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The Quran & Modern Science


This enlightening guide serves as a beacon, revealing the timeless compatibility between the Quran and the advancements of modern science.  


Common Questions Non Muslims Asked About Islam


This insightful book is fantastic for anyone seeking answers to common questions asked by non-Muslims about Islam.

Providing clear, concise responses, this guide facilitates open dialogue, dispels misconceptions, and fosters understanding between diverse communities.  




Jump into the fascinating exploration of “Similarities Between Hinduism and Islam.”

A digital book that unveils unexpected parallels between two rich and diverse religious traditions.  


The Concept of God in Major Religions


This amazing book delves into the diverse perspectives on the divine in major world religions, fostering understanding and harmony.  


Al Quran the Miracles of Miracles


Discover the extraordinary and experience the divine revelations that make the Quran a true miracle beyond compare!  


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Bonus 1: What The Bible Says About Muhammad

Bonus 2: Is The Bible God’s Word

Bonus 3: Crucifixion-Crucifiction

Bonus 4: Christ In Islam Desert Storm, Has It Ended

Bonus 5: The Choice

Bonus 6: Arabic-Quran


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