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9 Best Tips: How To Become A Self Employed Muslim

Becoming a self employed muslim can change your life.

Are you looking for ways to become a self employed muslim?

You are capable of becoming a self employed muslim.

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In this post, I will share valuable tips to help you become a self employed muslim.

If you feel there’s no passion in your job, you should consider becoming a self employed muslim.

What is self employment?

Self employment is the state of working for oneself rather than an employer.

Generally, tax authorities will view a person as self employed if the person chooses to be recognised as such, or is generating income such that the person is required to file a tax return under legislation in the relevant jurisdiction. Source: Wikipedia

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Why You Should Become A Self Employed Muslim?

The benefits of self employment are satisfying and good for your health and general wellbeing.

Whether you want to stay independent or change careers, you can do a lot of things for yourself.

Below are the reasons why you should consider self employment business:

Better income

You can make enough income by charging whatever you want in your business.

Some of the self made millionaires became wealthy by starting self-employment businesses.

For example, sole traders and freelancers earn huge salaries after taxes than employees.

It’s no brainer working for people when you can become a self employed muslim.


As a self-employed muslim, you won’t have to bother yourself about employment or being frustrated by a boss.

Everything moves around you and your business.

You can gain your power back, without having to make others richer.

Employees are the most heavily taxed people in most western countries.

Self employed people on the other hand are given tax deductions as business expense.

They can delay paying taxes for months legally and create wealth.

Flexible work

You can work anywhere you want as a self employed muslim.

In fact, you can work locally, rent an office or run your business online from coffee outlets.

Most muslims enter self-employment because of the opportunity to work from home.

No traffic congestion travelling to work

A self employed business let you escape travel congestion to work.

You can plan your route and work schedule at your own time.

If you feel bad weather conditions, you can choose to reschedule work and be with your family.

You can save money on petrol and long distance travels.

Self employed muslims have many benefits than employees working for people.

9 Best Ways To Become A Self Employed Muslim

I am going to show you the best steps you can use to become a self employed muslim.

1. Register as a Sole Trader

If you are a self employed person, you can operate as a sole trader or run a business.

You are responsible for paying taxes and keep the rest of the profits.

I suggest you check the tax laws about self employment in your country.

As a sole trader, once you get sued everything falls back on you.

You won”t have the same protection like a Limited Company.

2. Start a website

Most individuals working in self employment build websites for their business.

A website is a great way to connect and sell products/service to your clients.

Smart self employed people use Hostinger for their website domain and hosting.

You need a company like Hostinger to protect and secure your website online.

3. Partner with self employed muslims

Expand your business using collaborations, leverage and partnerships with self employed people in your niche.

You should be open to making new friends and get referrals.

Ensure that you share your website contact details with clients and friends.

Also, take note of any advice you receive from veteran local entrepreneurs.

4. Startup capital

You can’t just quit your job without saving money.

A good cash reserve is the perfect contingency plan for a self-employed muslim.

The cash reserve will keep you going during the initial stages of your business or when faced with challenges.

You can start small and reinvest profits back into your business to grow.

5. Get a business mentor

All successful people I know have mentors in their life.

For example, Bill Gates’ mentor is Warren Buffet.

A mentor can provide valuable insight into your venture.

In most cases, they often have sufficient information to guide you.

6. Celebrate your failures

In your business as a self-employed muslim, you will face many setbacks.

Some people quit when faced with problems.

This is why 80% of new businesses fail at first attempt within two years.

When taking on any new venture in life, making mistakes is sometimes an inevitable truth.

However, stay positive and be ready to learn useful lessons from your mistakes and grow.

7. Hard work pays

Working for yourself requires you to sacrifice and give 110% to clients.

You should eliminate procrastination and laziness in your life.

The self employment industry is highly competitive.

Therefore, demonstrating a remarkable level of work ethic can contribute significantly to your growth.

Not only should you work hard, but you should also work smart.

8. Expect to succeed

Count on yourself for success and making income from your venture.

You are the best person to steer your business in the right direction.

Cultivate the mindset of a winner and never quit because people decline to buy!

Set goals and deadlines each month for sales target.

9. Use social media

Do you want to grow your business?

Social media has billions of people with ready cash to spend on your products/service.

You should find these people on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

If you are not savvy on social media marketing, outsource it to professionals.

Investing in your business will pay you dividends for many years.


In this post, we learned more about self employment and what it takes to get ahead.

You can become a self employed muslim by taking action.

However, I suggest you get your website and domain now.

Once you have your site created, you can contact me for feedback on it.

Action Tip:

I will give you a push and just download this free business report.

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