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9 Tips: How To Create A Halal Website For Small Business

You need to create a halal website for small business to sell online.

In the past, people spent a lot of money to create a halal website for small business.

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It is now easier to create a halal website for small business on a budget.


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Essential Tools For Launching An Amazing Website

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2. Hostgator   Click & Try Hostgator
3. Nexcess   Click & Try Nexcess
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5. Dreamhost   Click & Try Dreamhost
Website Designers/Tools   Visit Website
Fiverr   Click & Try Fiverr
99 Designs   Click & 99 Designs
Canva Pro   Click & Try Canva Pro
Envato   Click & Try Envato
Nextiva (USA ONLY)   Click & Try Nextiva
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In this post, I’ll help guide you step by step to create a halal website for small business.

If you are working for a boss, it’s time to launch a small business.


Easy Ways To Build A Small Business Website

Search for a domain, get a web hosting, try installing WordPress, make beautiful Theme and hire a website designer.



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Step 1: Search for a domain name

It’s a good idea to check whether a website domain name is available online.

By using some of the many website domain-checkers found online.

Domain is the name of your website www….com

Choose a shorter name to create a halal website for your small business.

You need a name that describes your business or products/services.


Step 2: Web hosting for your website

You need to register your website domain name online.

There are domain registrar companies online.

These registrars also offer web hosting services for small business owners.

A web hosting company is responsible for storing your website files online.

They also show your website on the internet for searchers.

You can have a domain and web hosting in the same company.

Also, you can separate domain and hosting from different companies.

Get free WordPress installation and domain in your first year.

You only pay for web hosting as part of discount for beginners.


Step 3: Install WordPress on your website

Make sure you purchase your domain and hosting today.

The next step is to use a free open-source platform WordPress.

Most web hosting companies above has WordPress for beginners at no extra-cost with 1-click installation.

WordPress is the best because it works with multiple website tools.

Step 4: Make your website beautiful with a Theme

Create a halal website with a Theme and Page Builder.

The mistake most new website owners make is not investing in a Theme.

Envato is has awesome Themes and Website Page Builders in the world.

If you have no coding experience, get a theme from Envato for your small business.



Step 5: Hiring Website Designer

Hire the best website designers from freelancing sites to create a halal website for you.

Fiverr is a global outsourcing platform for entrepreneurs and business owners.

You can create Logos, Websites, Videos and anything you want and save money.

But, you need to sign up and have a login password.

Type ‘Website Design’ in the search box of Fiverr website.

You will discover top-rated designers to create a halal website for you.

I recommend you get this free report to help you start a home based business.


6. Install Website Plugins

99 Designs website designers will help you install the best Plugins for you.

You should not worry about the terminologies.

A Plugin is a computer device with features and increases the functionality of your website.

99 Designs expert designers are the best to install it on your WordPress website.

You need Google Console and Analytics Plugins.

Yoast SEO Plugins.

Social Media Share Button Plugins.


Step 7: Website Email Marketing Tool

If your goal is to become the best in your business niche, invest in an email marketing tool.

An email marketing tool is what you will use to communicate and attract more clients.


Email Tools   Website
Constant Contact   Click & Try Constant Contact
Getresponse   Click & Try Getresponse
AWeber   Click & Try AWeber


Social media is great, but email is what most website owners use to make money online.

There are email marketing companies for small business website owners.

Also, 99 Design website builders will add a Lead Magnets for you.

A Lead Magnet is the free report, video, audio or quiz you give to people.

That way, they will enter their name and email on your website.

Then, you can send them your products to purchase or maintain correspondence.


Step 8: Decide what to sell on your new website

There are tens of thousands of products and services which can be sold online for profit.

So, it’s time to add a product/service and start making money from your website.

99 Designers will help you set your products/ service nicely on your site.

You can add your PayPal to receive online payments from your small business website.

There are several ways to select a product or service to sell.

I suggest you find affiliate networks in your business niche.

Also, find marketplaces and promote their products for a percentage commission.

Step 9: Market your new website

Now that you have the right tools to make money with your new website.

Start selling on it immediately.

It is important that you begin to acquire customers as soon as possible.

Most people think about advertising and marketing after they have created a halal website.

These business owners don’t realise that most products or services do not sell themselves.

You have to spend time, effort and money for a small business to grow.


Step 10: Showcase on social media

Social media is another way to make money online.

It works well for building trust between your customers and website.

This in turn can lead to more sales.

Now that you are driving visitors to your small website.

How do you turn them into repeat customers?

This usually requires email list building first.

Your audience will appreciate the attention and product recommendations.


Frequently Asked Questions About Small Business Website


What is a website?

A website is a collection of web pages and related content that is identified by a common domain name and published on at least one web server. Source: Wikipedia.


What is a good website to start a halal small business?

The best webhosting and page builder you need to create a good website includes:






How do I create my own website for my business?

Get a domain, purchase webhosting, use a Divi page builder, hire a web designer, set it up and publish online.

You can add social media plugins, Google webmaster tools and promote it.


How do I create a free website for my business?

You can create a free website at, Google Sites, Wix and Weebly.

These free places are not the best for creating a small business website.

You need control and professionalism as well as building trust with your clients.

Free websites have their terms which restricts your small business growth.


How much does it cost to create a halal small website?

A muslim website for a small business can cost between $200-$15,000 to create.

This depends on the type of website, requirements and set up fees.

If you hire a website is cheaper than going through a website design agency.



The steps described helps to create a halal website for a small business.

I mentioned that there are various web hosting providers in the market.


Here, you can host your website inside this free Home Business Report.

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