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1000+Most Profitable Halal Business Ideas For Muslims 2024

Halal business ideas for Muslims are an incredible opportunity in the AI revolution.

In this complete halal business ideas guide for Muslims 2024, we’ll delve into 1000+ profitable ventures.

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A treasure trove of opportunities awaits as we unravel a tapestry of diverse halal business ideas.

The best halal business ideas include both online and offline known as the unsexy businesses.

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In this post, I’ll highlight the best halal business ideas for Muslims.


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Best Profitable Halal Business Ideas for Muslims


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There are over 1000 + most profitable halal business ideas for Muslims to start.


Best Profitable Halal Business Ideas for Muslims


What are halal business ideas?


Halal business ideas are businesses that meets Islamic Sharia requirements.

In Islam, Muslims are obligated to earn only halal income ethically without engaging in haram activities.


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What is an example of haram income?


The examples of haram income (prohibitions), includes alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, prostitution and Riba (Interest).


Let’s dive in!


Best Halal Online Business Ideas For Muslims 2024

These are jobs and businesses that are considered halal in Islam.


1. Start a Blog

I had so many businesses in the last decade and the one that worked out for me is a Blog.

Blogging is no longer a vehicle where you can merely share your life diaries online.


Best Halal Profitable Business Ideas for Muslims


In fact, blogging has evolved so much and its all about assembling content for your audience and Search Engines.

Besides, its crucial that you choose a very good niche for your blog.

You would need a domain and hosting.

A domain is the name of your blog like www….com

A hosting is the company that stores your blog information online.

Content creation has become more easier because of AI writing tools.


Blogging Halal Business Idea For Muslims

Blogging Facts/Figures/Data
What is blogging industry worth? Blogging industry was projected at $412.88 billion in 2021 and expected to rise beyond 2024!

There are 600 million blogs out of 1.8 billion websites.

409 million people view more than 20 billion pages monthly.

Over 70 million new posts monthly.

An about 77 million new comments each month.

Source: Semrush & Ahrefs
How much income can a Muslim earn from a blog? It depends and you can earn $100.00-$100,000/ per month.
Start-up capital required Under $500 to get launched.
What are the profitable blog niches for Muslims? Parenting niche.
Education niche.
Business & marketing niche.
Agriculture niche.
Healthcare niche.
Travel niche.
Fashion niche.
Sport niche.
Entertainment niche.
Technology niche.
What skills you need to become a Muslim blogger? Marketing.
Photo/Video Editing.
Analytical skills.
Email campaigns.


 Blogging Start-up:


Try Hostinger for web hosting +Domain.


2. Halal affiliate marketing

The affiliate marketing is rapidly growing exponentially fast.

Each day, Muslims are launching affiliate-related businesses for passive income.

It is a known fact that, affiliate marketing is by far the most lucrative and easiest to start as a Muslim entrepreneur.

Affiliate marketing is the about promoting and recommending products, service and companies to get paid a commission.

You have no customer service to concern yourself after making a sale.

The company or business deal with customer and you are simply compensated for referrals.


Affiliate Marketing Halal Business Idea For Muslims 2023

Affiliate Marketing Facts/Figures/Data
What Is Affiliate Marketing Industry Size and Worth? Affiliate marketing is worth $17 billion in 2022.

16% of online orders in the US comes from affiliate marketing.

83% of marketers use affiliate marketing to raise brand awareness.

Source: Demandsage

How much can you earn a as a Muslim affiliate marketer? Between $100.00-$100,000/month.

It depends on various factors like niche, experience and business skills
What is affiliate marketing initial investment capital required? You can start affiliate marketing with zero investment.

Others started with $300 or more!
What are the best affiliate networks and commissions? The best affiliate networks have different commissions from 1%, 10% 50% & 100%.

Try ShareASale Network.

Try Flex-Offers Network.
What tools you need to succeed in affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing tool:

A beautiful blog, templates + WordPress.
Try Hostgator!

Affiliate marketing skills you need Business skills, design skills, time management and communication skills.

3. Consulting

Most people have earned so much by working as consultants.

Consulting is one of the best halal business ideas and very cost-effective to start.

You don’t have to wait for weeks to get yourself ready.

In fact, you can launch your own consulting business in 2 hours.

All you need is an expertise in a particular field, confidence and great communication skill.


The caveat is that, you would be expected to give businesses a direction and strategic guidance to follow.

A good home office, computer, internet and a telephone can pave the way for you.

It is also important to mention that, you need to dress appropriately for people to take you seriously as a consultant.


Consulting Halal Business Idea For Muslims

Consulting Service Facts/Figures/Data
What is global consulting industry size? Global consulting was valued at 160 Billion in 2021.

The industry is expected to reach $343.5 billion by 2025. 

Country By Country:

US market is 71.2 Billion
UK market is 10.88 Billion
Germany 10.4 Billion
Australia 6.08 Billion
France 5.6 Billion
China 5.44 Billion
Canada 4.32 Billion
India 2.88 Billion
Spain 1.6 Billion
Japan 1.4 Billion
Italy 1.4 Billion

Source: Statista.
How much can a Muslim earn consulting? $100.00-$100,000/month
Start-up capital required Consulting can be started from home.

Office rent, software, utilities and computer costs.

Overall not exceeding $5000.
What skills you need to become a Muslim consultant? Commercial awareness.

IT and presentation skills.


Creative thinking and credibility.

Consulting Start-up Tool:

Try Hostinger for Web Domain + Hosting.


4. Virtual assistant service

We are in an information age and the demand for virtual assistant service is massive.

Customers are spending more money than ever before!

This completely created a brand new industry for virtual assistants worth billions of dollars.

Virtual assistants work involves many tasks like writing, designing, communication management, setting up appointments and much more.

