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12 Tips: How To Start A Halal Consulting Business (Best Tools).

Halal consulting business is profitable for muslim entrepreneurs.

Would you like to start a halal consulting business?

You can start a Halal consulting business from home.

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Halal Consulting Business Tools To Get Started

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Domain.comStart a consulting home business.Click & Try
SiteGroundLaunch an expert consulting side hustle.Click & Try SiteGround
HostgatorSmall business consulting service.Click & Try Hostgator
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In this article, I’ll guide you step by step to start a halal consulting business and make income.

If you have an expertise in a sector, you can get people to pay for your knowledge working as a halal business consultant.

This gives you freedom to transition from a 9-5 employee to launch a fledging business.

If you are excited about the consulting opportunities?

Let’s get started!

What is a halal consulting business?

A halal consulting business sharing of expertise to individuals, groups or a business for income.

The service can be from drafting reports, face to face meeting, zoom or telephone calls.

Consulting decisions are made from neutral stance on a subject relevant to people or business.

For example, an advice may include marketing, product launch, human resources, finance, engineering and other specialised areas.

Is halal consulting business profitable?

A halal consulting business is lucrative for muslim professionals.

This is a multi-billion dollar sector and still more opportunities for everyone.

The caveat remains that, you have to work diligently to the expectations of your clients.

What does a halal consulting business do?

A halal consulting business job is based on what an individual or hiring company wants to solve.

A consultant basically highlight the problems and make recommendations as advice, guidance and best solutions to implement.

Most entrepreneurs and business owners are bound to have problems.

They outsource to consulting businesses through contracts to help them.

Can you start a consulting business from home?

Yes. So many people started consulting business by working from home.

These number grew because of covid and firms having to outsource work.

But, I suggest you check with your local authority regarding setting up a home business.

Home business online consulting ideas

You can start home consulting in many areas.

Action Tip One:

Website hosting home consulting service

You can start a consulting business about web hosting and start earning money online tonight.

For example, Hostgator company is paying consultants between $65-$135 per sale.

Start a simple website and help small business owners with web hosting.

Action Tip Two:

Website Theme/page builder home consulting

Everyone needs a website theme and page builders for a website or blog.

You can use Divi Themes to create a blog/website for your business.

Divi Themes which is owned by Elegant Themes pays 50% commission to consultants.

For example Divi Theme price is between $89-$249 per sale.

If you sell 1000 Divi Themes= $44,500 earned in commissions.

And 1000 sales of $249= $125,000 earned in commissions.

NB: I recommend you get Divi Theme and join their affiliate service for home business.

Action Tip Three:

Website design home consulting service

Start a profitable home business consulting as a web designer.

This is very lucrative venture to start.

For example, you can sign up with outsourcing websites.

Click & Try 99 Designs

Click & Try Fiverr

Find top-rated website designers for less than $200.

Sell their website designing service for $1000 online.

If you have 100 local business clients = $100,000 in your pocket.

Action Tip Four:

Email marketing home consulting service

People are using Getresponse for email marketing home consulting.

Getresponse is a company you can use for email marketing service.

For example, you can join Getresponse.

Then, register into their affiliate service for residual income consulting.

Contact business owners and offer Getresponse service.

You can the following commissions:

33% commissions each month or $100.

1000 clients = $100,000 earned in commissions.

Join Getresponse for your consulting business.

Do I need a license to start halal consulting business?

It depends on the type of professional advice you are giving as a business consultant.

Some industries would require a license like the medical field.

You should consider getting a license whenever required before starting a halal consulting business.

How much do consultant earn as a salary?

Salaries of business consultant differs from country to country.

It also depends on the business industry being served.

For example in the UK, data suggests that average total salaries in the consulting sector are £45,000 for junior staff to under £200, 0000 for partners.

Also, additional perks represent up to 10% of the basic salary.

Besides, the bonuses equate to 7% of salaries.

The bonus % rises as consultants climb through the career ladder.

Types of halal consulting services

I managed to identify six types of consulting business in my research.

These includes strategy, management, operation, finance, human resource and information technology.

Let’s unwrap each of them:

Business consultant strategist

A business consultant strategist focus on quantitative analytics, overseeing project implementation, corporate and organisational strategy, economic and government policy.

Management consultant

Management consultants perform all sorts of organisational concerns from strategy to a variety of elements within management.

For that part, management consultants form the majority in the advisory role.

