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14 Best Tips: How To Become A Muslim Freelance Writer

Want to start remote work as a Muslim freelance writer?

A Muslim freelance writer can earn halal income by working in a sector accepted by Shariah.

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Muslim freelance writers are one of the most sought after in the gig economy.

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In this post, I’ll guide you step by step to comprehend the different areas of freelancing work.

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Also, you ‘ll discover the best ways to monetise your skill as a Muslim freelance writer.


How To Start A Halal Freelance Writing Service?


Have a freelance writing income goal, study freelance writing, join a freelance course, get new freelance business skill, invest in technology and find a freelance writing niche.

You are desperate to start your own halal freelance writing service.

But, it is imperative that you get everything right from the outset.


14 Step By Step Guide To Start A Halal Freelance Writing:


1. Have a freelance writing income goal

Success in your freelance writing begins with a goal in mind.

What do you want to make from this freelance work?

Have something written down and intentionally ready to achieve it.

I suggest you write a fixed amount like $50,000.

Once you have this, there’s nothing that can stop you!

Life and business must be properly designed.

So, you have something to pull you through challenges and emerge as a winner!


2. Study freelance writing

You need to gather as much information about the freelance writing market.

This is where some muslims waste time by not conducting enough market research.

Read blogs, magazines, books, attend freelance writing workshops and learn everything.

Talk to muslim freelance writers, know where they promote their services online, fees charged and software tools.

It’s about action and positioning yourself for total domination of the freelance market and earn income.


3. Join a freelance course

With an internet search, you can easily find a good freelance writing course.

Many top freelancers have created courses to help new freelance writers.

You can invest in this courses and build your skill in freelancing.

Also, speak to your local college, chamber of commerce, business associations for such training opportunities.


4. Get new freelance business skills

Develop the desire to become a champion freelance writer in your niche.

Also, since most writers are solopreneurs working for themselves.

It’s essential that, you develop new business skills as well as good organisational and time management skills.

It helps you to keep your eyes on on important assignments and track your work activities.

Simplify your halal freelance writing by ensuring you have a system to handle invoices, job opportunities, taxes and much more.

Create a database or portfolio of writing ideas, keywords and the online trends taking place in your niche.

5. Invest in technology

Always invest in your halal freelance business as a home business owner.

You can’t neglect this part of a freelance business, because is a necessity for your business prosperity.

Tools like a good working printer, writing and editing software, a laptop or computer.

In some cases, you will need a phone, home office and have a video conferencing tool to connect with your clients.

Besides, you also need to have a method of collecting and sending online payments like paypal, stripe or a conventional bank.


6. Find a freelance writing niche

The easiest way to fail as a muslim freelance writer is trying to serve everyone.

You need to choose a halal niche or industry and strive to meet their writing needs.

For example, a muslim freelance writer can create a niche around video script writing, halal product reviews, blog articles, course creation, newsletters and much more.

When you specialise in a niche, you can become the ‘go to expert’ and earn high fees.

I suggest you work in one particular writing area as a beginner.


7. Read and improve your writing skills

The most celebrated world writers are known to be voracious readers.

You should start spending at least 15 minutes a day reading and writing.

As Malcolm Gladwell stated that “it takes ten thousand hours of practice.” to become prolific in any area.

So, get a library card and immerse yourself into books, grammar and expand your vocabulary.

Read useful information relevant to your freelance writing niche.


8. A halal freelance website

You need to create your own business website for freelance writing.

It’s important that, you display your services, have a lead capture page to build an email list.

Also, add your contact details and Google Map to make it easier for your clients.

The website should be responsive on mobile and desktop online.

You can hire a web designer to build your website cost-effectively on WordPress.


9. Register your freelance business

The moment you start generating income from your freelance work.

You should register your freelance business as a self-employed person.

It’s vital that, the business has some legal backing.

That way, you are protected and can fully concentrate on growing it.

Find the ideal department in your city that deals with business registration.


10. Open a business bank account

Contact local banks in your town and open a business account.

It’s not a sensible idea to have business transactions paid into a personal account.

Ensure the bank has a good reputation and secured protections against online fraud.


11. Register for taxes

Every business entity must pay taxes.

You should inform your tax authorities and get registered.

As a freelance writer and business owner, you get benefits and better tax rates.

In fact, most employees pay more taxes than entrepreneurs in most places.


12. Get a competent accountant

I want to drum this into your skull that, you need a good accountant.

Hiring an average accountant with less experience can hurt your freelance business.

Solicit for recommendations from business owners and local chamber of commerce.

Read online reviews about an accountant firm before doing business with them.


13. Network with freelance writers

Freelance writing work can be very demanding and stressful.

Also, being alone with nobody to share ideas with can even become more frustrating!

You can seek for your tribe like freelance writers on meetup or online.

Try to help them, build friendships and expand your network.

This way, you will always be ahead in your niche and reduce stress.


14. Sell your own digital products

After running your business successfully as a freelance writer.

You should consider launching a coaching course or sell digital information products.

This can be a great way to increase your income as a muslim freelance writer.

Digital products can be created either as an Ebook, Audio or Video course.

You can sell your product online for an extra passive income.


Who is a muslim freelance writer?

A muslim freelance writer is an individual or group of writers selling writing services online and offline.

The writing gigs are bought directly or through an outsourcing platform.

Most muslim freelance writers work as their own boss, contract terms, fees and agreed time for project completion.

Besides, the profitability of this business depends on your expertise, clients and your writing competency.


Can I earn a full time income as a muslim freelancer?

Yes. There are muslim freelance writers earning high salaries from their spare room.

They usually have long writing contracts with brands, a publishing house and bloggers.

Also, a large percentage of freelance writers don’t earn much like a minimum wage.

Alternatively, some muslim freelance writers only render part-time writing services.

And they also self-publish their writings, edit and sell it to customers at high prices.


Is it hard to become a muslim freelance writer?

Freelance writing for a newbie muslim writer is hard, with so many things to learn for career success.

Again, you have to take writing jobs in-line with Shariah to make your income halal.

The good news is that, by consistently writing and additional coaching can turn you into a brilliant writer.



Becoming a muslim freelance writer can a daunting task for new starters.

But, this is a great business that can help you attain freedom from working for others.

I suggest you start your freelance business today and build into profit.

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