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14+Best Halal Work From Home Business Guide For Muslims

Halal Work from home can be a side hustle for income or a full time business.

For the past years, I have discovered profitable halal work from home ideas.

Disclaimer: This post has affiliate links. I earn commission when you make a purchase at no extra-cost to you. Thanks.

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In this blog post, I will guide you step by step to launch a successful halal work from home business.

If you are interested in halal work from home industry, this is the best time to start.

The amazing power of the internet is the chance to seize opportunities for a decent living.

Muslims should take advantage of today’s web economy to reap great benefits.

You can get started in almost an instant as a work from home entrepreneur.

What are the best halal work from home ideas?

Tutoring, social media management, blogging, Ecommerce, selling domains, affiliate marketing etc.

Below are the best halal work from home ideas:

1. Trade domains halal work from home business 

Selling internet domains can be a profitable halal work from home business.

But, researching the subject to double your cash flow is key.

This business can increase your side hustle income and requires not much time to carry out.

By buying domains and selling them at a higher profit, the income can be high.

2. Blogging halal work from home

Muslim bloggers can earn good halal money online and building followers.

You need to spend time and effort into a blog.

Also, with a clear purpose and interesting content.

Lots of cash can be made off of halal promotions and advertisements.

This is a business that requires focus.

But, you can earn good income from blogging! 

3. Affiliate marketing home business

Affiliate marketing is a profitable industry and still growing.

This is the best business for muslims to start.

It can be done by representing a company’s product and selling it to others.

If you believe in a product or brand, you can promote them and earn certain percentage commission.

This can be done with little experience and there are a ton of success stories. 

I recommend you get your own professional website.

Most affiliate networks require honesty and having a good website or blog helps a lot!

4. Web design 

There are millions of employees looking to quit jobs and become work from home business owners.

The demand for website designers is increasing each day, because of Covid.

Furloughed employees no longer wants to return back to their 9-5 work for a company.

If you can invest in a Page Builder, you can use it to create beautiful websites for people.

For example, you can charge between $300-$1000 for a website or blog.

This is another halal home based opportunity, where you can thrive and build a profitable business.


5. Editing and freelance writing 

The internet is a great place for muslims to earn halal.

The outsourcing platforms are buzzing with plenty of paid gigs.

This opens a new opportunity for home based workers like you.

Outsourcing platforms are free, easy to join and start making passive income.

You can sell your service and become a fully independent online business owner.

In terms of editing, most busy authors and companies don’t have the time to edit their work.

This is what makes being an editor an entirely new opportunity. 

You can hire editors for their work and just deliver to your clients when they complete the task.

Upwork is popular because of the demand and opportunity to make money from it!

Freelance editing comprises of blogs rewriting, academic essays, niche articles and much more.

6. Social media management

Halal business owners, don’t want to waste their time on social media marketing.

People would be happy to pay you in order to manage their social media accounts.

There are various social media tools you can use and charge a fortune helping businesses.

You can set Youtube accounts, Facebook and Instagram for them.

Also, by engaging with their clients through posts, articles and comments.

Working in a job is not the best way to make a living!

7. Start online clothing store

Selling hijabi clothing and men’s kaftans online can be a profitable home business.

But, you need to invest in a good website.

For example, you can buy physical stock from wholesalers and resell it on your site.

This can be a good lucrative venture, since profits can be generated from the retail margins.

Besides, you should avoid dropshipping which is haram from different fatwahs.

8. Start online local magazine

Having a local online magazine is another way to make money.

You can choose a particular niche like Local Business and start writing for them.

In fact, businesses can even write for you free and get publicity.

To start a magazine business, you need a Zyro Theme Page Builder.

It has a magazine template for almost every niche market.

Then, you could get a web designer to customise it.

For example, by charging $15 a month for subscriptions.

That could bring $15,000 monthly with a 1000 subscribers.

9. Consulting service

Consulting is a business about sharing your expertise for a fee.

This is a fantastic home based business opportunity you can start immediately.

Anyone can become a consultant online without spending much money.

But, you need to have a professional website and good communication skills.

You can speak to clients over the phone, skype, zoom or other platforms.

Business owners expect a good consultant to solve problems and expect to pay more fees.

10. Online travel agent

Setting up an online travel agency business is not hard.

You can run this work from home business online and earn commissions.

Airlines were heavily affected by Covid and desperately looking to recover.

You can join Travel Affiliate Networks and start promoting airlines from your website.