Operations consultant

Operations consultants support clients to improve their business operations.

Consultancy activities in this role comprises of advisory, sales, marketing and production.

Financial consultant

Financial consultants work in financial related service, advisory, risk management, accounting, tax, real estate and investment.

Human resource consultant

Human resource (HR) consultants carry duties in employment advisory, learning and development, retirement and pay matters.

IT consultant

Technology consultancy commonly refers IT, ICT or digital consultants.

This is in demand and high source of income.

The job description is related to data science, cyber security, web hosting, app creation and IT forensics.

How do I start an online consulting business?

Researching a business name, idea, perfect elevator pitch, choose a niche, build a website, hire the right people and get cash flow.

Tips on how to start a halal consulting business

The best amazing tips on how to start a profitable halal consulting business: 

1. Research a fantastic business name

A consulting home business should have a name to build as a brand.

Brainstorming for a good name is really tough for new entrepreneurs.

You should get a name that will make people remember and spell.

Make it unique especially for the intended target market.

2. Focus on one niche

After picking the business name for your consulting firm.

Find a niche to dominate.

Sometimes is better to go into a sub-niche area.

A niche is just the people or group you are going to serve.

3. Build a consulting website

You need to have a website for your consulting business.

A website makes it better to connect with your buyers oline.

Nexcess is a company you should use for registering your domain and hosting.

The next step is to legal structure for your consulting business:

  • sole trader – A simplest consulting business model, with no legal separation for you and the business
  • partnership – This format is used when registering a business with partners.
  • limited company – A legal structure that separates your person assets from your consulting business.

3. Consulting business plan

Have a business created for your consulting business.

A business plan is a crucial document for your new consulting firm.

You can use the plan to design your goals, growth strategies, budget and customer acquisition.

4. Cash to start business consulting

Getting a good amount of money is essential to scale your operations fast.

But, how much money do you need to start?

This is wholly dependent on you as a business owner.

You can start your consulting business cost-effectively.

The most important investment needed is for a website.

Liquid Web has affordable packages for every consulting business.

5. Advertising a consulting business

Start getting the word of mouth promotions.

Also, add paid advertising to attract clients into your consulting business.

If you have enough money, rush to and hire SEO experts.

You need search engine traffic to your website.

Embrace social media channels and build a consulting business from home.

Join Constant Contact and start sending email newsletters to your customers.

Building an email list will help you grow a profitable venture.

6. Perfect on your elevator tone

Do you have a good elevator pitch for your consulting business.

You should be able to describe your consulting business in a simple sentence.

Keep it simple and stupid!

A good elevator pitch can position you above your competition.

And get people to buy your products/service.

7. Taxes

Tax is something I expect you to research for your consulting business.

I am not a tax expert or attorney.

However, when operating a small business consulting from home.

You need to find information from your tax office.

The registration and filing time for tax returns.

It’s usually an offence to run business and not filing for taxes.

8. Consulting business records

Have a system for maintaining your consulting business records.

A good record system makes it faster to manage tedious paperwork during self-Assessment for taxes.

I suggest you keep your business consulting records and finances apart from personal matters.

9. Right people

Having right people surround you in your consulting business.

In fact, you heard a phrase that states “it will take a village to raise children. “

This phrase can be an impetus for a profitable consulting business.

Surround yourself with the right people for business growth.

10. Your competitors

Identify your consulting business competitors.

This may sound harsh, but competitors are among your business rivals.

Though not fighting with them, you are seen as a problem to their growth.

I suggest you go undercover, buy their products/service and learn their business.

11. Measure and grow

Are you monitoring your business data online?

If you want to scale fast, you need to know more about your clients.

Have Google console and analytic tools installed on your website.

You can analyse your customer behaviour, purchasing and interests.

12. Find solutions

Apply these steps:

  • Separate business matters from any other problem.
  • Give all your attention to the various compartments for a period.
  • Take some incremental steps
  • Once you close one compartment, open the other.
  • Say no to unnecessary requests.


Consulting business one of the fastest industries to make income online.

In this post, we identified all the main areas and opportunities to become a consultant.

If you are smart, get your business started with Dreamhost.

Next invest in the Divi Theme and promote them as an affiliate for commissions.

Launch your side gig by hiring website designers cheap for high margins.

Scale email marketing to start earning residual income.

Action Tip:

Download a free business report now.

By using the above tips, you will be in a good position to stick to your business plan and values to start a profitable company.   

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