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19 Best Tips: How Do I start My Own Halal Small business

Starting a halal small business can be a scary investment for some Muslims.

Can you make a halal small business successful?

Things can go wrong and many halal small businesses never reach the five year mark.

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These are the tools to start a halal small business:

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Would you like to learn how to start a halal small business?

In this post, I ‘ll streamline the 19 best tips to start a profitable halal small business.

Step By Step Guide To Start A Halal Small Business

1. Choose a niche

Find a niche or industry for your new halal small business.

You need to identify a market that is large with more buyers.

Small businesses take time to grow and choosing a good niche helps you succeed.

2. Get a halal small business website/blog

A halal small business should have a website/Blog.

You need to buy a domain for your halal small business.

Domain is the name of your business website/Blog.

Also, you would need a hosting to have your Website/Blog online.

Seek the best hosting companies for a halal small business.

WordPress is open-source platform that powers most Websites/Blogs online.

3. Install a WordPress Theme

Next is to install a WordPress Theme after getting your domain and hosting.

A Theme helps you to make your website/blog look more professional.

You can add various elements, design and colours for your halal small business.

The Envato Marketplace has the most popular Themes for a website/blog.

It also has amazing page builders for a beautiful site.

4. Hire a website designer

It’s time to hire top-rated website designer.

A website designer can build your site on a budget.

You must not allow yourself to be ripped-off paying $2000 for a website.

That’s why I recommend you try Fiverr.

5. Email marketing tools.

Email marketing tool is required to build your list.

You can capture clients name and their email when they subscribe at your website/blog.

The most successful online marketers all have email list.

Constant Contact is the recommended company to help you build an email list.

Hint: The money is in the email list because you can send promotional offers to subscribers.

6. Halal small business plan

Successful small business owners always make a plan.

You should also devise a business plan.

A business plan helps you to go from point A to B faster.

You can create small business plan and grow a profitable business.

7. Create social media account.

Communicating with your customers is crucial for halal small businesses.

A great way to talk with your customers is through social media.

Then, if your customers follow, you can post discount deals.

Social media is really useful for small business owners.

8. Stay positive.

When you start a halal small business, things can get competitive in the market.

If you think you are going to fail, you are!

But if you think positively and take action you can build a profitable business.  

This has been proven successful time and time again.

9. Interact with customers.

You need to build a good relationship and trust with your clients.

Sending out hand-written thank you notes when they make a higher purchase.

This shows the customer that you care about them.

The customer will feel happy and become a regular buyer. 

10. Quality service for a reasonable price.

Make sure your small business has prices that are reasonable.

You should always deliver quality services in your business.

A poor service will hurt your business growth.

Once you go out of your way helping clients, it is easier to grow. 

 11. Focus on deadlines

Have a deadline in place using milestones.

You can achieve a lot within a specified deadline.

As a small business owner, you have to stay on top of your deadlines.

You need to stay focused at all times and build a thriving business.

12. Register your business

Start your small business by getting it registered.

Find from your State and Federal business departments in your country.

You must not get started without obtaining a business registration.

13. Open a business bank account

Get a new business account for your halal small business.

Separate your personal account from your business.

Choose a bank with a good reputation and online service.

You need to run your business 24/7 online and offline.

14. Put the customer first.

A business owner should have empathy, patience and friendly with their customers.

You need to listen to customers and help them solve problems.

Prioritise your customers and render exceptional quality of service.

That way, they will share positive news about your business to others.

 Also, hire people and train them to serve your clients with distinction.

15. Set your business for taxes

It is vital that, you file your business taxes on time.

Taxes helps the government to function and meet its obligations.

Failure to file taxes is a prison offence in most countries.

16. Get an accountant

As a new small business owner, you need an accountant.

Ask referrals when looking for a good accountant.

This way, they can handle your bookkeeping as well as filing taxes.

17. Invest in tech and equipment

This is a small business, and you should consider investing in tech and equipment.

A lot of beginner entrepreneurs like to cut corners in their business.

In fact, some small business owners never embrace technology.

The world is changing, and tech is at the heart of every business.

I suggest you invest in relevant technology and equipment.

18. Network with people.

Find a support group in your industry or niche.

You should join them and try to be helpful.

The best place to network is at your local chamber of commerce.

You can search Facebook Groups in your niche and sign up.

19. Licenses

In your halal small business, check whether you need to apply for certain licenses and get it.

There are professions that require licenses.

Talk to business owners in your niche for support and advice.

Make sure you obtain all licenses required to kick-start your business.

Frequently asked questions

What is a halal small business?

Halal small business is a muslim business that serves people without any prohibited items.

In nutshell, everything is halal based on a win-win and trust.

There is no selling of alcohol, pork, gambling or haram products.

Is it profitable to start a halal small business?

Yes. Halal small business can be profitable for muslims.

It also depends on the time invested, dedication to work, money and your business experience.

To improve your business success.

It is always recommended to get a mentor or take apprenticeship.

What are the best halal small business to start with little money?

The best halal small business to start are affiliate marketing, blogging, podcasting, email marketing, consulting and online courses.

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Starting a halal small business is the key to your financial independence.

But building a thriving business requires hard work, patience and perseverance.

You should invest in yourself by starting a website/blog.

Most people waste their own time by working and making others wealthy.

It’s high time you start implementing your business idea into action.

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