The good news is that, you can work remotely from anywhere in the world with an internet.


Virtual Assistant For Halal Business Idea For Muslims

Virtual Assistant Facts/Figures/Data
What is the market size for Virtual Assistant? VA market is expected to grow from 7.01 billion in 2021.

And $47.57 billion by 2028.

Source: Globenewswire
How much income can a Muslim earn as Virtual Assistant? $25.00-$10,000 or more!
Start-up capital required $75-$6000 for business registration, software fees, office and professional service fees.
What skills you need to become a Muslim VA? Computing skills.
Quick decision making skills.
Time management.
Writing ability and speaking.
Dependability and organisational skills.

 Virtual Assistant Start-up Tool:

Try Fiverr for Virtual Assistant Jobs.


5. Online coaching

Online Coaching business is something you can start as a Muslim Entrepreneur.

This is a fantastic growing sector with millions changing hands each day.

For example, everyone needs a coach from presidents, celebrities, footballers, chefs and wealthy people.

If you think, you can’t be a coach better think again!

You can teach or have basic skills that can be useful to someone else.


Online Coaching Halal Business Idea For Muslims

Online Coaching Facts/Figures/Data
What is the market size for online coaching? Global online business was valued at $1938.41 million in 2021.

Forecast to reach $4567.44 million by 2030.

Source: Growth Market Reports.
How much income can a Muslim earn as online coaching? $50.00-$150,000/month.
Start-up capital required $500 to $15,000.
What skills you need to become a Muslim online coaching? Social skills.
Computer skills
Design skills
Sales & marketing


Online Coaching Start-Up Tool:

Try Skillshare for Online Coaching.


6. Social media management

There’s an incredible demand for social media managers in every niche.

If you can use Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, you can start your own social media management business.

Social media management is about building engagements and likes for companies.

In turn, you get paid generously for your service.


Social Media Marketing Halal Business Idea For Muslims

Social Media Management Facts/Figures/Data
What is the market size for social media management? It was valued at $15.24 in 2021.

And estimated to reach $118.03 billion by 2031.

Source: Yahoo Finance.
How much income can a Muslim earn from social media management? $4000-$7000 per month.

Source: Upwork
Start-up capital required Minimum start-up costs for social media agency is $62.

The maximum start-up costs for social media agency is $23, 259.

Source: Start-up Story.
What skills you need to become a Muslim social media manager? Understanding social media platforms.
SEO skills.
Photo/Video editing skills.
Customer service.
Writing skills.


7. Mobile app developer

Launch a lucrative business by becoming an App developer.

Most Muslims focus on their limitations about technical stuff.

You do not necessary have to be a programmer to kick-start your mobile app business.

Besides, you are only a click away from hiring programmers to create any app for you.

Visit any freelancing platform and you will see a pool of creative people ready to execute your ideas.


Mobile App Halal Business Idea For Muslims

Mobile App Developer Facts/Figures/Data
What is the market size for mobile apps? Mobile app market is will grow from $420.73 billion in 2022.

Rising to $542.89 billion in 2026.

Source: Telemediaonline UK

How much income can a Muslim earn from mobile app development? The apps that rank in the top 200 in the Apps store generate $82,500 in revenue per day.
Start-up capital required It varies by project $1100 to $300,000.
What skills you need to become a Muslim mobile app developer? Coding.
Complex-problem solving.
Analytical skills.
Communication skills.

Mobile App Start-Up Tool:

Try Bubble for Mobile App Development.


8. Video marketing

The video marketing industry is here to stay and enabling Muslims around the world to make a living online.

The ability to produce halal video contents can fast track you to financial abundance.

YouTube, Tiktok and Facebook are all platforms for video marketing.

If you are determined, you can learn everything about video marketing and build a brand.


Video Marketing Halal Business Idea For Muslims

Video Marketing Facts/Figures/Data
What is the market size for video marketing? Global video streaming market size was estimated at $59.14 billion in 2021.

Revenue expected to reach $70.59 billion in 2022.

Revenue forecast in 2030 is estimated at $330.51 billion.

Source: Grandviewresearch
How much income can a Muslim earn from video marketing? It depends on traffic and user behaviour.
Start-up capital required $1200 for basic video to $50,000 premium video.
What skills you need to become a Muslim video marketer? Script writing skills
Video editing skills
Lighting skills to shoot videos
Communication skills
Marketing skills
Presentation skills
Negotiation skills
customer service

Video Marketing Start-Up Tool:

Try Invideo


9. Email marketing

Email is the most vital tool for business communication.

It was the sending of email that invented the Internet.

There are many email marketing software companies and it brought costs down for entrepreneurs.

You can start your email marketing agency for local business owners.

Email marketing is highly profitable venture when done right.


Email Marketing Halal Business Idea For Muslims

Email Marketing Facts/Figures/Data
What is the market size for email marketing? There are 4 billion daily email users.

This number is expected to climb to 4.6 billion by 2025.

More than 306 billion emails are sent and received each day.

64% of small businesses use email marketing to reach customers.

Source: Statista
How much income can a Muslim earn from email marketing? For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect to make an average return of $42. (DMA, 2019).
Start-up capital required $9 to $1000/month.
What skills you need to become a Muslim email marketer? Copywriting.
List building.
Data analysis.
Customer service.

 Email Marketing Start-Up Tool:

Try Constant Contact for email marketing.


10. Website design

There are more than one billion websites online.

Still people are creating websites everyday to run their business.


Best Halal Profitable Business Ideas for Muslims


Owning a website design business can put thousands into your pocket each month.

However, you need to specialise in the type of websites you want to build for clients.

Alternatively, you can hire freelance website designers in India and Pakistan to scale your business growth.


Web Design Halal Business Idea For Muslims

Website Design Facts/Figures/Data
What is the market size for website design? Website design was estimated at $1.6 billion in the year 2020.

