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12 Things Muslims Can Sell Online To Leave A Haram Job

Leave a haram job for the sake of Allah and you will find something better for halal money.

If you plan to leave a haram job, I suggest you read this free home business report.

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Muslims who quit haram jobs reported “living the best happiest times!”

In this post, I’ll give you cool ideas, you can use to make halal money and leave a haram job.

9 Things To Sell Online Halal To Pay Bills After Leaving A Haram Job

If you feel being stuck in a haram job?

This is your time to leave immediately and start selling things online for more halal money.

1. Sell Halal Ebooks On AppSumo

An Ebook is something you can create in the next 8 hours and sell on AppSumo for halal income.

Appsumo makes it easier to launch a side hustle.

You can write and sell an easy PDF Ebooks and reports online on any Topic.

Remember, you can hire people online to write your Ebooks too.

For example, you can price an Ebook at $19 for passive income.

1000 sales of your Ebook on AppSumo Market gives you $19,000.

2. Sell Halal Canva Templates On Instagram

Do you have your Instagram account?

You can launch your own home business selling simple Canva Templates on Instagram.

The demand for Canva Templates on Instagram is growing each day.

No technical skills required to design a beautiful template on Canva.

You can price your Templates at $25.

1000 sales is $25,000 as a side hustle.

Jump on the bandwagon and start making halal income.

3. Launch A Halal Digital Course On Teachable

You need to quit your haram job right now and start selling a digital course on Teachable.

Teachable is an online platform where ordinary people make money selling courses.

In fact, the online digital course is a multi-million dollar growing market.

You can outsource your entire course creation online and keep 100% profit!

With Teachable, you can also promote them as affiliate and earn a healthy lucrative halal commission.

Leave your haram job and turn to Allah and repent right now!

4. Sell Halal Web Design Service

You can start a profitable work from home business with 99 Designs.

99 Designs have experienced website designers you can hire.

You don’t even need to know anything about websites!

This can be a six-figure business when done correctly.

Contact all the halal local businesses in your town and offer them web design service.

For example, you can charge them $1000 for a simple WordPress Website.

Then, head back to 99 Designs and have freelancers build the website for $200.

You can pocket the difference of $800 as profit.

5. Sell Halal Done-For-You Email Marketing

You can start a home business with Constant Contact helping new entrepreneurs and business owners.

Most are clueless how to set up their in-house email marketing.

You can create an account with an email marketing company called Constant Contact.

With Constant Contact, you can use ready-made templates to build Email Capture pages.

A simple one page site to help clients build their email list.

Charge people $500 for every email page.

You can create unlimited email capture pages as a Constant Contact subscriber.

Also, when you sign up as an affiliate to promote Constant Contact.

They pay you halal $105 for every customer you refer to them as a customer.

6. Sell Halal Freelance Writing Service With Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the biggest outsourcing websites in the world.

Everything on this platform starts with $5 known as Fiverr gigs.

You can find freelance writers on Fiverr to write for you.

Like creating Ebooks, Reports, Digital Courses, Blog Posts, Halal Ads, Newsletters and Social Media Articles.

Contact small and medium size companies in your city and offer to write for them.

You can charge high prices and earn a halal profit.

7. Sell Bluehost Web Hosting Service

Hostgator is a web hosting company that pays people $65 commission for every customer referred.

It is a highly profitable business opportunity to start from home.

You can kickstart your affiliate marketing business.

Every business or person who runs an online business need a website or Blog.

There’s so much demand for web hosting online!

You can create your own website with Hostgator and start promoting them as an affiliate.

8. Sell Halal Social Media Marketing Service

Social media marketing service will never go away soon!

You can register your own Social Media Marketing Agency.

In fact, it is a multi-billion dollar industry and muslim entrepreneurs should consider it!

If you have a social media account, you can start this business part time.

You will help business owners, brands and freelancers have engagements with clients.

I suggest you use Tailwind and present your business as a professional.

You can even outsource your social media marketing service online.

9. Sell Halal Online Coaching Service

You can become an online coach to people.

Everyone needs a coach including successful people.

If you have an experience in a job or hobby, you can start a coaching service online.

You can run this business this weekend and get your first paying clients.

Besides, you can sell your coaching classes with these companies.

10. Sell A Halal Done-For-You Blog

Blogging is a very popular industry now and create a Blog with

There are millions of people searching online about starting a blog.

You can start creating a done for you blog service and set it for people.

Again, you can either build blogs yourself or outsource online.

You can generate halal income by helping people with a done for you blog.

Think outside the box and run this profitable venture from your kitchen table.

11. Sell Halal Consulting Service

Consulting business website is very easy to start with Nexcess and incredibly profitable.

You can do consulting on almost anything you want.

The only things needed is a professional website, computer and telephone.

You can niche down and focus on one area to make a name for yourself as an expert.

However, you need to have a good communication skill and ability to listen to clients.

Also, you should be able to propose a solution and recommendations for customers to follow.

12. Sell Halal Logo Design Service

Halal Logo Design Service is one of the businesses to start.

A service you can sell along with a web design.

Newbie entrepreneurs are always obsessed with their new Logo.

They are more than happy to spend more money on a single Logo.

You can have a Logo design using freelancers for a profit.

What is a haram job?

A haram job is a job that goes against the Islamic Shariah such as selling pork, cigarette, gambling, alcohol, prostitution and Riba.

Should I quit my haram Job?

Yes. Muslims who are engaged in haram jobs must quit immediately to find something else to do!

Leaving a haram job for the sake of Allah will open new opportunities from unimaginable sources for you.

It is Allah who feeds you not your job.

There’s no reason to delay staying in a haram job.


I have streamlined the various ways to make a living by leaving a haram job.

You have to reason to continue earning income from a haram job.

I strongly urge you to have faith (Tawakkul) in Allah and quit your haram job!

Allah won’t let you suffer, when you have sincerity and seeking His forgiveness.

Action Tip:

I suggest you take action and copy these ideas.

Also, you can download this free home business report here.

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Mr Ceesay
Mr Ceesay
Foday Ceesay is the founder and CEO of Muslim Entrepreneurs Hub. He help Muslims to escape 9 to 5 and become visionary entrepreneurs, online content creators, bloggers and digital marketers using AI (Artificial Intelligence).



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