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17 Best Tips: How To Start A Halal Clothing Store (Latest Tools).

Start a halal clothing store online and take back control of your life.

This is the best time to start a halal clothing business.

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It’s fascinating that, you can start a halal clothing store online and have buyers.


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Are you ready to start a halal clothing store online?

You can use the internet to buy halal clothes from wholesalers and retail online for profit.


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Keep reading this post, because I have cool tips for you.

Let’s dive in!

In this post, I ‘ll reveal to you ways to move from a job to start a halal clothing store online.

Yes, these ideas work and you can set yourself apart from the competition with a great clothing brand.


How Do I Start My Own Halal Clothing Line?

Start a halal clothing line by choosing a niche, build a website, get abaya business plan, identify abaya manufacturers, create a hijab brand and supply modest clothing line.

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You also need to register your clothing business and get the right permits for a hijab small business.

Further more, you need to set the prices for your halal clothing line, register for taxes and promote your business online and offline.


Start A Modest Clothing Line


For all those looking to start an Islamic store selling clothes and apparel, this article offers the complete guide.


Here are the best tips on how to become a hijab entrepreneur:


1. Find a muslim clothing niche

The most common way for launching an online clothing store is to find a niche and aspiring to be “the best” within that niche. 

The key here is focusing on one clothing line before starting another one.

To find your clothing niche, look for clothes you love to buy.

Then determine how that can be a clothing business online.

For example, suppose you love fashion and have attention to detail.

In that case, it might be a suitable niche for starting your online clothing store.


2. Build an Islamic clothing website

Create your halal clothing business website with a good domain name.

While this doesn’t seem like a big deal!

Choosing a wrong name can have lasting consequences on your site’s SEO.

The halal clothing store website must look good to attract more clients.

In addition, make sure that the website works well and is easy to navigate around.

Spend some time considering how customers will be able to find their way through your store.

Well-chosen keywords in your domain can help boost traffic to your website.

It also gives Google and other search engines an idea of what your site is all about. 


3. Market research into hijab clothing Line

It is recommended that you read articles and interviews from clothing brands you have an interest in.

Find more information about these clothing brands and visit their websites to get an idea before launching.

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The right production starts with a clothing line.

A quality hijab clothing line can boost your business’s reputation.


4. Abaya manufacturers and suppliers

At the start of your business, it is normal to make your clothes by hand.

But, as your business grows, you need to outsource cloth manufacturing to scale your operation.

One thing that impedes first-time entrepreneurs is the quality of their halal clothing line.

It’s vital to get a supplier with good reputation in the clothing industry.

You may also want to look at other clothing companies and know their suppliers.

Besides, for an online clothing business to thrive, the garments that are sent out need to be of high quality.

Choose a manufacturer who can produce your designs and shipping.


5. Make Abaya business plan

Before you start a clothing store and start selling to the public.

You definitely need to make an abaya business plan here for your small business.

A business plan serves as a foundation to generating revenues and growth.

It is important to hire experts to help you create an Islamic clothing business plan.

The best muslim clothing plan for business should include:

Halal business plan story.

Table of content.

Write an executive summary

The business structure

The Islamic clothing line descriptions.

Your halal online and offline marketing plan.

SWOT analysis for your company.

Research data on your competition.

Marketing budget.

Pricing of your muslim clothing line.

Supply and distribution.

Creating an operation plan.

Outline your management and operational methods.

State your financial statement and future projections.

Halal funding sources for the business.


6. Register your clothing business

Building a clothing business is like any kind of business requiring legal registration.

Find more about the business registration in your country and apply.

Keep your documents for filing correct taxes at the end of the year.

Hire an accountant to help you with bookkeeping.


7.  Listen to customers

A clothing business owner ought to listen to customers’ feedback.

You should be bold remaking some old styles as requested by customers or remove some best sellers, if it is the best option.

However, you need to get the customers input before you make any major change.

If you are doing any modification, do it slowly!

Some sudden change will not only make customers question your brand, but also cause plummet in your sales.

People have difficulties with some major changes when there is something good ongoing.


8. Shipping clothes

One of the main things people look into before placing an order with your online clothing store is whether the items will be shipped faster.