It is projected to reach $2.7 billion by 2026.
How much income can a Muslim earn in web designing? $500 to $20,000/per month.

It depends on the individual’s network with an industry.
Start-up capital required $200 to $5000 to get launched.
What skills you need to become a Muslim web designer? Content management.
Online marketing.

Web Design Start-Up Tool:

Try for web design.


11. Logo design

Gone are the days when people used to fork out thousands on

With the advancement in technology.

There are software companies which enabled people to create their own Logos cost-effectively.

It can be done less than 5 minutes depending on your skill.

You can join as a client with Logo design companies and charge your clients.


Best Halal Profitable Business Ideas for Muslims


12. Press releases

Marketing is the currency that drives sales along with publicity.

Writing a press release to promote your business is the bedrock for success.

But, writing a good press release is not easy to craft for most Muslim business owners.

You can start a press release agency business and invite journalist to join.

This helps you bridge clients and media houses and make a big buck on the side.


13. Infographic design

Infographic images are hot and captures attention.

Learning how to create the coolest infographic images can swell your bank accounts.

Bloggers and influencers are more than happy to pay money for infographics.

This is a business that can be started on a small budget from the comfort of your home.

You can have access to global audience online begging to buy your infographic images.


14. Podcasting

In the last decade, we witnessed how Muslims love listening to a Podcast.

Despite the surge, there are still few Muslim Podcasters in the industry.


Best Profitable Halal Business Ideas for Muslims


It is absolutely baffling that, Muslims are not seizing the Podcasting revolution.

Furthermore, you can become a Muslim Podcaster by picking a niche.

And also use basic recording systems to get into this business.


15. Digital courses

Are you into a soul-destroying job you hate?

This is the right time to consider creating a digital course for the web.

You can package your knowledge into a course, eBook, audio and sell online.


Best Profitable Halal Business Ideas for Muslims


People all over the world are building businesses based on digital courses.

You would need a computer, internet and target audience to make a sale.

Also, you can choose to work with freelancers who can create your own digital courses.

Whatever your circumstance, start a digital course and escape yourself from the job trap.


16. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation is something that terrifies some Muslims.

It is a technical term that, refers to the methods used to rank websites and blogs in the Search Engines.


Best Halal Profitable Business Ideas for Muslims


When you go on Google and search for something?

Various websites would compete for ranking based on the keywords on Google.

Depending on the quality scores and other factors.

Google use SEO to rank websites higher and for the best results useful to users.

Now, there are people making millions running SEO companies for business owners and entrepreneurs.

You can become a top-notch SEO Expert by studying it and use your knowledge to start a business.


The Best Halal Business Ideas For Muslim Professionals


17. Etsy business

Starting an Etsy store can be awesome for Muslims.

Etsy is a marketplace where online traders sell handmade commodities, craft supplies and vintage products.

The marketplace has a readymade buyers seeking items.

To become an Etsy business owner, you have to create an account and build your own store.

It has a subscription and also a processing fee for items sold on their platform.

Indeed, Etsy business is lucrative and you can leverage the power of their marketplace to run a multi-million dollar business online.


18. Influencer marketing

Over the past years, chances are you got bombarded by people online asking you to join their groups on Facebook, follow them on Instagram or subscribe to their YouTube Channel.


Best Halal Profitable Business Ideas for Muslims


Do you know why?

Well, it is all about money at the end!

Influencer marketing works and brands are glad to part with thousands in sponsorship fees.

Anyone with large followers on Social Media can become an Influencer.

But, as a Muslim business owner, you must only promote halal product recommendations online.

Getting tempted by money can force you at times to do things that are not compatible with Sharia.

I would suggest, you build your Influencer Marketing business halal and earn rewards and blessings from Allah.


19. Membership site

The internet is full of opportunities for Muslims and includes Membership Sites.

What is a membership site?

I am glad you asked here.

A membership site is an online website built around a particular group of people as a niche.


Best Halal Profitable Business Ideas for Muslims


Members in this group pay certain fee a month as a subscription.

These comprises of groups like Muslims seeking marriage, sport, finance, coaching and much more.

There are software technologies that made it easy for anyone to turn an idea into a membership site business online.

Let’s assume you have a Membership site for Muslims looking for a spouse.

And you charge $49 a Month with 1000 members.

That equates to $49,000 a Month income for you.

This is the reason, most entrepreneurs flock to build a Membership Site as a business.


20. E-learning

E-learning has emerged as the ‘Go-To-Place’ for learning online.

The idea of having to wait for 3 years or more to learn a skill at a college is losing it’s appeal.


Best Halal Profitable Business Ideas for Muslims


People are impatient and wants to gain knowledge faster without delays!

There are places online where you can create a curriculum on any subject and teach as a class.

You can have students who will pay you to learn.

E-learning has changed the way people seek knowledge and a lucrative venture to consider.


21. Amazon

Amazon is a company that is controlling our lives in the Gig economy.

Almost 50% of products sold on the Internet can be found on Amazon.

Also, it is a giant company that created more millionaires than any other company in the last decades.

But, despite the trustworthiness clients associate with Amazon.

Not every business model it has works better with the Islamic Shariah.

For example, Amazon drop-shipping is something that is a contentious issue amongst Islamic Scholars.

Therefore, I would suggest you do a thorough research before venturing into it by consulting with your local Sheikhs.


22. Online paid advertising

One of the most sought after skill in the online marketing sector is paid advertising.

The understanding of Google Ads to create YouTube Ads and Display Ads can take your business to the next level.


Best Profitable Halal Business Ideas for Muslims


From solopreneurs, business owners, small and medium sized companies all seeking for clients.

If you can get yourself certified on Google as an Ad specialist?

