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12 Best Companies Muslims Can Earn A Halal Income Online

Earn a halal income online has 679,000 results on Google searches by the time this article was written.

These searches ‘earn a halal income online‘ will reach a million by next year.

An internet connection with a laptop, you can earn a halal income online.

Disclaimer: This article has affiliate links. I earn commission when you make a purchase at no extra-cost to you. Thanks.

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Are you looking for ways to earn a halal income online?

The Best Halal Income Online Tools To Get Started

ToolsFunction/BenefitsVisit Website
1. HostgatorDomain and website hostingTry Hostgator
2. FiverrHire website designers.Try Fiverr
3. LogoA website for beautiful Logos.Try
4. SquirrlySEO and ranking on Google.Try Squirrly
5. BuzzsproutA Podcasting software.Try Buzzsprout
6. Audible Business audiobooks.Try Audible
7. Omnisend Email marketing tool.Try Omnisend
8. Monday.comCRM tool for business.Try
9. SiteGroundA platform for starting a Blog.Try Siteground
10. Tailwind Social media tool for growth.Try Tailwind
11. CleverlyLinkedin business tool.Try Cleverly

In this post, I’ll reveal 12 best companies muslims can earn a halal income online.

What is a halal income online?

Halal income online is any income you can earn online from selling products/service that is permissible in Islam.

Therefore, the income must be free from alcohol, pork, gambling, pornography or anything haram.

How can I make money online Halal?

You can make money online halal with Hostgator, Domain, Divi, Constant Contact, Getresponse and Nexcess.

Below are the best companies you can use to start earning halal income online:

1. Hostgator

Hostgator is one of the most respected website hosting companies in the world.

It is a company loved by affiliate marketers, bloggers, influencers and social media strategists online.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, Hostgator is the company to buy your website domain name and hosting.

A domain is the name of your website or blog like

A hosting account registration makes your website appear on the internet.

How to earn halal online income with Hostgator?

Hostgator has an affiliate programme where you get paid for recommending their service to others.

It’s known as word of mouth marketing in some corners for a commission.

Others refer to it as affiliate marketing.

But, how do I join Hostgator?


Sign up and register your website/Blog with Hostgator.

Install your WordPress with 1-Click for free.

Some web hosting companies charge for WordPress.

But, Hostgator won’t!

Again, WordPress is free on Hostgator.

In fact, a website designer can do it for you!

I will tell you where to get a cheap designer later.

Next, you will have to sign up as an affiliate at Hostgator.

That’s it!

For example, once Hostgator approves you as an affiliate to promote their company online.

You will get a nice unique link to add on your website/blog.

For people to click when they visit your website/blog.

Hostgator pays you $65 per sale.

Now, if you have 1000 people = $65,000 commission for you.

Invest in yourself through Hostgator.

2. Nexcess

Nexcess has over 700,000 website owners as clients.

It is a fully managed WordPress hosting provider.

One of the most secured hosting companies in the world.

It also provide hosting for platforms such as e-commerce stores. 

Nexcess is the right choice for starting an ecommerce business.

Also, free WordPress migration is available with all of their plans.  

You don’t need any special skills to create a WordPress website.

Nexcess is amazing for rapid site creation. 

You can always reach out to Nexcess customer support.

WordPress experts are available via phone or live chat. 

How do I make halal online income with Nexcess?

Nexcess has everything you need to make passive income online.

I suggest you sign up as a client with Nexcess.

Then, register as an affiliate on their website.

Nexcess commission ranges from $150-$547

This depends on various commission structure.

For example, if you promote an offer in a package with $150 per sale.

1000x $150 = $150,000 in earned commission.

3. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an email marketing company that is changing the way people do business online.

You can get customers online.

Build a cool website or start an E-commerce.

In fact, you can use Constant Contact to sell online course.

Also, create awareness on social media and boost your sales with Google Ads.

It’s an exceptional opportunity to jump in right now!

How do I earn halal online income with Constant Contact?

Register with Constant Contact for your online email marketing.

They have an excellent plan for online marketers.

You can add your personal information like name, address and date of birth and bank details.