If they have no idea when they will receive their clothes, chances are they probably won’t want to make the purchase right away.

As far as shipping costs go, buyers tend to get upset, if they feel like paying too much.

Just remember that, this is a very competitive market out there.

It is better to prioritise your clothes shipping to attract buyers


9. Create a brand

Look at other halal clothing brands that you like and create a similar brand.

But different enough to stand out from the crowd.

This way, people will be able to easily recognise your brand as something unique in comparison to others.

For example, if you look at some famous clothing brands, they built their own visual identity that makes them instantly recognisable.

You can use logos or slogans to make your clothing brand recognisable.


10. Add your cloth images

This tip goes hand in hand with selling a high-quality halal clothing line.

As tempting as it may be for new muslim business owners, avoid using low-quality images.

You can sell clothes online with the exact images online.

Use high pixel quality photos and add special effects where needed.


11. Right clothing price

In order for any online clothing business to become successful, it needs clients who are willing to purchase its products.

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of pricing their items too high or low which may discourage customers from purchasing.

Experiment with different price points until you discover what works best for your brand.

Also, you can narrow in on this number as soon as possible so you can achieve greater sales numbers.


12. Customer choices

One of the best ways to increase sales on your clothing website is by making it as easy as possible for people to order.

This way, they don’t have to jump through hoops and make unnecessary sacrifices along the way. 

If you’re running an online clothing store, always think about what can be done to give customers more options when they hit the checkout page.

This might mean adding a few extra items that they may not have initially considered.

It all boils down to paying attention.

Just remember that your customer base is probably constantly evolving, and so should your clothing business strategy.


13. Focus on trending clothes

Having great halal clothing line and a solid brand identity isn’t enough if you want to drive sales.

You need to keep up with clothing trends.

When it comes to clothing colours.

Make sure that others don’t easily replicate your brand’s colour scheme.

This will help you stand out from the crowd.

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14. Watch competitors

Just because you’re starting an online halal clothing business doesn’t mean that your competitors will be few.

In fact, there may well be plenty of other brands selling similar clothes or designs.

It’s important to keep an eye on them too.

Take a look at what they are doing and how they are marketing themselves.


15. Organise your clothing store

Running an online clothing store is hard work when starting.

Everything will be new and different, so being well organised is essential.

Make sure all of your contact details are easily accessible, including your business physical address and email.

Keep track of orders and shipping or use a spreadsheet for anything that isn’t automated.


16. Target group for your halal clothing

Who is your target group for your clothing business?

This means targeting on a specific group of people who will wear the garments manufactured by your business.

As a result, some business owners narrow in on demographics such as gender ( male or female), profession, and income level.

After you have identified which group you are looking to target, research that demographic and find out what they like and dislike!


17. Marketing on social media

You can embark on marketing your halal clothes online and with social media websites like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

This can help get your halal clothing store in front of buyers.

It also helps you to attract new customers who wants to learn more about your brand.

You could use social media to let customers know about new clothing lines.

It’s crucial to have a strong online presence that shows people what your brand is about and who you are as a person or company.


What is a halal clothing line?

A clothing line is a collection of apparel designed for a target audience and sold in retail locations and/or through online stores.

When you enter into the clothing industry, creating a clothing line includes establishing a company, designing the clothes, selecting materials and sourcing the manufacturing process.


Is halal clothing business profitable?

Yes halal clothing business is profitable between 4% and 13% as part of the industry standard.

But, you need to have a niche, target group and good pricing strategy.

It also depends on having good clothing wholesalers and suppliers.


How much it cost to start a halal clothing line?

A halal clothing line varies between $1000-$5000 depending on the business size, type and location.

For larger stores the cost can be $25000 to $50,000.

It’s important to stick to a plan and budget in your new clothing business.



Starting an online halal clothing store is a wonderful opportunity for muslims.

After reading this article, ask yourself the following questions:

Do I have what it takes to be my own boss?

Is now the right time for me to start my own halal clothing store?

If you can answer these questions confidently, then entrepreneurship may very well be for you.


Action Tip:

Make yourself proud by taking action and download this free halal business report.


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