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12 Best Tips: How To Start A Halal Parenting Blog

Start a halal parenting blog and share your parenting methods with the world.

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This is the right time to start a halal parenting blog.


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Latest Tools You Need To Start A Halal Parenting Blog

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In this blog post, I ‘ll reveal step by step to start a halal parenting blog and generate sales.

You can start a halal parenting blog and make online income.

Whether you’ve just become a new parent or parenthood comes naturally to you.

The experience of sharing your parenthood moments can be rewarding.


What is a halal parenting blog?

Halal parenting blog is an online diary about parenting methods in-line with Islamic teachings.


Is blogging halal in Islam?

Blogging itself is not haram, but it depends on what you are blogging about.

Also, the type of products or companies you are promoting to your audience.


Can you make halal money from a parenting blog?

Yes. You can make halal money selling parenting courses, promoting affiliate products, sponsored posts and coaching.


How To Start A Halal Parenting Blog?

To start a halal parenting blog,
you need to pick the right platform, choose a niche, a great domain, web hosting and promoting your blog.

12 Best Steps To Starting A Halal Parenting Blog


Let get started and see what it takes…

Step 1: Choosing a Niche

Choose a niche that interests you.

You can educate people on topics like childcare.

Starting a halal parenting is great.

Try to sub-niche within your industry to attract more people.

Step 2: Setting up Your Blog

Get a reliable cheap hosting service for your blog.

First of all, their options are so affordable.

For just $3-5 dollars per month, you can be up and running with your own blog.

You get a free domain name and free WordPress.

Most web hosting companies are is beginner friendly.

Choosing an Ideal Theme for Your Halal Parenting Blog

You need a Theme to build a profitable halal parenting blog.

Envato marketplace has the most popular themes for bloggers in the world.

It has excellent features and perfect for people with no coding experience.

Get your Envato Themes and build a great blog.

Step 3: Research

So you want to start a halal parenting blog?

It’s time for research and planning.

Get a top-rated web designers by first reading this free report.


Here are the top things that make a blog successful:

• Connect with your audience by establishing an easy rapport.

• Find ways to build traffic, so it doesn’t feel like pulling teeth.

• Make sure all of your content is unique from others in the same niche.

People start blogging without a plan, get overwhelmed and they give up!

Step 4: Make it a Family Project

By making your parenting blog a family project.

You can share responsibilities, make smart decisions and plan blog contents.

I can only imagine that the workload will be hopefully more enjoyable and more manageable.

Step 5: Collaborate Parenting Bloggers

Collaborate with other bloggers to grow your parenting blog.

Whether it’s through Facebook groups or meet-ups.

Networking is a critical for any successful business venture.

Parenting blogs are no exception.

Step 6: Build Links

Backlinks are the lifeblood of search engine optimisation.

It’s necessary to build backlink campaigns from authoritative websites in your niche.

A trustworthy blog and increase the domain authority of your parenting blog.

Google ranks websites based on the quality of your backlinks.

Step 7: Offer Value

Make your content easy to read.

Your target market are busy parents.

They can’t skim lengthy paragraphs filled with useless information.

Perform keywords research and write on relevant topics.

Step 8: Invest in SEO

The internet is a vast and wonderful place.

If you want to make money from your blog, you need traffic coming in the door.

That’s where SEO comes in!

Search Engine Optimisation will help you get traffic and rank your keywords.

Step 9: Be Transparent

Readers crave for transparency online.

There are so many online scams.

You need to be a trustworthy blogger and genuinely help people.

Put readers first and only recommend useful products.

Step 10: Be Authentic

•  Establish yourself as a blogger who knows what they are talking about with data.

•   Give advice base on your personal experience

•    Find a way to help families solve their parenting problems.


Step 11: Learn and Grow

This is what sets apart the successful parenting bloggers from the rest.

However, it’s worth noting that there’s no magic formula that guarantees success.  

To succeed in blogging, keep learning affiliate marketing, SEO, WordPress and Social Media.


Step 12: Decide on Your Topics

In today’s digital age, there are more ways than ever to make a living from blogging.

You need to list topics people are searching online.

Write for different audience and their interests.


Here are topics you can focus on in your halal parenting blog:

•    How to discipline your child
•    Tips for healthy eating
•    Strategies for teaching reading and math skills
•    What you need to know about summer camps
•    Ways to keep your kids entertained during the holidays
•    Tips on how to teach them responsibility
•    What to do when your child is bored
•    How to stop tantrums in public places
•    Teaching kids how to make friends with other children
•    Tips for potty training a toddler
•    How to get your child into reading books and playing educational games
•    When you should start teaching your child about the dangers of online predators

Here are questions to help you decide what to write:

•    What story will you tell?
•    What questions can you answer?
•    What will people learn?
•    What value will the subject(s) create?


How To Make Halal Income From Your Parenting Blog

There are various methods to generate halal income from your parenting blog.

Sell online course You can create your own halal digital course and sell it on online.

The courses can be a PDF, video course, audio file, webinar or membership site.

Sponsored posts– This is another strategy to bring cash for a new blogger.

You write articles on behalf of local business owners and get paid.

Affiliate marketing You join an affiliate network or programme to recommend their products/ service to your audience.

You earn a commission when people buy through your affiliate link.

Coaching service As a blogger, people will count on you to guide them through coaching and get paid for your time.


Done for you service You build a blog for people by offering a Done-For -You Service and earn a good income.

Logos and Banner Ads You can make Logos and halal banner ads and charge companies for extra-income.

Podcasting You can launch a Podcasting service targeting your blog readers and followers.



We discussed ways to start a halal parenting blog.

Working for people to make a living is not fun anymore.

If you want to become a parenting blogger, invest in yourself and get this important free business report.


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