email Marketing Tools For Muslim SistersBenefitsGet Your Email Marketing Plan
1. Constant ContactSign up and choose the best affordable plan.

Build a list on subscribers + Buyers.

Automation and landing pages available.

Try Constant Contact
2. AWeberUsed by professionals and marketers.

Automation + marketing campaigns.

Perfect affordable plans.
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3. GetresponseAwesome for beginners.

Beautiful lead capture pages +site builder.

Fantastic prices + Automation.
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9. Sell Domains & Web Hosting

Unlike most online businesses, the selling of web hosting is highly lucrative.

All online businesses needs a domain and web hosting.

This is why it makes sense to venture into this business.

Besides, a lot of web hosting companies like Namecheap are offering muslim sisters the chance to resell domain and web hosting.

You can earn great income selling a service online.

10. Virtual Assistant

Are you experienced or interested in virtual assistant service?

You can basically work from home and render your service nationwide.

There’s so much demand for virtual assistant services.

You can charge a reasonable fee and help people get results online.

11. Logo Designer

Business owners and brands invest a lot of money in Logo Designs.

Logo designing is a halal job muslim sisters can make money from on daily basis.

For example, you can sign up free using Logo design websites.

You will have access to their beautiful design templates online.

It is very simple because the system performs your tasks by drag and click.

Then, you can sell your Logo Designs online and earn income.

This is the secret sauce of top freelancers online.

12. Teach Language

Teaching language online is a multi-billion dollar industry.

English language is widely spoken in most countries.

If you have a good grasp of English, you can teach people online for a fee.

Also, there’s demand for Arabic, French and Spanish.

You can teach students online from home.

13. Social media management

Young people and savvy entrepreneurs are raking huge profits using Social Media.

Companies are desperately looking for social media managers to help grow their business.

For example, you can help design their Facebook pages, create posts, build engagements for income.

In fact, some companies are happy to sign a six month contract worth huge amounts.

14. Content Management

Quality content is what brings you revenues online.

But, writing content takes time to produce.

Most bloggers and brands are happy to outsource halal content writing jobs to muslim sisters.

You need to write topics that are in-line with Islam.

15. Online Fitness Instructor

Are you a fitness instructor with passion?

You can launch an online health and fitness coaching service.

People are spending money on fitness instructors.

You can shoot halal training videos and upload on your website for clients.

That way, you can generate residual income daily.

16. Virtual recruitment

Setting up a virtual recruitment business can be satisfying for muslims.

You need a website to advertise your temporal and permanent vacancies.

This way, job applicants can contact you for positions.

You can charge businesses a fee for every position filled by you.

17. Cooking Instructor

People love foods and some are eager to learn from cooking instructors.

This is a perfect opportunity for muslim sisters to exhibit their cooking skills online.

You can turn your cooking recipes into digital courses and ebooks.

Also, you can launch a food blog and a Youtube channel to grow your business.

18. SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is a profitable skill to possess.

You can help businesses grow by ranking them in the search engines.

Also, you can generate various keywords for them within their niche for a fee.

There’s so much demand for SEO professionals online.

19. Create a million dollar App

Launching your own Online App can change your life forever.

You can start your new App using Bubble platform for those with no technical skills.

The App business is worth a trillion dollar and demand is growing each day.

You don’t need to be a computer programmer to create a new App for the world.

Right now, chances are you are using an App that was built by someone on Bubble.

The opportunities are endless in the App business.

Almost, any idea can be turned into an online App on Bubble and have a passive income business.

What jobs are halal for muslim sisters?

Halal jobs for muslim sisters are jobs that can be run from home and involves no haram activities.

Are halal jobs profitable for muslim sisters?

Yes. Halal jobs are really profitable for muslim sisters and some entrepreneurs created online brands.

Is it halal for a woman to work?

Yes, women are allowed to work and make halal income
at home.

They must not sell alcohol, pork, gamble or compromise their on modesty online.

Is it haram to be a muslim female model?

Yes. Modelling is haram because breaks the rules of Hijab and exposes the muslim woman’s hair and face in public.


Halal jobs for muslim sisters are in demand online.

You gained a lot of knowledge now to maximise the opportunities and earn income.

But, you can’t delay starting your own business.

I suggest you get launched now by getting a blog domain and hosting.

Action Tip:

Go ahead and start your own Home Business.

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Mr Ceesay
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