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9 Best Tips: How To Start A Halal Food Blog In 2024

Start a halal food blog and make money online in 2024!

Are you ready to start a halal food blog without leaving your job?

The best decision you can make today is to start a halal food blog.


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Blogging can change your life when you start a halal food blog.

In this post, I’ll guide you step by step to start a halal food blog from home.


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What is a halal food blog?


Halal food blog is an online platform where information about halal foods and recipes are published for readers.


Start a halal food blog.


The articles are geared towards Muslims in order to improve their health and wellbeing.



You can become a successful halal food blogger!

Best Tools You Need To Start A Halal Food Blog & Earn Extra-$100 Daily:


1. Hostinger Web Hosting


You need a great domain name and web hosting for your new Blog.

Hosting is the most recommended resource to get 40% off for hosting.

You can create your blog on Hostinger with free AI website builder.



2. Looka.Ai Logo


Separate your new Food Blog from the competition with a stunning Logo. is absolutely affordable with different Logo design templates to choose.

You can launch a profitable food blog with awesome Logo.



3. ConvertKit Email Marketing Tool

If you want to start earning extra $100 Daily, you definitely need to get ConvertKit.

As a food blogger, you need to keep in touch with your subscribers and grow your blog.

ConvertKit is one of the best email marketing tools for beginner food bloggers.



4. Tailwind For Food Blog Social Media Promotions

If you build your food blog, they will come!

Unfortunately, food blogs don’t work like that anymore!

You need to get active on social media to get more people to see your blog posts.

Tailwind is the best social media tool to automate your blog promotions.



5. TubeBuddy

You also need a YouTube Channel to promote your brand online.

TubeBuddy is the AI tool most bloggers are using to grow their channels faster.

You can easily attract more subscribers, grow and add YouTube thumbnails.


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Where To Get Halal Food Blogging Courses For Beginners?


You can do it!


Start A Halal Food Blog.



Skillshare has over 34,0000 online courses including Blogging.

They are all taught by expert bloggers who are making money online.

You need to start and take one of the blogging classes.




One of the biggest online learning platform for creators/bloggers.

Become an expert trainer/coach and start earning passive income!

Launch your own course for profit.



Where To Find Best Affiliate Products/Companies To Promote On Your Blog & Get Paid?


Below are the two best Affiliate programmes to join free as a Food Blogger:



One of the biggest Affiliate Networks in the world.



ShareASale Income
Find affiliate products/companies to promote. Earn $30 per referral signup.

Make $150 for every referral purchase.



Another awesome Affiliate Network for halal food bloggers to make money online.



Flex-Offers Income
Find global brands and get paid depending on their commission structure.

You can also join Flex-Cash and earn for referring to Flex-Offers.

Flex-Cash 10% per referral or more.


How Do I Start A Halal Food Blog?


To become a food blogger, you need to choose a niche, get a web hosting, buy a domain and install WordPress.


Start A Halal Food Blog.


You also need to add Plugins, Social Media buttons, publish articles and start promotions.

Step By Step Guide To Start A Halal Food Blog


You need to follow these steps to start your food blog:


Step 1: Pick A Halal Food Niche


The halal food industry is getting competitive because people are discovering lucrative opportunities.

The demand is still growing amongst Muslims and you should start your blog.


Start a halal food blog.


However, if you want to earn six-figure income, you need to pick the right halal food niche.

Besides, when you choose a sub-niche and build your blog around a particular recipe.

You will earn far more money than writing on a generic food recipes.


Step 2: Get A Hosting Plan


Hostinger is one of the best website hosting companies in the world.

You need a web hosting to have your blog online.

There are so many web hosting companies, but Hostinger is perfect for starting a food blog.


Start a halal food blog.

Why you need to host your food blog with Hostinger?

Hostinger is secure against online hacking.

You can depend on Hostinger server for connection problems.

Hostinger is cheaper and beginner friendly.

You can install WordPress with Hostnger easily!

I recommend you select the “Hostinger Affordable Plan” because you can have multiple blogs in different markets.


Step 3: Choose a Domain Name 


You need to choose your Domain name at Hostinger.

A domain is the name you want to use for your food blog.


Start a halal food blog.


