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How I Started A Halal Business Blog In 7 Days


Want to start a halal business blog?

I ‘ll teach you the best steps to follow.

Head here and download this free business report.

Yes, your online business in just 7 days.

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“Almost overnight, the Internet’s gone from a technical wonder to a business must.” 


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Disclaimer: This post has affiliate links I receive commission when you make a purchase at no extra-cost to you. Thanks.

Also, I ‘m going to give you the best online tools and resources.


Treasure In Online Islamic Business Blog

  • Barakah.


  • Closeness to Allah.


  • Halal income.


What Is A Halal Business Blog?


A halal business blog is a blog that is built with the aim of earning and helping people.

Everything is done towards serving people and gaining the pleasure of Allah.


Is Blogging Profitable For Muslims?

Absolutely yes, blogging is a very profitable business to start.

But, you need to have the best tools and resources to succeed.


Are Blogs Halal For Business?

Yes, Blogs are permitted in Islam.

It also depends on what you are blogging about as a niche.

If you are adding harm methods to monetise, then the money generated is haram.


What Are The Best Halal Blogging Tools To Start?

You need to first get 123 Reg to register your blog name and hosting.

Envato Theme to build a nice blog using WordPress.


You also need Getresponse to start building your email subscribers.


Ultimate Guide To Halal Business Blog In 7 Days


Let’s examine the 7 days blog start method:


Start A Blog Day 1


Write Goals

Goals help you focus and go after anything!

Write your business goals.

Decide what kind of blog to start and when.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”
Why do you want to launch a blog?


Pick Your Halal Blog Niche


Pick a blog niche before writing.

A niche is topic that excites or interest you.

Like health, business, fashion or a hobby.

“The value of an idea lies in the using of it”

Are more people searching online about your blog topic?

Find the keywords to rank your new blog.

Are there existing affiliate products to promote?


Identify Blogs In Your Niche


You can use Google to identify the competitive blogs.

Grab a paper and enumerate 20 best keywords to rank.

Look for titles of the blog posts.

Figure out the domain score of the sites.

What is the wordcount and social shares?


Start A Blog Day 2


Get Your Domain and Hosting


You need to choose a domain.

Give a name to your blog.

Connect the name to your niche keywords.

Also, it can be your own name or business.


The name should be short, brandable and easy to spell.

Hosting companies are many.

But, which one to choose?

Having a right company to host your blog or website is vital.

Get a 65% discount at Hostgator when you signup.

Free domain you want and 1-click WordPress.

Also, your free SSL installed on your blog.

Protection against hackers getting your details.

24/7 customer support.


Hostgator is the real deal only $2.75/month.

Guest what?

A 30 days money back guarantee for you.


Install Your WordPress Theme 


Install the best WordPress Theme and customise it.

Your blog should have a wow factor for a user.

A great theme will speed up the blog

Make lead generation simple.

Never install a bad theme on your blog.


A Blog Keywords Research Tool


Smart bloggers don’t follow the crowd.

They work with data to measure.

“Data beats opinions.”

You need a good keywords research tool.

With a tool, the world is your oyster.

You can plan blog posts, check keywords and rank faster.


Start A Blog Day 3


Install Best WordPress Plugins


Add the best WordPress plugins on your blog.

You need to have plugins at the start of a blog.

A plugin is a software component that add a feature on a site.

They improve the functionality of your blog.


Add Google Analytics


Next, add Google analytics to your WordPress blog.

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”

It’s a piece of software created by Google to track your blog visitors behaviour.

You need a Gmail to signup into your Google Analytics.


If you’ve got a Gmail, search Google Analytics and login.

To install Google Analytics to WordPress is not hard.

Once inside Google Analytics, create a property with your blog’s URL.

For example name of your blog address www…com

Then, go the Google Analytics settings to authenticate it.

The authentication process make it safer to confirm you owned the blog.

Also, Google generates a code to add to your WordPress blog dashboard.

At the beginning, you may feel overwhelmed but is easy.

Also, you can basically install the Google Analytics with a Plugin.

Monster Insights Plugin can do everything for you.

Search it in your dashboard Plugin area and make few clicks to set it up!

It will prompt you to complete authentication.


Google Search Console


Google Search Console must be completed for your blog.

You can access Google Search Console with a Gmail account by signing in.

Google Search Console is free.

You can solve all search problems with it.

For example, indexing your blog posts to show in the Google Search Results.

Monitor and troubleshoot your broken links.

You need to have a primary account in the settings like www…com

Besides, you can use a simple Plugin like the Yoast SEO and automate it.

Submit your blog site map to the Google Search Console.


Start A Blog Day 4


Optimise WordPress Settings For Your Blog


Login into your blog WordPress dashboard.

Head to the setting tab area.

You can tweak and optimise your blog.


To include your blog or site title,

tagline and URL.