Once you have signed up as a customer.

Head to the Constant Contact affiliate page.

Register to promote Constant Contact on your website/Blog.

Wait for email verification links.

Confirmed verification and you can start earning commissions online.

Constant Contact pays $5 per Lead. (Anyone who sign up).

Constant Contact pays $105 per Email Sale.

For example 1000 Email Sales = $105,000 Commission for you.

4. Divi Theme Page Builder

Divi Theme is one of the most popular themes in the world.

It has a page builder, meaning you can click and drag elements to build a professional website or blog.

No complicated coding skills or technical wizardry required.

Some of the global brands built their websites using Divi Theme.

Divi has over 767,154 users including bloggers, digital marketers, entrepreneurs and artists.

This very blog you are reading now was built with a Divi Theme.

If you are starting, I strongly suggest you build your website or blog with a Divi Theme.

How do I earn halal online income with Divi Theme?

It’s easy!

After you invest in your Divi Theme through Elegant Themes.

You will have your own account login access.

It enables you to download everything ready to install on your WordPress.

The download gives you a license purchase reference code.

Keep your license code private and avoid people stealing it.

Then, you will be able to benefit from Divi’s future updates.

Most beautiful websites were built using Divi Theme and it’s page builder.

Earning halal money with Divi Theme

Divi has two price options.

$89 for yearly subscription which is the most popular one.

$249 for a lifetime access.

Divi offers affiliates 50% sales commissions.

This means, if you join as a Divi Theme affiliate to promote them.

The $89 packages earns you 50%=$45 per sale commission.

The $249 packages earns you 50%= $125 per sale commission.

For example:

1000 sales of the $89= You can earn $45,000

1000 sales of the $249= You can earn $125,000.

However, these figures may sound a lot to some people right now!

But, Divi Theme sells itself because is a great product.

I can’t guarantee your success, because I really don’t know you well!

I believe having a Blog/ YouTube to promote Divi helps a lot!

5. 99 Designs

One of the best freelancing platforms for connecting web designers and clients.

99 Designs has top rated designers like website designers, Logo designers, writers and marketers.

You can find freelancers for any project at an affordable price.

If you want to start a blog/website, you can hire them online.

I highly recommend that, you start your home business with 99 Designs.

6. Getresponse

Getresponse is a remarkable platform for email marketing service.

I use Getresponse to send emails to my subscribers and marketing.

Getresponse has a subscription service and popular among bloggers and digital marketers.

It is the most cheapest service for someone starting a new business.

Getresponse is easy to use and you can create lead magnets, host websites and much more.

How do I earn halal online income with Getresponse?

You need to start with the Getresponse basic plan of 1000 sunscribers.

That way, you will learn more about email marketing.

Making money with Getresponse

Inside the Getresponse dashboard.

You will see the page where it says affiliate after your subscription.

Click the affiliate page and add your details.

Finally, you will see your affiliate links and tools to promote Getresponse.

With Getresponse you earn 33% or $100 per new subscriber.

For example, if you sign up 1000 clients x 100= $100,000 in earned commission for you.

7. is a big name in the web hosting business online.

The company has offices in the United States and UK.

Whether you want a domain name, a website, web hosting, start an Ecommerce, email marketing? is the place to kick-start your dreams online. is the number company offering “Do-it-yourself and managed solutions. has a strong reputation globally, especially among US and UK customers.

I highly recommend for launching your online business.

How do you earn halal online income with has incredible powerful tools:

1. Building a Blog/Website

2. Starting Ecommerce Business/Online Store.

3. Web Hosting.

Earning Halal Income Online With

If you make a purchase of any of the above products, then look for affiliate page.

Register to create an account to promote pays $25-$100 per sale.

For example 1000 sales x $100= $100,000 commission for you.

8. Canva Pro

Canva Pro is a platform where people design beautiful images, social media posts, blog images, YouTube Thumbnails and Ads.

This is one of the fastest growing graphic design companies online.

In fact, nearly all freelancers on most outsourcing sites use Canva Pro to design things for clients.