You can charge clients whatever amount to offer paid ad done for you services.

Google owns YouTube and all their advertising is set from the same Google Ad platform.


23. Freelancing

Freelancing is the new norm and people are rebranding themselves with multiple careers online.

For example, people who were furloughed are no longer keen returning back to the same careers working for a boss.


Best Halal Profitable Business Ideas for Muslims


The majority decided to plunge into freelancing after discovering it’s benefits.

You can work as a freelance online and offer your services in the freelancing marketplace.

Also, if you don’t have a skill, you can learn the skill within months and become a freelancer.


24. Ecommerce

Ecommerce business is another business idea to explore.

The barriers to entry is very low and anyone can create a an Ecommerce shop.

You can buy bulk from major retailers and wholesalers and resale online for a profit.

But, I must stress that, you should always have your merchandise in hand to resell back to customers.

That way, it can meet Shariah rulings and get barakah in your business.


25. Halal online interior design

Muslim interior designers can start a fully-virtual business.

This is a wonderful time to supplement your halal online income.

Besides making money on interior design fees.

There is an opportunity to partner with contractors, furniture and large stores.


26. Halal online course

If you have knowledge in any sector, you can create a halal online course.

You can deliver the training in video, podcast, ebook or a membership site.

The courses will generate passive halal online income for you.

Sell your course at affordable price from a website and grow your business.


27. Halal online transcription

Transcription service is an excellent halal online business idea.

This business doesn’t require a university degree other than the ability to type faster.

You can render transcription services online for income.

These includes transcribing PDF, audio, video or develop transcribed versions of podcasts.

Halal online transcription is a good place to start as a freelancer.


28. Online business plan writer

Build a successful halal online business needs a strong plan.

It’s the first step for any budding entrepreneur to start a business.

Muslim entrepreneurs sometimes outsource to external writers.


Best Halal Profitable Business Ideas for Muslims


To become a halal online business plan writer, you need experience in business.

You’ll also need a good professional writing style.

To find customers, you can advertise online and social media targeting entrepreneurs.

Writing halal online business plans can be extremely profitable.


Best Halal Profitable Business Ideas for Muslims


29. Halal online data entry

In a halal online data entry business, you’ll manage information in various documents.

The role includes entering data into existing sheets, databases and updating records.

It’s a straightforward online business to start from home with a computer.

Companies always hire good data entry professionals.

You should invest and build a website as well as marketing your service.


30. Halal speech writer

A good speech is always memorable, persuasive and impressive.

Many business owners, managers and influential people need help with their speech.

Halal writers can start an online service business in speech writing.

People work with writers for all kinds of corporate events and personal occasions.

Start by looking at freelance sites to see what kind of halal speech gigs are in demand.

You can extend this to press releases and have a booming halal online business.


31. Ebay seller

Selling online with Ebay marketplace is profitable.

Muslim entrepreneurs are still making lots of money on eBay.

To start selling halal on Ebay.

You can buy wholesale at a clothing store.

Then, you can list it on eBay for a higher price.

And if it sells, you can reinvest the profit into more clothing.

This is permissible in Islam, because you are the owner of the clothes.

It requires some planning, but is a profitable halal online business idea to launch.


32. Airbnb

Are you a property owner looking to increase your rental income online?

You can succeed as a landlord by using Airbnb for business.

Airbnb is an online rental platform, where you can list your property for income.

The company acts as an agent between property owners and those seeking places to stay.

The business is reliable and automated as Airbnb handles all payments and disputes.


33. Marriage coaching online

There are millions of couples facing problems in their marriage.

If you have an experience in marriage, you could set a halal online business.

People are looking for true love and sometimes that means work.

Marriage coach helps couples solve their disputes and emotional support.

You can make money online as a marriage coach.


34. Halal rewriting service

In the online crowded business, having a good copy is what makes people to buy your products.

It’s also essential for building clients trust in a brand.

Companies use rewriting services when they want to model good articles for their own website.

You can start a rewriting business from home cost-effectively.

Advertise your services online, social media and by calling companies directly.

The work assignments are usually a case of reformulating an existing content.

Beware of plagiarism, you must cite sources quotes and facts.


Best Halal Profitable Business Ideas for Muslims


35. Quran online tutoring

Quran online tutoring is a super flexible way to monetise your skills.

There are several different ways to become an online Quranic tutor.

You can get work through online tutoring websites.

Also, you can build your own website.

Some offer tutoring over Skype, Facetime and zoom to deliver sessions.

Some agency platforms may require teaching certificates and classroom experience.


The Best Halal Business Ideas For Muslim Freelancers

These are the best halal business ideas for Muslim freelancers:

36. Halal domain business

You build a thriving halal business by buying and selling domain names for profit.

A domain name is a website’s address, for example

There are companies willing to pay a fortune for the domain they want.

You can purchase domain names from domain registrars online.

Buying and selling domain names can be a lucrative side business.


Best Halal Profitable Business Ideas for Muslims


37. Halal proofreading

Proofreading is another halal business idea and in-demand.

As a Muslim proofreader, you can charge good money for your work.

These includes spelling, punctuation, formatting, typographical or grammatical errors.

This is a low-cost business you can set up at home.

Translation agencies often employ proofreaders to spot inconsistencies in translation.

That said, all kinds of businesses and copywriters require proofreaders to act as the final editors.


38. Halal fitness and nutrition

Do you want to launch a business around halal fitness and nutrition?

The health conscious Muslims are turning to healthy cuisine and lifestyle.

This is why the fitness and nutrition industry is worth billions.

Below are a few ways you can make money online while helping people get healthy:

  • Make income with custom meal plans (paleo, weight-loss, plant-based).
  • Launch and sell digital products, like workout plans, e-books, or online courses.
  • Offer remote personal training service.
  • Start health coaching.