For example

Make your blog name short and memorable.

It can be your own name or whatever you want.

Also, you can choose a new free domain + Web Hosting, or sign up with an existing domain.

Hostinger offer a wide range of domain deals.


Step 4: Review and Complete the Order


Unlike many other hosting companies.

Hostinger advertised 40% off discount applies to any of the initial periods chosen during the sign up process.

You can choose your plan now and save money.

Invest in your own blog and prosperity.


Step 5: Install WordPress


You need to install WordPress on your new Blog Domain.

WordPress is the software that powers millions of websites and blogs in the world.


Start a halal food blog.


Most web hosting platforms are compatible with WordPress and very easy to install.

If you can’t install WordPress or build a blog, just hire a web designer.


Step 6: Install A Theme


Next, you need to install a Theme to your WordPress Blog.

A theme is the general feel and style of your blog.

This includes things like the colour scheme, layout and style elements.

WordPress has free Themes for new blogs.

But, you also need to invest in a Site Template.

This is the popular for bloggers.

You can have a beautiful and professional blog.


Step 7: Install Plugins


Look for few great WordPress Plugins and install them.

You should not add too many Plugins on your blog.

A plugin is a simple computer device to improve the functionality of your blog.

You can install Google Console, Google Analytics and Yoast SEO Plugins.


Step 8: Add Beautiful Food Images/Videos


Everything is visual online now.

You need to add beautiful food images/videos on your blog.


Start a halal food blog.


Besides, you must never steal images from Google and publish on your blog.

Most images are copyrighted.



9. Promote and Make Halal Income


Once your Food Blog set up is complete.

You need to write articles and publish them online.

A blog takes time before Google will start ranking them online.

You must never quit and just keep writing and publishing.


Add halal banner advertising on your blog.


Frequently Asked Questions About Food Blogging


Below are some of the most common questions and answers about food blogging:


Do Halal food bloggers get paid?


Absolutely! Halal food bloggers are raking great online income.


Start a halal food blog.


The beauty of food blogging is that, you only have to write blog articles once and reap residual income.


How can I make money from my food blog?


You can monetise your food blog through various methods:


  • Display advertising, such as banners and affiliate marketing.


  • Sponsored posts and partnerships with food brands.


  • Selling digital products like e-cookbooks or meal plans.


  • Offering cooking classes or workshops.


  • Affiliate marketing by recommending kitchen tools and ingredients.


Is it worth starting a halal food blog?


Yes. You need to start a halal food blog right now, because the halal food industry is worth billions of dollars.


Start a halal food blog.


In fact, there are only few Muslim halal food bloggers and today is the best time to start your blog.


How many recipes do you need to start a food blog?


At the beginning of your blogging, you need to add 10-15 recipes to give your new readers more choices.


Can I use other people’s recipes on my food blog?


While it’s common to draw inspiration from other recipes.

It’s essential to follow ethical and legal guidelines.

If you adapt or use someone else’s recipe, always credit the original source and consider seeking permission if necessary.

Focus on creating your unique content whenever possible.


How do I stay inspired and come up with new recipe ideas?


Maintaining creativity is key in food blogging.

Here are some tips:


  • Explore different cuisines and cooking techniques.


  • Follow food trends and seasonal ingredients.


  • Engage with your audience and ask for their preferences.


  • Collaborate with other bloggers or chefs for inspiration.


  • Attend food-related events and workshops to gain fresh ideas.


Start a halal food blog.


How can I optimise my food blog for Search Engines?


Improving your blog’s SEO can help it rank higher in search results.


Start a halal food blog.


Key SEO strategies for food bloggers include:



  • Use relevant keywords in your post titles, headings, and content.


  • Optimise images with descriptive alt text and file names.


  • Create a sitemap for your blog and submit it to search engines.


  • Build backlinks by guest posting or collaborating with other bloggers.


  • Ensure your website is mobile-friendly and loads quickly.



Starting a halal food blog is the best vehicle to escape the 9-5 work.

We discussed the 9 steps to build a highly profitable food blog.

I believe blogging can transform your life to reach all your dreams.


Action Tip:


You need to invest and get your Domain and Web Hosting for a halal food blog.

Also, rush and download this free halal business report here.


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