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15 Best Halal Blog Niche Ideas Profitable For Muslims

The best halal blog niche ideas for muslims.

Want to know the best halal blog niche ideas for muslims?

Halal blog niche ideas are very lucrative for muslims.

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The most common question I get asked about blogging is choosing a niche.

In this post, I’ll guide you to choose the best halal blog niche ideas for muslims.

What Is A Halal Blog Niche?

A blog niche refers to a specific area, industry, or subject you want to focus and write about as a blogger.

A blog niche is only halal when it does not violate Shariah requirements.

It also must not promote prohibited items like alcohol, cigarettes, gambling and pork.

Having a niche helps you to serve your readers with relevant contents and establish your brand.

What Halal Blog Niche Ideas Are Most Profitable?

The best halal blog niche ideas profitable for muslims are food blog, travel blog, health and wellness, parenting blog, personal finance blog, digital marketing, beauty and fashion blog.

Let’s jump in!

1. Halal Food & Recipes Blog

You can start a halal food and recipes blog as your niche.

Food and recipes are very popular online.

However, this is a very competitive niche for a new blogger.

You have to provide something unique to readers as a food blogger.

Making halal money with food and recipes blog:

Food and recipes blog can make money with halal ads, affiliate marketing, digital products, coaching and sponsored posts.

2. Halal Travel Blog

Halal travel blog is associated with digital nomads.

You’ve probably read about travel bloggers documenting their travels.

This can be an exciting lifestyle visiting various countries.

Also, you can meet people and experience different cultures.

Making halal money with a travel blog:

Travel blog is monetised with halal affiliate marketing, Ebooks, Ads and writing product reviews.

3. Halal Health & Wellness Blog

Health and wellness niche is a multi-billion dollar niche.

There’s so much money in this niche.

However, it is extremely competitive and Google has strict guidelines for this niche.

This niche comprises of weight loss, diets and general health matters.

A legitimate qualification as a health professional gives you an edge.

Making halal money with health and wellness blog:

Health and wellness blog makes halal money from personal coaching, brand deals, affiliate marketing, Ads and digital courses.

4. Halal Beauty & Fashion Blog

Beauty and fashion blogging is growing amongst the muslims.

The emergence of Instagram made so many women to become Hijabi bloggers.

Some amassed huge followers on social media and became influencers.

However, a muslim should be very careful when blogging beauty and fashion.

You should always ensure your product recommendations are 100% halal.

Also, sisters should resist all temptations of sharing everything about their private life online.

Making halal money with beauty and fashion blog:

Beauty and fashion blog can be monetised with sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, influencer product reviews, selling physical items and mentoring.

5. Halal Parenting Blog

Parenting blog sometimes is called a mummy blog amongst muslim women.

It can be launched by both men and women respectively.

Parenting blog niche is lucrative and has a fierce competition.

If you have children, then you can start a parenting blog and share your skills with the world.

Making halal money with a parenting blog:

Parenting niche has various opportunities to generate income online with a blog.

These includes info products, affiliate marketing, coaching service, product reviews and Ads.

6. Halal Personal Finance Blog

A personal finance blog for muslims can be a very profitable business to start from home.

In fact, this niche can help you earn a decent income from your blog.

You will share various halal money matters like saving, earning and investing.

Most muslim bloggers I know completely shy away talking about finance.

Perhaps, there is a lack of understanding of the personal finance niche in-line with Shariah.

Making halal income with a personal finance blog:

A personal finance blogger can earn halal by selling digital finance courses, coaching, events, membership sites, consulting, affiliate marketing (depending on product/company).

7. Crafts & DIY Blog

Crafts and DIY blogs are popular especially with ETSY.

This is a large niche and many hobbies can be categorised in this niche.

Etsy is a marketplace to sell handmade goods, vintage items and craft supplies.

As muslims, we are not permitted to sell drawings of humans and animals.

Therefore, you have to be very selective with your blog monetisation.

Making halal income with Crafts and DIY Blog:

Crafts and DIY Blogs can make halal income with email marketing, product reviews, ads, product launch formula, info products, online courses, affiliate marketing (Deep linking).

8. Technology Blog

Technology blog educate people about new products and trends happening within the technology industry.

Are you passionate about tech?

Starting a tech blog can make you become a highly sought after muslim blogger.

There’s a shortage of muslim bloggers in this industry.

Technology companies will be happy to pay you to reach your blog readers.

Making halal income with tech blog:

You can earn halal income with a tech blog by making product reviews, affiliate marketing, joint-ventures, Ads and email marketing.

9. Gardening Blog

You can start a halal blog around gardening and share your tips online.

This is a lucrative niche to consider building a blog.

People are happy to spend thousands caring for their garden.

But, most muslims don’t know much about gardening.

Having a blog in this niche can set you apart from the saturated “make money online niche.”

Making halal money with a gardening blog:

Gardening blog can be monetised with info products, product reviews, affiliate marketing, mentoring an ads.

10. Education and Career Blog

There are so many bloggers earning great halal income in this niche.

