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9 Websites Muslim Sisters Can Make Halal Income

Muslim sisters can make halal income online.

Want to know how muslim sisters can make halal income?I

Let’s explore ways muslim sisters can make halal income for financial freedom.

Disclaimer: This post has affiliate links. I earn commission when you make a purchase at no extra cost to you. Thanks.

In this post, I’ll show you unknown websites where muslim sisters can make halal income.

The internet is a ball changer for the way muslim sisters can make a full time living without a job!

You can become your own boss and have the time to look after your family.


What is a halal website?

A halal website is an assembly of publicly available, interlinked Web pages that share a single domain name and also meet the criteria for Islamic Shariah.

However, a website can be built and maintained by a person, group and business to serve many purposes.

Together, all publicly accessible websites form the World Wide Web.


What are the five types of websites for muslim sisters?

Blog website, personal website, small business website, portfolio website and Ecommerce website.

If you want to start an online business, it is important to create a professional website.

This way, you can connect and sell your products and services to a global audience.


How Muslim Sisters Can Make Halal Income With A Website?

The websites muslim sisters can make halal income includes glowhost, constant contact, big commerce, canva, appSumo,, teachable, fiverr and 99 designs.

Here are the best websites for muslim sisters:

1. Glowhost Website

Glowhost is a place for aspiring muslim sisters to start a remote business.

You can launch your own halal blog, sell digital courses, passive income home business, coaching and consulting using

Glowhost has a ready-made website builder templates you use to start a business.

You can register your website domain and hosting with

How Do I Earn Halal Income With Glowhost?

You can also join as an affiliate to promote the company for a commission. will pay muslim sisters as affiliates between $125 for every referred customer.


2. Constant Contact Website

Constant contact is an email marketing software company helping entrepreneurs, digital marketers and small business owners.

You can use Constant Contact to send email campaigns and promotions to your customers.

Constant Contact’s email marketing services can be accessed as a standalone deal, or can be packaged into its ecommerce platform, website builder and social media marketing offers.


How Do I Earn Halal Income With Constant Contact?

As an affiliate of Constant Contact, you get paid $105 for every customer referred.

This is a fantastic and serious email marketing business you can start from home part time.

I highly encourage all muslim sisters to sign up with Constant Contact as an affiliate after getting your email service subscription.


3. Big Commerce Website

Big Commerce offer muslim sisters a powerful domain and web hosting service.

Big Commerce is great for Ecommerce, Blogs, Home Business websites and has easy WordPress installation.

You compare plans, boost speed, security, scalability and support for your website, or blog using modern cloud and Chat Support.

The company is popular for it’s amazing security features for online business websites.

You can get your web hosting and domain with Big Commerce.


How Do I Earn Halal Income With Big Commerce?

Earn one of the highest starting payouts in hosting, when your visitors convert.

You get 200% of customer’s first monthly payment or $1500 per enterprise customer.

Here, you have to complete your website domain name and web hosting registration.

You need to sign up and become a new Big Commerce Affiliate.

All muslim sisters can promote Big Commerce online using their affiliate links.

You can share your Affiliate links online to potential clients.


4. Canva Website

Canva  is an online graphic design tool for entrepreneurs, designers and influencers.

Muslim sisters can use Canva to create halal social media posts, presentations, posters, videos, logos, posters, templates and more.

Canva is really changing lives and the way people use technology to earn a living online.

How Do I Earn Halal Income With Canva?

Canva pay affiliates up to $36.5 per subscriber!

Canva software that makes design simple, cool and reliable.

Create what you need in no time!

Jam-packed with time-saving tools that make anyone look like a professional designer.

Also, you can use Canva to create Ebooks, Templates and Halal Marketing Graphics for extra-income.


5. AppSumo Website

AppSumo is a daily deals website for digitally distributed goods and online services. 

Also, muslim sisters can buy, and sell their digital products to build a thriving business and passionate about.

It has productivity tips, marketing, content tools to help you start a halal home business.

I recommend that, you start your business with AppSumo.

How Do I Earn Halal Income With AppSumo?

You can earn halal $50 affiliate commission for every AppSumo product buyer.

Also, you should use AppSumo Marketplace to sell digital Ebooks, Courses and Apps.

Thousands of freelancers and online sellers are leveraging the power of AppSumo.

Also, consider joining AppSumo as an affiliate to promote the AppSumo brand.


6. Website

You can use to build a successful Blog and a Home Based Business.

If you want to escape 9-5 work, start with Domain.Com and register your website name and hosting. is the go- to- place, where muslim sisters can make a halal income with a website.

How Do I Earn Halal Income With pay affiliates between $85-$110 per customer you referred to them.

I suggest you join and register your passive income blog, or website first.

You can promote locally by targeting business owners.

Also, you can use the Yell Pages and find those without a proper website and help them.


7. Teachable Website

Teachable is a website that, allow muslim sisters to share their knowledge with the world.

You can create online courses, Ebooks and coaching class.

Teachable is perfect for reaching students across the world and earn a halal income.


How Do I Earn Halal Income With Teachable?

If you have a computer and internet, you can refer creators to Teachable and earn up to 30% commission by joining partnership programme.

Also, muslim sisters can earn halal income selling digital courses with Teachable.


8. Fiverr Website

Fiverr is a great platform and in demand website for selling freelancing service.

Muslim sisters can start a Fiverr business working from home.

Fiverr has a marketplace and everything starts from $5 known as a Fiverr gig.


How Do I Earn Halal Income With Fiverr?

You can sign up with Fiverr Affiliate Programme and earn halal commission for every new customer referred.

Fiverr Commission Structure are as follows:

Fiverr Pro Service $150.

Industrial and Product Design $50

Website Builder and CMS $40

E-commerce Product Videos $30

All Other Categories $15

You can also sell Ecovers, Ebooks, writing gigs, blog articles, video making, social media articles and much more!


9. 99 Designs Website

99 Designs is an outsourcing website for selling and hiring freelancing service.

It is one of the most powerful websites visited by buyers and freelancers online.

You can sell website design service, social media posts, logo’s and much more!

With 99 Designs, you can build a profitable home business from your spare room.


How Do I Earn Halal Income With 99 Designs?

Earn up to $100 commission.

Muslim sisters can start earning halal $60 commission for every new contest customer you refer.

If you take action and bring in more than 25 sales, the level will be up to an affiliate partner earning $80 commissions.

Also, if you bring in 50 lifetime sales, you become an official brand partner earning $100 commissions.

Plus your earn uncapped commissions when you refer new customers to 99 Designs.



In this blog post, I stated all the nine unknown websites muslim sisters can earn halal income.

If you read this far, it means you have a fire in your belly to become a great entrepreneur!

Action Tip:

I suggest you read this free home business report as a gift.

That’s a reward for you sticking around here with me.

Finally, you need to register your home business website here and stop procrastination!


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