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18 Ways To Become A Successful Muslim Entrepreneur + Tools

Becoming a successful muslim entrepreneur is a career that is not for everyone.

Want to become a successful muslim entrepreneur?

You have to work hard to become a successful muslim entrepreneur.

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The Latest Business Tools For Becoming A Successful Muslim Entrepreneur

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If you have the mindset and work ethic to become a successful muslim entrepreneur?

Let’s go to work!

Successful Muslim Entrepreneur Email Marketing Platforms

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You need a website with a good lead capture page for list building.

Where Do Successful Muslim Entrepreneurs Hire Website Designers?

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Where Do Successful Muslim Entrepreneurs Get Business Skills/Courses?

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The Best Small Business Communication Tool/Writing Software For A Muslim Entrepreneur

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In this article, I’ll show you step by step, how to become a successful muslim entrepreneur.

How To Become A Successful Muslim Entrepreneur?

In this article, I’ll show you step by step, how to become a successful muslim entrepreneur.

Below are the 18 best ways to become a successful muslim entrepreneur:

1. A Visionary Muslim Business

Are you looking to start your own business?

It’s fascinating that, most muslims aspire to become business owners.

But, starting a successful small business implies testing your ideas in the marketplace.

You can build a thriving business with mental toughness, determination and having a vision.

This is what helps you dominate your competition and serve more clients.

2. Powerful Business Plan

Learn to make a business plan at the outset.

A business plan is your map, helping you move from point A to B.

Failure to make a business plan can lead to disappointments.

Look for entrepreneurs in your industry, and ask for guidance and support.

When you plan your business, it marks the beginning of success and best expected outcomes. 

3. Website/Blog For Your Venture

You need to translate your business concept online with a website/blog.

A website/blog is where you share your ideas and products.

It helps you to get feedback and decide when to pivot in your business.

At the start, invest in a simple WordPress and get it hosted online.

4. Find Your Business Purpose

A muslim entrepreneur without a purpose is likely to fail in business.

You don’t just jump a day and become an entrepreneur.

Find the reasons for wanting to plunge into business.

Write it down and make it emotional to compel you into action.

What’s your main why?

The more you can ask and answer your why.

You will be among the few majority who will chart their own path in business.

5. Audacious Business Goals

If you want to become a successful muslim entrepreneur, you need to set your goals.

A written goal can motivate you to reach the highest summit in business.

Compartmentalise your business goals into small actionable steps to achieve.

That way, you won’t feel complacency in your business.

You also need to set the deadline to accomplish your goals.

The secret of success is to have a deadline and working towards it.

6. Passion For New Business

I have seen young entrepreneurs getting burnt out and hating their business idea.

It’ s easy to fall a prey with “Get Rich Quick” businesses online.

There’s nothing like something for nothing!

If you don’t want to lose money, go into businesses you love and understand.

Passion is the fuel that forces you to go anywhere to make things happen.

I highly stress that, you launch a business that is in-line with your passion.

7. Self-Belief To Win

Have you ever quit an idea because of an opinion?

Successful entrepreneurs are very quick to make decisions and slow in changing them.

They count on themselves at all times.

In fact, self-belief in their abilities is what set them apart from the ordinary person.

You can’t win in business with your hands in your pocket doing nothing!

Our society labels successful entrepreneurs as the ‘lucky few people.’

They never realised that, it’s their self-belief which keeps them going regardless of challenges.

8. Dream Big

The worst decision you can make in business is to dream small.

This is like a prison sentence that confines you in one place.

If you want to get ahead in business, you ought to do things bigger!

Think smart as a muslim entrepreneur, get relentless in your business pursuits.

You have the ability to dream big in your business.

For example, How tall does a tree grow?

So, why put restrictions on yourself by thinking small in your business.

Make yourself limitless, with desire to get anything you want! 

9. Build Your Finance For Business

I have heard all kinds of excuses for not starting a business.

Some muslim entrepreneurs blame it on lack of enough capital to start.

In this technological revolution, you don’t even need money to become a business owner.

You can sell and buy products to get launched.

Also, you can buy and sell products to start your business.

Now, the best part is to bootstrap your business at the early stages.

Once the income increases, you can expand to the next level.

You need to start thinking outside the box and get resourceful in business.

10. High End Products/Service

In your business, always sell quality products/service that clients want.