39. Halal WordPress plugins

WordPress is the software powering nearly all the websites.

Since there’s a demand for WordPress plugins.

It also opens a window of opportunity to create a plugin for business.

According to Britannica a “Plug-in, also called add-on or extension, computer software that adds new functions to a host programme without altering the host programme itself.”

If you’re confused about what halal online business to start, take a look at WordPress plugins.

They’re absolutely essential for WordPress websites.

So, if you know how to create them, you’ve got your business idea.

It’s a scalable business model since the software can be licensed to WordPress users.


40. CV & cover writing service

In the competitive job market, where everything gets scrutinised.

Writing a correct CV and Cover letter is difficult for some professionals.

A halal writing service includes making analysis.

Where clients are given support to determine their job prospects and succeed.

Halal CV writing is a really easy career to get off the ground and profitable online.

LinkedIn is useful to attract people searching for jobs.


41. Online recruiting

Online recruitment business is fantastic to make money.

Do you have the drive for finding the right people to fill job openings?

As a halal online recruiter, you help companies hire new employees on temporary or permanent.


42. Online video editing

There’s so much demand for video editing service because of YouTube creators.

As a halal video producer, you can work with people editing videos.

Make sure your video editing has nothing to do with haram projects.

Editing videos can be done using a software.

It also gives you the opportunity to start a business from home.



43. Halal newsletters

Muslim newsletter designing is a business you can start with a laptop.

All you need is some creative software to produce the content.

Putting together a newsletter can be a difficult process for smaller businesses.

For some companies, it’s merely a case of wanting more professional look.

Consider offering a range formats, templates and charge more for bespoke designs.

You’ll also need to decide whether, you’re offering the design only or charge more for writing the content.


44. Halal WordPress theme

You can launch a business creating and selling halal website themes online.

WordPress uses themes to set the best design and styles of a website.

All WordPress websites needs a good theme for customisation.

There’s always a demand for an excellent theme.

You can see the profit potential in this online WordPress theme business idea.

If you’re a developer, you can create passive income building custom themes.

For example, companies sell beautiful themes specifically designed for conversion.


45. Halal grant writing

Halal online grant writers can charge up to $200 or more per assignment.

You can help social enterprises and non-profits get funding.

Grant writing service can be operated online and by working from home.

You work with clients who need help with their fundraising campaigns as well as identifying donors.

Besides, you can also help individuals write grant applications and get paid.


46. Halal Instagram influencer

You can become a halal Instagram influencer promoting Islamic brands online.

With the rise of Instagram, consumers are increasingly turning to niche influencers.

This is a great business opportunity to consider for Muslim influencers.

You should cater to a small engaged community.

It’s not all about follower counts, but engagements determines your income.

Refrain from sharing your private life on social media.

No use of image filters or drawings depicting humans and animals.

First, you have to choose your niche.

It can be anything from tech gadgets, marketing to beauty or fitness.

Once you build a strong following, you can get paid to promote products.

It requires a lot of hustling and not everyone can make it as an influencer.


The Best Halal Business Ideas For Muslim Men

The amazing halal business ideas for Muslim men:


47. Halal online pharmaceuticals

The demand for online pharmaceuticals is growing each day.

This is a good business online helping people get better health.

You can go into the production or distribution of drugs and make money from it.

Any online pharmaceuticals would be subject to some form of regulations in most countries.

Check with your relevant health authorities or department before venturing into this business.


48. Online city tour guide

Do you live in a touristic hotspot city?

You can create a virtual tour for a fee around your city.

People planning to make a trip to your city would be interested to know all the nice places.

You also need to know your city’s history and culture.

Go extra-mile by arranging hotel bookings, airport pickups and stand apart from other travel agencies.


49. Online smart phones

The smart phone online business and accessories are not going away in the next decade.

In fact, it’s one of the most profitable halal online business ideas.

There are more than 2.5 billion smartphone users in the world and the number is increasing.

Almost, everyone has a smartphone.

Also the smartphone covers are one of the top-selling accessories.

As a result, some mobile case sellers can rake in 6 or 7-figure income.

The competition is fierce in this business because of high profit margins.


50. Private Facebook group

You can build a halal online business entirely on Facebook Group.

A paid private Facebook group gives you the chance to create a highly engaged community.

It also gives you a platform to deliver your contents, let community members to interact with each other.

You have the final say in the group activities, limit access to members and moderation.

Once, you have enough members, then sell products and offers.


51. Online gifts shop

Halal online gifts shop is an idea anyone can start with a bit of ambition.

You can sell various gift items online, especially around Islamic events and celebrations.

A gifts shop online requires you to build an ecommerce website to list your items and prices.

All your products must be physically available in your own store, without dropshipping.

If you want to start a gifts shop online, recreate “look and feel” of a physical store.


52. Online Influencer management

Halal online influencer management business is thriving for entrepreneurs.

This is where you help manage projects on behalf of Youtubers, Bloggers and Podcasters.

These content creators are overwhelmed with work.

They have no time to address the demands from fans, sponsors and affiliate promotions.

You can help them with their social media, appointments and speaking engagement bookings.

It is a profitable side business you can start online.


Islamic Local Business Ideas For Muslims


These are the list of local business ideas for Muslims to start and build a thriving a business:


53. Islamic event planning

Islamic event planning includes all types of events for Muslims such as weddings, corporate gatherings, parties, and community functions.

Adhering to Islamic principles and guidelines.

The services provided by a Muslim event planner must ensure that all parts of the event, including food, entertainment, and dress codes are compliant with Islamic Shariah.


54. Muslim driving school

A driving school offers driving lessons and training to individuals.

Also, ensuring that the learning is ideal for with Islamic principles.

