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17 Tips: How To Start A Halal Restaurant Business Fast

Start a halal restaurant in your town, because people love eating halal foods.

Do you want to start a halal restaurant business?

You can start a halal restaurant business and become a local entrepreneur.


Do not skip anything!


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In this post, I’ll reveal the best ways to start a halal restaurant business.


Starting a halal restaurant isn’t easy as it may look.

It entails costs and compliance with rules on health, hygiene and safety.

However, a halal restaurant takes more time in planning before its door is open to customers.


How To Open A Halal Friendly-Restaurant


You need a capital, restaurant cuisine style, halal food certification, hire staff, kitchen and equipment, food suppliers, local permits and good location.



Start a halal restaurant business.


The restaurant business is one of the toughest.

However, it is still possible to launch a successful halal restaurant business with hard work and research.


Below are the best step by step guide to start a halal restaurant:


1: Halal restaurant and Cuisine


Firstly, you need to examine your situation prior to launching a halal restaurant business.

What kind of food you want to sell and at what price?



Do you want a restaurant where people can eat everything they crave at an affordable price?


Start a halal restaurant business.


The answers will determine how much money you need to spend in your halal restaurant business.

Having a quality food at an affordable price is vital to your growth.

Also, decide which type of cuisine is excellent for your local town.


2. A restaurant website


People browse online before visiting your restaurant.

Therefore, you need to build a high quality website for your restaurant.



Websites are very cheaper to create with a hosting plan.

Get a domain name that is congruent with your restaurant.


3. A halal-friendly family restaurant


The most successful halal restaurants are usually a family owned business.

That’s the common trend in this industry for years.



For example, you can come together with a family member and open a halal restaurant.

It saves you more money trying to go it alone.

Also, it means everyone can contribute their time towards it’s growth.


4. Join a restaurant franchise


If you are new to a restaurant business, it’s better to join a franchise.


Start a halal restaurant business.


There are established halal franchised restaurant opportunities.



These companies have a readymade structure, support and training for beginners.

It can save you costly mistakes and a chance to thrive in your new business.


5. Research your competition


The bedrock of any business growth is research.

You need to research thoroughly before opening your restaurant.



This step can be very helpful in attracting customers.

Analyse competitors and learn new techniques like local marketing and offering discounts.

Think outside the box and become resourceful in marketing your restaurant.


6. Restaurant décor and ambiance

People visit restaurants for the decor and ambience.

It is important to build your restaurant by consulting a professional architect.



If you have money, you should make it appealing to people.

Besides, if that’s not possible!


Start a halal restaurant business.


Then make your kitchen, dinning area and bathroom adhere to specific hygiene standards.

The dining area should be kept clean, and everything present must add value to the customer experience.


7. Menu

After conducting your market research locally.

You will discover the best options for halal foods menu.

However, you want to choose menus that are easy to make.


But, still tasty for customers.

Invite people to sample your foods and use their feedback to prepare a menu.

Also, stick to quality foods and bring consultants whenever required to help you.


8. Restaurant delivery service


A lot of your local customers would prefer ordering onine.

You should consider adding a local food delivery service to meet the demand.



For example, restaurants that catered delivery service during Covid lockdown kept their clients.

I suggest you add a food delivery service into your new business.


9. kitchen and equipment


Invest in a better kitchen and equipment.

You can’t run a successful restaurant without a proper kitchen.



Once everything is decided regarding the types of cuisine you will serve.

Go ahead and purchase the right equipment for your halal restaurant.

Make sure that all these appliances are efficient and fit in with the décor perfectly. 


10. Get a location and permit

The location of your restaurant is essential in getting customers.

You should assess every aspect, such as parking space, ease of commute and




If you are providing delivery options to customers, then there should be enough parking to pick orders.

The entrance and pathway leading towards your restaurant must not have any hindrance to vehicles.

If there is a plan for outdoor seating, you also need a permit for it.

11. Hire best staff

Hire certified staff in your halal restaurant and treat them with dignity.

Experienced staff should be able to work both independently and follow instructions.



Start a halal restaurant business.



Employ individuals passionate about the hospitality sector.

Employees should be able to communicate effectively with customers.

Managers need to instill a positive attitude in their workers.

12. Cleanliness of restaurant

You will attract more people, if you maintain a hygienic environment.

There are times when people feel nauseous as soon as they enter an eatery.


Start a halal restaurant business.


That is why you must pay attention to cleanliness of your restaurant.

Have table cloths regularly changed.

Keep the floors free from streaks caused by food particles or grease.

Also, empty dustbins daily since they tend to smell bad once filled up completely.


13. Buy produce from local farmers


Every year a lot of food products get wasted locally.

It is great to look for local farmers in your area.


Start a halal restaurant business.


The local farmers will be happy to offer you vegetables and meat at a reasonable price.

With local produce, it’s easy to save on shipping cost as well. 

Importing and shipping meat tends to be very expensive.

Locally-grown fresh meat will be less expensive and it will taste better.


14. vegetarian and vegan


In most multicultural societies, some people eat vegetarian diets.

You need to consider them in your restaurant.


Start a halal restaurant business.


These vegetarian and vegan dishes are often less expensive.

They are easier to produce than the dishes that are heavy on the meat.

Some people will like them, and they can make more money for the restaurant. 


15. Finance


Consider saving money in order to invest in your halal restaurant business.

Work overtime, sell stuff on online or side hustle.



Keep a budget to track your expenses.

Ask family to support you by donating to start a restaurant.

Also, you could invite friends or partners to start the business together.


16. Marketing Strategy


Having a restaurant offline should also inspire you to consider online opportunities.


Start a halal restaurant business.


Develop a marketing plan to promote your restaurant through social media, advertising, and partnerships.


17. Customer Feedback

A good feedback and online reviews can help you attract more new clients.

Start encouraging people to make customer reviews, feedback and enhance your offerings.



Where To Get Business Skills For A Restaurant Business?


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Frequently Asked Questions About Halal Restaurant


These are the most notable questions asked about halal restaurant business:


What is a halal restaurant business?


How To Start A Halal Restaurant Business


A halal restaurant is a place where foods served to customers adheres to Islamic law.

In such environments, there’s no serving of alcohol or pork which are haram in Islam.



Also, the animals are slaughtered reciting the name of Allah (God).

Without such practices, the meat is prohibited for muslims to eat.


How do restaurants get halal certification?



This means, members of the body would visit your restaurant location after making an application to get certified.

However, each country varies and is important to contact the halal regulatory body direct for information.


How much money do I need to open a halal restaurant?


You would need between $200-$30,000 to open a halal restaurant business.

It depends on the type of restaurant, location, size and number of customers to serve a month.

The large sums of money usually goes to getting kitchen appliances, furniture, construction, staff and permits.



In this post, we discussed ways to start a halal restaurant business.

Starting a proper halal restaurant mean using both online and offline service.

In meeting the surge in online orders, you need to invest in a website.

You can start a halal restaurant business by registering your website today.

Action Tip:

Stop driving yourself on the wrong path and read this free halal business report.


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