You got only short time to make a lasting impression on customers.

Work extremely hard to meet their expectations.

You need only 1000 loyal fans to pay you $100 to earn $100,000.

Make your business innovative to stand out from the competition.

Treat all your clients like kings and queens.

That way, you will never go out of business through word of moth advertisement.

11. Time Keeping In Business

There’s so much attention for time and is important to prioritise your business.

If you have a brick and mortar business, when everyone opens at 7am.

Strive to open your shop at 6am instead to gain and extra-hour advantage .

If you can’t manage your time, you will earn less income as a business owner.

The small business market is very competitive.

The people who get results always manage their time.

12. Social Media Domination

Entrepreneurs in the past can launch their business and wait customers to come to them.

Today, social media has changed the way clients engage with a business.

You should be spending 80% of your time interacting with customers and meeting their needs.

Create social media pages, display your products and build followers.

Spend time taking courses on social media marketing to grow your business.

Also, you could outsource your marketing to third-party companies to handle everything.

13. Hire Serious Employees

As a new muslim entrepreneur, you should only hire outstanding staff.

You should avoid hiring friends as employees in your business.

A lot of people would disagree with me here.

But, business always have conflicts and can damage relationships.

If you don’t want to lose your friends, stop employing them in your business.

Attend your industry events, ask others to recommend competent employees for hire.

14. Maximum Business Revenue

The only way to measure your business growth is the income you are generating.

Have a good target for cashflow and go after it!

If your business is not bringing enough money, invest time to analyse your actions.

Do you need to pivot?

Who can connect you to more clients?

It’s easier to get caught into admin work and forgetting to be selling.

I suggest you focus on selling each day to clients and working outside your comfort zone.

15. Register your business

Entrepreneurship is lonely and most difficult route to make a living.

But, to become a successful muslim entrepreneur.

You are required by law in most countries to register your business.

Ensure you get all the business registration licenses in your country.

You can register a business as a sole proprietor, limited liability or partnership ventures.

16. Pay Business Taxes

Register your business with the tax office immediately when you start.

Paying tax is part of living in a society.

You should be proud to make contributions by paying correct taxes.

But, I don’t encourage paying more than you are supposed to pay!

Seek for competent tax lawyers and accountants to advice you.

Bookkeeping is hard for me, I would rather find a good accountant to keep me on track.

17. Seek Best Business Location

Have a choice as to where your business is going to be based.

Location of your business is the key to your prosperity.

Research the area and ensure is crime free.

Choose a location with easy access to transport and parking space.

This is what attracts clients to visit your business.

You should avoid selecting an area because of cheapness.

18. Community Support

When you are a successful entrepreneur in your business?

Find a way to give back to society by making community contributions.

Customers will love your givings and start buying more products/service from you.

Also, giving a charity is like an insurance protection for your business.

What is muslim entrepreneurship?

A muslim entrepreneur is a person who starts a business that matches with Islamic Shariah.

It can be an online business, halal small business or a medium sized company.

The business is managed selling all types of products/service excluding those prohibited by Islam.

What are the characteristics of a successful muslim entrepreneur?

A true successful muslim entrepreneur is fearful of Allah and operates his/her business withing the boundaries of Islam.

They are honest, just, patience, helpful as well as contributing towards good causes.

Also, they tended to pray a lot, offer zakat and kind to their own family.

Is becoming a muslim entrepreneur a good career?

Definitely, a lot of ordinary people changed their careers successfully as an entrepreneur.

It’s well worth the efforts, provided that you are willing to work hard.

Also, it’s not for everyone, because some people are better working in employment.

Can I make money becoming a muslim entrepreneur?

Yes. It’s possible to make money in business as a muslim entrepreneur.

It also depends on your business acumen and the industry.

But, money should never be the reason for launching your business.

You should always try to identify a gap in the market and solve those problems.

How much money do I need to start my own business?

This is hard to say, but you would need between $100-$50,000 depending on your idea.

There are online businesses which can be started with less than $100.

You have to find a business that you love and passionate about.


In this article. We touched on the subject of becoming a successful muslim entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is absolutely booming and you should start something!

First, I suggest you register your business website/Blog.

Next, go all in and surround yourself with people who will get the best-out of you.

Let me know, if you need any further help?

Action Tip:

Go here and get your free halal business developing plan.

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