Set the Home page

Display to show in search engines.


You can point your blog URL structure to optimise for SEO with a custom setting.

“Permalinks are is, as clean URLs, to be easier to type and remember.”


Make Your Blog Design Beautiful


Give your blog design a makeover to look beautiful.

You can get a website designer to change your blog appearance.

Get a beautiful Theme, download, install as a plugin and edit.

Add your logo, colours and images.


Create Your Blog Pages


 After the blog design is complete.

 You can start adding menu pages.

In the blog dashboard of WordPress Click Appearance.

Then go to Pages/Add section.

Create a new page and name it.

Start with your homepage.

Followed by the main pages as part of your menu navigation.

Use a Theme page builder drag and drop editor.

You can use the free features in your Theme.

Divi is the best and most popular for blogging.

Gutenberg or the Classic Editor, makes it simpler to add your text, image and links

to pages.

Also, make the page titles and URL structures have keywords.

Blog ages can be saved  as draft.

Once you finish writing and editing.

Next is to hit publish online.


Start A Blog Day 5


Start A Blog Day!


Writing Your First Blog Post


Most new bloggers waste time writing a perfect blog post.

In fact, newbies can spend 10 hours on a post.

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”

It is really dumb trying to be the next  Hemmingway.

You do not need to be a perfect writer at the start.

Just be sure to make new posts published more!

Write 1000 words minimum for each articles.

Add keywords in the title of your posts.

You should not expect to get readers in the first 6 months.

That’s the way blogging works online.

And this is where most people quit their blogs!

Keep writing and updating your blog.


Tips For A Newbie Blogger:


1. Make Lists Blog Post:

Write a numbered lists to rank your blog and get more clicks.

Also, using odd numbers in your post gets more visitors than even numbers.


2. Your Blog Title Length

Learn to make your title under 60 characters.

This way, it won’t be off from the search results.


3. Target Keyword Comes First

You should always put your target keyword first in the title and URL.


4. Blog Post Published Date

Show the date for all your blog posts.

You can always republish the old ones with new updates.


5. Use Constant Contact For Email Marketing

You can signup with Constant Contact and build beautiful landing pages.

Also, for building subscribers and email list.

6. Hire Top Rated Web Designers

I recommend you hire my Top Rated Web Designers to build your blog.

All the smart people read this free report first before starting a business.


Start A Blog Day 6


Add Yoast SEO Plugin To Optimise Blog

Millions of blogs have installed Yoast SEO plugin.

You can find the plugin at the bottom of all posts and pages.

Also, you can insert keywords, title and meta descriptions for the on -page SEO.

Complete Yoast SEO settings and ensure is working.


Yoast SEO Tips For Bloggers


Some tips to consider, using Yoast:

   • Link Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools

You ought to add your Yoast SEO plugin with webmaster tools to increase site performance.

Edit your taxonomies

Your settings will change according to sitemap indexing


• Social media accounts

Put your social accounts Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and Pinterest.

Enable your robots.txt file

Make sure your robot are enable and working.


Setup  A Content Delivery Network


A content delivery network (CDN) is a geographically distributed group of servers

providing faster delivery of Internet content.

If you’re using Bluehost, you can easily connect to a CDN like Cloudflare to greatly increase your site speed.


Optimise For Site Speed


Google uses site speed as a ranking factor.

You can increase your site speed with a plugin.


Best tips for site speed:


You need to tick the following – Minify HTML, Optimise  Google Fonts.

Minify CSS, Combine CSS Files, Minify JavaScript Files.

Combine JavaScript Files, Load JavaScript Deferred, Lazy Load Images.

• Get ‘ShortPixes’ to compress your images.

Have your PNGs  converted to JPEGs.

• Install a fast social sharing plugin like Marshare to reduce external requests.

• Remove any plugins you aren’t using.

• Have a tool like Google Page Speed Insights to keep track of your site speed.


Start A Blog Day 7


Now, your blog is ready for a launch.

Fix settings and check before making your blog live.

Is your blog’s URL correct in your General Settings?

• Uncheck the box “Discourage search engines from indexing this site” under


• Be sure primary sitemap is in Yoast and there aren’t other plugins submitting a separate sitemap.

• To migrate from another website, double check your 301 redirects.

Compare your blog on multiple browsers and devices.

• Check your blog’s domain in settings.

Remove Coming Soon Page.

• Set your posts and pages to published.


Final Thought


With my 7 Days blog launch step by step guide.

You can pick your niche and get started immediately.

WordPress installation complete within few clicks.

Also, you can invest in a good Theme.

Hire a web designer to build your site or blog.

Get an awesome platform for email marketing and landing page creation.

And optimised your settings.

Write your first posts and grow your new blog.

Submit 10 articles as a guest blogger to popular websites in your niche.

I recommend you hire my top rated web designers.


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