The school takes into account cultural sensitivities and modesty requirements, offering options such as female instructors for female students.

They also should add ethical teachings in driving in-line with laws of the country.


55. Muslim gyms

A halal gym is a fitness business that caters for workout activities and exercise classes for clients.

Islamic rules and modesty criteria must be adhered in some countries.

The gym may offer a separate private workout spaces for women.

Also, you should consider and having classes at non-prayer times to allow Muslims to perform their daily prayers.


56. Islamic martial art

An Islamic martial art business can be a very lucrative venture for Muslims.

A martial art is simply a way of self-defence training.

The training is about self-discipline, non-violence, as well as promoting a holistic approach to physical and spiritual growth.


57. Islamic nursery

An Islamic nursery is a childcare environment that works in accordance with Shariah.

The nursery operates around childcare providing food, hygiene and safety.

Also, the nursery can be align with Islamic principle to support children to learn and grow.


58. Muslim private tutor

A Muslim private tutor provides one-on-one educational support to students, tailoring their teaching approach to meet the specific needs and preferences of Muslim learners.

The tutor may incorporate Islamic teachings into the curriculum and offer flexible scheduling to accommodate religious obligations.


The Best Halal Business Ideas For Muslim Sisters

The easy halal business ideas for Muslim sisters:


59. Halal bagel shop

Start a profitable halal bagel shop and build a great business.

A halal bagel business usually sells food that serves bagels and related products made with halal-certified ingredients.


60. Halal bakery

There are shortages of halal bakeries in most large cities.

A halal bakery makes and sells baked goods, such as bread, cakes, pastries, and cookies, adhering to halal standards.

All ingredients and the bakery must be halal-certified by an approved regulatory body.


61. Halal BBQ restaurant

Having a BBQ restaurant is a fantastic halal business idea for Muslims.

You can create grilled and barbecued dishes that are prepared with halal recipes.

The restaurant ensures that all meat used is halal-certified and cooking areas free from cross-contamination with non-halal items.


62. Halal cafeteria

Starbucks and other big brands are making millions from their outlets.

Starting a halal cafeteria can be very niched targeting the Muslim community.

You can make the environment friendly and comfortable to attract more clients.


63. Halal cake making

A halal cake making business is perfect for income generation.

You should consider making delicious and visually appealing cakes for different occasions like weddings and celebrations.


64. Halal fish and chips

Halal fish and chips are very popular around the world especially in the UK.

The business must ensures that the fish is sourced from halal suppliers.

Also, the oil used and frying process follows Islamic guidelines.


65. Halal food truck

A halal food truck is a mobile eatery that travels to different locations, serving halal food options to customers on the go. The menu typically includes a variety of halal street food, ensuring that Muslims can enjoy a quick and convenient halal meal.


67. Halal juice bar

A halal juice bar serves freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, and other beverages made with healthy ingredients.

This is a very lucrative halal business idea during the summer.


68. Halal sandwich shop

The easiest business you can start anywhere is a sandwich shop.

A halal sandwich shop sells sandwiches and wraps made with halal ingredients.

The shop caters to Muslim customers seeking convenient and tasty halal lunch options.


69. Halal seafood restaurant

A halal seafood restaurant serves a variety of seafood dishes prepared with halal-certified ingredients and in accordance with Islamic dietary guidelines. The menu may include a range of fish, shellfish, and other marine delicacies that are halal-compliant.


The Best Halal Business Ideas For Muslim Couples

These are the best halal business ideas for Muslim couples:


70. Air condition repair

Do you know how to repair An air conditioning?

You can learn this skill and start an Air condition repair business.

It is an awesome lucrative business, because you can diagnose, repair, and maintain air conditioning systems for Muslims.


71. Muslim estate agent

A Muslim estate agent or realtor helps people in buying, selling, or renting properties.

They act as intermediaries between buyers and sellers.

A real estate business is profitable and when run inline with Shariah.


72. Muslim fencing contractor

A Muslim fencing contractor performs designing, installing, and repairing fences for their local residential, commercial, or industrial properties.


73. Muslim flooring contractor

This requires focus and good communication with clients.

A Muslim flooring contractor helps clients with installing flooring items, such as hardwood, laminate, tile, vinyl, and carpet.


74. Muslim Handyman

A Muslim handyman duties comprises of general repair and maintenance services for homes or businesses.

Most people can do this job individually or working in a small team..


75. Muslim home builder

A Muslim home builder supervises and manage the entire home construction process, from planning and design to the final construction and finishing.


76. Muslim home care service

Home care service is a Multi-Million Dollar growing industry.

You can provide a tailored care and assistance to individuals who need support with daily activities.

Some may opt to staying in their homes rather than moving to assisted living facilities.


77. Muslim interior design

There’s so much demand for Muslim interior designers.

This business business focuses on creating aesthetically pleasing and functional interior spaces for residential and commercial clients.


78. Halal kitchen showrooms

Most Muslim women are happy to spend thousands refurbishing a kitchen.

However, Halal kitchen showrooms showcase great kitchen designs and products that meet halal requirements.

Also, they can feature halal-certified appliances, utensils, and other kitchen essentials, catering to the needs of Muslim homeowners.


79. Muslim landscape gardener

A landscape gardener designs and creates outdoor spaces, including gardens, lawns, and landscapes. They provide services like planting, hardscaping, irrigation installation, and garden maintenance to enhance the beauty and functionality of outdoor areas.


80. Muslim painter and decorator

A painter and decorator offers painting and decorating services for both interior and exterior surfaces of buildings.

They help clients choose colour schemes, apply paint, wallpaper, and other decorative elements to transform and refresh living or working spaces.


81. Muslim plumbers

A plumbing business provides plumbing services, such as installing, repairing, and maintaining plumbing systems in residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Plumbers handle tasks like fixing leaks, installing water heaters, and ensuring proper drainage.