If you have a successful career in a particular profession, build a blog around it.

The home schooling also falls under this niche.

Also, you can build an Islamic blog teaching people about Arabic language and Quran.

I suggest you start a halal blog in the education niche.

Earning halal income with an education and career blog:

Bloggers like to launch their own digital programmes, email marketing, tutoring online and affiliate marketing.

11. Fitness Blog

Fitness is a multi-billion dollar niche.

This paves the way for you to start a fitness blog.

You can super-niche down and build a highly profitable business.

For example, you can create a fitness blog about running, endurance, strength training and cardio.

Generating halal income with a fitness blog:

A Fitness blog makes halal money through online coaching, digital courses, affiliate marketing, product reviews and Ads.

12. A Religion Blog

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world.

With more than 1.9 billion muslims and estimated to reach 3 billion by 2060.

Source: World Population Review.

It’s fair to say that, building an Islamic blog based on this projection makes a compelling evidence for profit.

You can start an Islamic Blog in a small niche area and serve muslims.

Monetisation method with an Islamic blog:

An Islamic blog can make halal income with books, tutoring, events, affiliate marketing, online courses and product reviews.

13. Product Reviews Blog

Product review blogs are common in almost every niche.

The reason is because it works!

Bloggers running this type of business focus on writing product reviews for people looking for validation to buy.

This can be profitable depending on the product.

Also, the reviews must be authentic pointing out all the flaws of the product without any cheating.

Earning income with product reviews blogging:

Blogs in this niche generate income with email marketing, affiliate marketing, Ads and videos.

14. Business & Digital Marketing Blog

I built Blog in this niche.

It is the best halal blog niche ideas for muslims to create a generational wealth.

I am passionate about this niche and one of the most competitive online amongst bloggers.

If you are a beginner blogger, I suggest you try a different niche and get your feet wet with experience.

You will be competing with millions of bloggers to rank in the Google Search Results.

I am not saying this to discourage you in your business blogging pursuits.

Besides, there are big media companies in this niche with established writers.

Making halal money with business and digital marketing blog:

You can make halal income by promoting affiliate offers, info products, Ads, coaching, webinars and much more.

15. Marriage Blog

Are you married for sometime?

Start a new blog sharing your marriage advice and tips with readers online.

It can be a very rewarding thing to do helping muslim couples stay together.

In fact, you can run this blogging business part time from home.

Also, you can outsource your writing to freelancers to grow the blog.

Earning halal income from marriage blog:

By packaging your knowledge into digital products, email marketing, courses, coaching and affiliate marketing.

How Do I Find Halal Blog Niche Ideas?

Pick a niche you are passionate about, embark on market research, super-niching, and also make sure it is profitable.

Pick a blog niche you are passionate about.

If you are going into a blogging business, it is good to be passionate about the subject.

Blogging can be very lonely and hard to build as a business.

Without passion you will easily quit and return back to employment.

Market research for a blog.

You can use Google to research about your niche market.

Type your blog topic into Google search box and see the number of results.

If your search has more than 100,000, then is a good market.

Also, get to know your competition and ways to succeed with bogging.

Blog super-niching

The secret to grow a successful blog is super-niching down.

It implies focusing on a tiny area or topic within your niche.

This can help you grow faster and increase your income.

For example, instead of blogging about a general business.

You can super-niche down and blog about small business for single mums.

Blog niche profitability.

You must not launch a blog without figuring about it’s monetisation.

It is important to explore affiliate programmes and halal ad networks in your niche.

You can be passionate for a particular topic as a blogger.

But, you also need to find a way to generate profit for your blog.

Where To Start My Halal Blog Niche Idea?

The best place to start a blog with a profitable halal blog niche idea for muslims is Bluehost.

I recommend all my readers to buy their blog names with Bluehost.

Bluehost is a well run company and has 24 hours support for customer service.

Also, when you buy your blog name today.

They will give you free Domain for one year and 1-click WordPress installation.

Where To Get Web Designer Cheap For My Halal Blog Niche Ideas?

You can hire best blog designers at Fiverr cheaper.

They will build your new niche blog with your domain name.

I am recommending all the best designers for you to get ahead faster.

Also, with Fiverr you can have a beautiful blog and save money.

Where To Get Email Marketing For My Halal Blog Niche Idea?

Constant contact is one of the coolest email marketing service for a beginner blog.

I love Constant Contact because of their experience working with new bloggers.

You can sign up free for their trial plan and kick start a new halal blogging career.

Where To Get Beautiful Blog Graphics For Halal Blog Niche Ideas?

Canva Pro is the my top rated place to create nice designs for your blog images and posts.

It is beginner friendly when starting a halal niche idea blog.

Also, you can have a Logo for your new blog on Canva Pro.


You need the best halal blog niche ideas to run a profitable business.

Starting a thriving business with a blog requires getting the right web hosting like Dreamhost.

Also, you need to super-niche down to rank your blog higher in Google Search Results.

Action Tip:

Now, you are going to run fast and download this free home business report.

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