11. Course Creator

In this digital times, people are selling information online.

If you can name anything, there’s probably someone online selling a course.

Digital courses are profitable because you only have to create it once.

Then, the subsequent incomes are profit.

You don’t have to be the expert.

Digital courses can be outsourced online and within few days ready to sell.

Courses can be in Ebooks, PDF, Video or Audio.

12. Ecommerce 

Nearly everybody buys stuff online.

Selling products online is another way to kick-start your work from home career.

whether you want to sell your hand-me-downs or build up a name brand?

You can build a functioning business online. 


13. Tutoring 

The world has changed in the field of tutoring online.

The demand for personal improvement programmes are skyrocketing.

If you have a knack for teaching, you could build a halal thriving tutoring business online.

You can be relaxing at home and having students in different continents.

14. SEO Consultant 

Can you rank websites online?

SEO (search engine optimization) consulting is one of the most in demand businesses on the internet.

Also, highly profitable home business to start.

If you understand Google Search Console, analytics and websites.

You can launch an SEO consulting business helping people rank their websites.

What is halal work from home?

A halal work from home business is a business you can start from home with sharia compliance.

It also means helping customers without exploitation.

Is halal work from home a good idea for me?

Yes. Work from home can give you power, freedom and wealth.

It also gives you the ability to reach your fullest potential without the need for a job.

Is halal online work from home opportunities profitable?

Yes. Halal online work from home opportunities are lucrative, because of the amount of money available online.

It is a unique opportunity for you to be part of this growing industry.

How much money can I make from halal Home based business?

It depends on various factors such as your business niche, products/service and goals.

However, there are people working from home earning $10,000, $30,000, $100,000, or more a year!

Also, others made millions online by simply working from home.

The one’s who did nothing, earned nothing as well!

Can I start a halal work from home part time?

Yes. You can start a halal work from business part time.

Besides, there are single mums, retirees, students and employees running work from home businesses.

It is all about your commitment, desire, resourcefulness and good time management.

Do I need to have my own website?

It depends on the business you are starting.

But, having a website gives you control and opportunity to scale your influence.

It also gives you a boost for leveraging and building a great brand.

Do I need to have a computer skill to work from home?

Having a computer skill is wonderful for you, but is not a prerequisite.

You can hire people to build your website and they will handle technical issues.

How do I start a halal work from home business?

You need to choose a business niche, research, get internet, computer/laptop and have something to sell.

Also, it is important to have an office for your home business.

This is a business and you have to show commitment by working normal hours.

How much money should I invest in a halal work from home?

This depends on your business and desire to grow into profit.

For an online business blog, you can start less than $300.

However, there is caveat depending on where you live, contacts and level of business experience.

Which halal home business do you recommend first to start?

I would recommend you to start a blog.

A blog is easier to launch with less capital and faster to make money from affiliate commissions.

I recommend Hostinger to register your domain name and hosting.

A domain is the name of your website or blog.

How many domains can you have on Hostinger?

If you register with Hostinger, you can get a plan that host unlimited domains on your account.

This means you can manage as many websites as you like all from one place.

Benefits of Registering Your Website With Hostinger

  • Hostinger has million websites registered.

  • It is great for bloggers and digital entrepreneurs.

  • Hostinger has a great website security.

You can join their affiliate service and earn $65-$135 per sale.

  • 1-click Free WordPress Installation when other hosting companies charge.

  • They allow you to sell domains for profit.

Is Zyro Theme Page Builder Best For Halal Work From Home?

Yes. Zyro is my recommended Theme for building a blog/website.

Earning halal online profit from work from home requires a good web hosting company.

You also need to make your website professional.

Which Email Software should I use for work from home?

Getresponse is the best company you should use for your home business.

I have Getresponse for my email marketing service.

They have existed since 1998 and one of the leading Email Software companies.

More than 350,000 customers in 183 countries trust Getresponse as a brand.

Also, the world’s easiest email marketing platform, now available in 27 different languages.

When you join Getresponse today, you will benefit from free landing pages and webinar service.

It also mean for the price of one, you can save money by not having to invest in a landing page.

Where to hire a website designer?

You can hire website designers from Fiverr and 99 Designs.

If you are not technically skilled in website designing?

That shouldn’t stop you from starting a halal work from home business.


Halal work from opportunities are areas you should explore.

Get this coolest free business report.

You can make beautiful designs on Canva and sell online for profit.

If you are employed, take time and research about these ideas discussed.

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