82. Property management

Property management companies oversee and manage properties on behalf of property owners.

They handle tasks like finding tenants, collecting rent, property maintenance, and dealing with tenant-related issues.


83. Muslim roofing contractor

A roofing contractor works with various roofing materials like shingles, tiles, metal sheets, and offer services to ensure the structural integrity and protection of properties.


84. Scaffolding

Scaffolding companies provide temporary structures to support workers during construction, maintenance, or repair projects on buildings.

They ensure the safety of workers by offering stable platforms at different heights.


85. Muslim surveyor

A Muslim surveyor assesses properties to determine their value, condition, and compliance with building regulations.

They provide reports on land and property boundaries, conducting surveys for construction, real estate, or insurance purposes.

86. Tree services

A tree service business renders tree care and maintenance services, such as tree trimming, pruning, removal, and stump grinding.


87. Muslim upholstery

A Muslim upholstery company carries out repairing, restoring, or replacing furniture upholstery.

They use different materials, fabrics, and padding to enhance the comfort and appearance of furniture.


88. Muslim window cleaners

A Muslim window cleaner is an expert who performs professional cleaning services for windows in residential and commercial buildings.

They use certain equipment and techniques to achieve spotless window surfaces.


89. Muslim window fitter

Muslim window fitters install windows and glazing systems in houses and office building.

They ensure proper fitting and sealing to enhance energy efficiency and aesthetics.


90. Car body shop

A car body shop provides repair and restoration services for damaged vehicles.

Muslim car body shop can fix dents, scratches, and other bodywork issues to improve the vehicle’s appearance.


91. Muslim car garage business

A car garage is a highly profitable service because of demand due to accidents.

Muslim car garage business can do automotive services, including maintenance, repairs, and vehicle inspections.


92. Muslim carpet cleaning

Are you looking for ways to rake into good income?

Then, consider a carpet cleaning business targeting Muslims.

You can deep-clean carpets in homes and commercial spaces for high profit.


93. Cellphone repair shop

The mobile phone repair shop is a very lucrative venture.

Cellphone repair shops fix and replace damaged components in smartphones and other mobile devices.

Also, they fix cracked screens, battery replacements, and software problems.


94. Muslim computer repair

Do you have skills in computer and Laptop repairs?

You can be fixing and charging Muslims thousands for their computer problems.

This is a business you can run from home.


95. Muslim courier service

A Muslim-owned courier service can be a profitable venture.

You need a reliable and efficient delivery of parcels and packages.

Also, you need a secure transportation to run a successful courier service.


96. Muslim dry cleaners

Muslim professionals are very busy with no time for cleaning their own clothes.

Having a dry cleaning business is ideal targeting these Muslim professionals.

You charge them as a business to meet their dry cleaning needs.


97. Muslim electrical repairs

Keen to start an electrical repair business?

You can undergo through trade skill training for relevant qualifications as an electrician.

A Muslim electrician can easily provide repair and maintenance services for electrical systems to Muslim clients for income.


98. Muslim lawn care

A Muslim lawn business takes care of lawn maintenance and landscaping for residential and commercial properties.


100. Muslim locksmith

Are you living in a large city with huge Muslim population?

You can launch a locksmith service as a business and earn a good living.


101. Pest control service

A Muslim pest control business provides effective pest management solutions while considering the ethical treatment of animals.


102. Islamic printing company

A Muslim-owned printing company helps with printing services like dawah marketing materials, stationery, and business promotional items.


103. Muslim removal business

Running a removal business can be a profitable service in your town.

A Muslim removal company assists with smooth and efficient relocations, providing packing, moving and unpacking services.


The Best Halal Business Ideas For Muslim Students

These are halal business ideas for students:


104. Storage units

Make halal money by helping people with storage units.

You can hire a building and let out empty spaces for profit.

However, you must have good security with CCTV monitoring systems.


105. IT services

Are you a tech wizard?

You can help seniors with their basic computer needs.

People will be glad to pay you money to learn from you.


106. Muslim photographer

There are few people specialising on Islamic photography as a business.

You can fill this demand by starting a Muslim photography business.


107. Halal farming

A halal farming business can focus on organic agricultural practices and producing foods for commercial consumption.


108. Taxi service

Do you have a good driving licence?

You can start a taxi ride service for income.

A taxi service provides transportation services with a fleet of taxis for passengers to travel within a city or between destinations.


109. Islamic clothing shop

Selling Islamic clothes can be a thriving business for you.

You can run the business online and offline a wide selection of apparel and fashion items for men, women, and children.

110. Muslim travel agent

You can operate your own Muslim travel service cost-effectively for profit.

A Muslim travel agent helps Muslims in planning their Hajj and Umra travels.

These includes flights, accommodations and tours.


111. Jewellery business

A jewellery business is incredibly profitable.

You can buy at wholesale and retail online for high margins.

You can sell rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.


112. Mattress business

Launch your own mattress business and delivery service.

You can sell mattresses and beddings to Muslims

The business may also offer pillows and bed accessories.


113. Barber shop

You don’t have to be a barber to run a barbing business.

In fact, you can employ barbers to help with grooming, haircut and beard trimming for men.


114. Halal food delivery service

The food delivery service is a growing sector.

You can start your food delivery service.

It is the best convenient way for customers to order food from restaurants and have it delivered to their doorstep.


115. Islamic charity business

An Islamic charity can raise funds for specific causes and projects.

You can organise fundraising events, collect donations, and partner with other Associations to make a positive impact together.


NB: You can get this Free Report to get more new business ideas by email.


Frequently Asked Questions About Halal Business Ideas:


What businesses are halal online?

Halal online businesses are any type of business that is permissible or lawful in Islam.

