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Halal Home Biz: Get Passive Income Now Starter Kit∗ 2024!

Learn how I create passive online business from my bedroom as a Muslim.

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This May Not Work For You If:


🟡 You’re not ambitious 

🟡 Not coachable and kind

🟡 Expecting an overnight success

🟡 Lack of consistent effort

🟡 Unwillingness to embrace halal practices

🟡 Resistance to change

Halal Home Business Halal Home Biz


Perfect For Muslim:


❤️ Individuals looking to start a halal home business as a side hustle.

❤️ Bloggers, vloggers, freelancers and social media influencers interested in halal passive income.

❤️ Employees looking for a new opportunity to make halal money.

❤️ Muslim women contribute to the family income.

❤️ Small business owners looking to build a consistent and reliable halal income.

Those aspiring for financial independence via passive income avenues aligned with Islamic principles.


Halal Home Biz


Smart Muslims Are Creating Halal Passive Income


No advanced technical skills or experience required to get started.

NB: All over the world people are running home businesses and earning a full-time income.

Yes, it’s all ethical and halal…


Get all my profit-making ideas and tips in one place 


You’ll have access to all my in-demand business secrets, profit strategies, and success tips Today!


Halal Home Business Halal Home Biz


What’s Inside Halal Home Biz-Get Passive Income Kit:


✅ What A Dream Business Look Like for you

✅ Five Must-Haves for Choosing Your I.D.E.A.L. Market 

✅ Crafting A Mission Statement That Defines Your Identity and Impact

✅ 4 Proven Models for Earning More C.A.S.H. Per Year

✅ How To Get Maximum Results In Minimal Steps 

✅ The 4 Key Parts Of Your Customer’s Path To Profitability (+What To Put There)

✅ Three Set It And Forget It Ways To Grow Your Business 24/7

✅ The #1 Way To Simplify, Structure and Scale Your Business 

✅ How To Create A Weekly Routine That Works for You

✅ How To Get Unstuck Any Time You Can’t Move Forward 


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Once You Complete This Training, You Can Certainly Write Your Own Ticket In Life!


If you’ve fire in your belly, I suggest you start a side business part time from home.


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Ever dreamt of a life where your money works as hard as you do?


“If you don’t have a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”



The People Who Have Lived The Most Meaningful and Impactful Lives In History, Have All Been Extraordinary Entrepreneurs.


In today’s interconnected world, the digital economy is thriving.

And now, you have the chance to master it!

My ‘Halal Home Biz-Get Passive Income Now’ is your comprehensive guide to creating a dream business lifestyle that adheres to Islamic principles.

It’s not just about making money; it’s about doing so ethically and in a way that aligns with your beliefs.  


“The best investment you can make is in yourself.”Warren Buffett


 Turn Your Passion Into Profit!



I launched a passive income business, so I can control my own time, focus on Allah and also help Muslims to do the same at home.


But, this is my Why.


Yours might be a complete different thing.


Why do you want to have a halal passive income business?


Perhaps, you just want to:

🔵 Become your own boss

🔵 Live life according to your own terms

🔵 Travel around the world and experience different cultures

🔵 Spend more quality time with your family


How badly do want to take action now and build a passive income business in the next 90 days?

You need to have an income figure in mind to target as a goal.

That way, it becomes easier to achieve.


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Start a Laptop Lifestyle business from your kitchen table.

I’ll give you everything you need to get ahead and take back control.



You need to be part of this exciting digital revolution by launching a home business.


“The more you learn the more you earn.”


Best Muslim Web Hosting Providers for a Small Business.


Ready To Kick-Start A New Career & Become Your Own Boss Tonight?


Yes I agree…

YouTube Community Guidelines For Muslims

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Committed your success…


F. Ceesay.