If you are a broke employee, create an account with Canva Pro, look for a freelancer website to join and start selling your service for profit.

How do you make halal earnings with Canva Pro?

Start by first registering your account with Canva Pro.

You can use Canva Pro design templates to sell Logos, sell YouTube Channel designs and Thumbnails, Social Media Channel Headers, Ecovers, Book Covers and Instagram posts images.

Also, you can join as Canva Pro Affiliate.

Canva pays up to $36 per subscriber.

For example 1000 clients x$36 = $36,000 you will earn as commission

9. is one of the most affordable place to get a domain and web hosting.

This company powerful domains at $8.99 for a is also a very reliable web hosting company for online sellers.

You also enjoy the benefit of owning a custom email set up to match your website domain. is highly recommended for those on low budgets.

They also backup your website/blog daily in case it gets stolen for easy recovery.

It’s also secure and protects your website from online hackers.

How to earn halal online income with

Consider signing up with and register a domain and web hosting.

If you get everything set up!

Look for affiliate programme.

Then follow and fill the form as an affiliate.

Once accepted, you get affiliate links and ready to promote them online.

Earning halal with pays $85-$110 per sale.

For example:

1000 sales x $85= $85,000 commission earned.

1000 sales x $110= $110,000 commission earned.

10. Fiverr

Fiverr is the most successful and popular freelancing site in the world.

Millions of people use Fiverr for their projects knowns as Fiverr gigs.

You can launch your Fiverr business tonight and starting getting orders.

Fiverr marketplace gets visitors looking for freelancers to handle their work.

All services on Fiverr starts from $5 and increased up to $1000 depending on the service.

Almost, all bloggers and YouTubers gets their projects done using Fiverr.

One strategies people use is to sell website design service on Fiverr.

You can sell video service, writing, and translation and digital marketing gigs etc.

11. SiteGround

SiteGround is another famous company for domain and web hosting.

This is one of the easiest website for beginners to register their website/blog.

Siteground is loved by single mums, retirees, students, employees and work at home workers.

If you want a secure and stress free web hosting, Siteground is your best option!

How do muslims earn halal income online with Siteground?

You need to sign up and get your website/blog name and hosting registered at Siteground.

Siteground is empowering muslims to earn more halal income online.

That means, you need to join Siteground affiliate progamme.

If you are approved, you will receive your login details and affiliate links.

There are great promotional tools and banners in the affiliate dashboard.

Siteground Commission Pay

  • 1 and 5 sales – 50USD/50AUD/30GBP/40EUR
  • 6 and 10 sales – 75USD/75AUD/50GBP/60EUR
  • 11 and 20 sales – 100USD/100AUD/65GBP/75EUR
  • 21+ sales – Custom Commission

NB: The more people you can get to join Siteground, the more you will earn money!

12. AWeber

AWeber is an email marketing company based in the United States.

It was founded in 1998, and one of the most popular brands in the email marketing field.

AWeber helps you build a mailing list of subscribers.

You can send newsletters, as well as automation of email marketing campaigns.

Also, you can use AWeber autoresponders to recommend affiliate products.

How you can earn halal online income?

Making halal income online is something I encourage you to explore.

To start, join AWeber and choose a plan.

AWeber email marketing software will help you fast track your online business sales.

Earning AWeber Income

Once you create an AWeber account.

Next is to join the AWeber referral programme.

If you are accepted into the AWeber referral advocate, you can start recommending AWeber for profit.

AWeber pay affiliates a recurring 30% on customer referral sales.


Today, we discussed the best companies muslims can earn a halal income online.

These iconic brands online built their reputation for many years and loved by millions.

Build a business and start right now.

You have the best opportunity to leverage these platforms and receive commissions.

However, results are not typical online for everyone.

I believe with ambition, focus and action you could achieve the impossible!

Invest in your own growth and prosperity.

If you are not taking action towards your dreams:

Life will leave you behind my friend…

All the dreams you want to achieve will pass you…

The vacations you want to take will just be a mere dream.

You can’t just be a cog in the wheel working, working and working for others.

For once start doing something for yourself now!

Kick-procrastination and stop wasting time!

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