It encompasses everything in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).


According to Wikipedia Halal (حلال, halālhalaal) is an Islamic Arabic term meaning “permissible”.

It refers to the Islamic lifestyle and at the same time what is good and sustainable.

It’s also about transparency in your business, being ethical, legit and fair treatments of clients.

“To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart.”

Benefits of halal online business ideas


Financial independence, huge profit margins, travel, own boss, time with family, global audience and markets.

There are millions of Muslim entrepreneurs, who are quietly leveraging the power of the internet to generate income online.


Some of the benefits of halal online business ideas includes:


You don’t need a college degree to run a profitable halal online business.

Halal online business ideas gives you the best opportunity to work from home.

You can live your dreams, practice Islam and help people with useful products online.

It’s very cheap to start a halal online business compared to physical business.

You can outsource everything online without employing a full time staff.

Halal online business ideas let you sell to a global audience.

You can become a recognised “Go-to Expert” within your business industry.

Building multiple streams of income is possible.

You can travel around the world and still operating a profitable business.

It is easier to spend more quality time with your family and friends.

You can achieve financial independence in your own terms


How can I earn money online halal?


You can earn money online halal promoting and recommending other people’s products or companies for a commission.

You can also launch your own online courses, mentoring programmes, consulting and building niche websites.

The global online trade opens a brand new multi-billion dollar industry for muslim entrepreneurs.

You must not waste time waiting on the side lines.

Jump on the bandwagon, because even muslims with average technical skills are building online businesses.


Is online business profitable for Muslims?


Yes. Online business can be profitable for muslim entrepreneurs when done right.

There are people making full time living online.

But, the caveat is to go into the right business model acceptable in Islam.

You should avoid businesses with ‘get rich quick schemes’ which may affect your clients.


How can I do business as per Islam?


Have a good intention, build trust and sincerity, maintain cash flow, start small and expand slowly and only do halal transactions.


Which type of business is halal in Islam?

All businesses are halal except those that violates Islamic Shariah like pornography, gambling, pork, alcohol and interests.

Also, no dishonesty, cheating, manipulation or exploitation must not take place.


How can I make money online halal?

Launch blogs, online courses, coaching, consulting, outsourcing, web designing, social media management and tutoring.


How do I start my own Islamic business Online?

If you want to start an online Islamic business, you need to have a vision, idea, plan, choose a niche, register your business and good marketing strategies.

Most people fail in their business because of poor planning to thrive in a niche.


Step 1: Choose Your Niche.

You should first identify a group of people to help and work with.

Choosing a good niche is a science and nobody wants to share with you.

Having a huge niche to target can burn your advertising capital fast.

The answer is to narrow down your selection by sub-niching.

For example, you may want to serve people in the ‘work from home business niche.’

You could get specific and help only single women, single dads, employees and much more.

The goal is to focus all your energy into one group.

This way, you can dominate the market, becoming the big fish in a small pond.


Step 2: Domain and Hosting.

I recommend all my students to register online business domain website or blog.

A domain is the name of your business like

A hosting is what allows your website to exist online.

Some people prefer to have both the domain and hosting in the same company.

Others like to separate their domain and hosting accounts.

You can choose any good domain name and register it.

This helps people to find your business online.

Make your domain name short and memorable for people.

Do you want to build a halal online business?

I suggest you use your own name or business like

I recommend you get your website domain and hosting today!

There good web hosting companies with exceptional customer service, extra-layers of security to protect you from hackers.

Register your new business domain and hosting now.


Step 3. Get A Website Theme.

Nearly, 75% of websites in the world works on WordPress.

WordPress makes your halal online business website professional.

In simple terms, a theme is the overall look, feel and style of your website.

It includes the colour scheme, layout and style elements.

When you register your domain?

Install WordPress on your website or blog.

You can do it yourself or simply hire a website designer.

WordPress comes with a built-in theme.

The drawback is some of those themes appear amateurish online.

Also, there are companies offering you free themes.

Watch out for those companies and stay away!

These companies can place haram advertisements on your blog or website.

I suggest you invest in a good Theme right from the start.


Step 4: Publish A Good Content.

Content is king for any halal online business idea to get traction.

It is hard publishing top-notch articles consistently for your readership.

A quality content is what makes visitors to buy online than expensive Ads.

Before, you scratch your head for not having the time to write.

I want to let you into an online business secret.

Hint: Most bloggers don’t write their own articles!

Yes that’s correct!

You can hire writers cost-effectively for your website or blog contents.


Step 5: Build An Email List.

Building an email list is the most vital asset in all halal online business ideas.

The phrase ‘money is in the email list of subscribers’ is true.

Having an email list, you can send your subscribers to any promotional offers at will.

You can build an email list with a free PDF, Video, Audio or Quiz forms.

I recommend you read this free report and apply the lessons.

Some email marketing companies have cheaper and better plans for new online entrepreneurs.


What Are Halal Online Business Ideas For Muslims?


You can start affiliate marketing, podcasting, teach a language, social media management, create a course and coaching online.

Halal online business ideas for muslims are very lucrative ventures to start.



In this blog post, we’ve discussed the best halal online business ideas for muslim entrepreneurs.

You’re armed with enough knowledge and information to start a profitable halal online business today.


But, before you procrastinate and go back to your usual ways of doing things!

I want you to think big, follow your dreams and do something once for yourself right now!


Action Tips:


Below are the 4 best actionable steps to follow as a future entrepreneur.

Step 1:

Start your online business website or blog domain and hosting.


Step 2:

Hire your professional website designer.

Step 3:

Get a beautiful Theme for WordPress website.


Step 4:

You need to start building an email list.

“Investing in your business is saying you believe that you’ll succeed.”

NB: Once you get these items out of the way, you can start calling yourself an online entrepreneur.


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