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7 Best Tips: How To Start A Halal Coffee Shop Business For Muslims

Start a halal coffee shop business and contribute to the economic growth.

The foresight of starting a halal coffee shop business is something young muslims rarely want.

The demand for coffee is trending in major cities and presents the best opportunity to start a halal coffee shop business.

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I’ll show you step by step to start a halal coffee shop.

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I ‘ll show you the entire step by step to start a halal coffee shop business and make it profitable.

How Do I Start A Small Halal Coffee Shop?

I would suggest you pick a coffee niche, get investment capital, identify a location for your coffee shop and work with local suppliers.

Also, it is important that you hire good staff, get the right licenses, as well as promoting your coffee shop business offline and online.

Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and YouTube are great mediums to find your ideal clients.

Let’s dive in!

1. Pick A Coffee Niche

The coffee shop business is competitive and everyone fighting for the same customers.

If you want to start a profitable halal coffee shop?

it is vital that you choose a great niche by focusing on a particular group.

Research what the big companies are not offering.

And tailor something unique to your target market.

For example, make it known to muslims everything in your shop is sourced using halal means.

Make your shop welcoming and the environment attractive to customers.

I would suggest including a non smoking policy.

So, clients don’t have their clothes smelling at the end with cigarettes.

2. Financing your coffee shop

Starting a halal coffee shop business would require you having some money.

If you are in gainful employment, start saving money each month from your salary.

Additionally, find a side gig whether delivering pizza or a part time job.

Money is the lifeblood of your business and without it, your business could face major setbacks.

Gather friends and family to support your vision or join partnerships.

I will not encourage you to borrow money from banks because of interests (Riba).

Honestly, if you are a determined entrepreneur, there’s nothing that can stop your venture!

3. Your coffee shop location

The location of your shop is vital for building a profitable business.

Covid is making high street brands to close.

Offering you the chance to open a coffee shop in strategic locations.

In fact, you can negotiate your rent to insanely low fees on longer contracts.

Ensure the location has enough foot traffic with access to transport and parking.

Set your coffee shop in a way that is enticing to bring more visitors.

4. Identify coffee shop suppliers

Identify local brands who can supply you with coffee products at a cost-effective price.

Contact the local chamber of commerce in your city for a recommendation.

You can save thousands trying to import coffee products outside the country.

Once you have a good supplier, keep harmony and reliability for a win-win business.

Local suppliers are always looking for deals.

Also, it saves them money having to supply outside the city.

5. Hire staff

You can hire good staff by placing adverts in the local newspaper.

People are always looking for casual work, especially during the summer time.

You can also headhunt from your competition depending on the salaries affordable.

A good staff can help you grow a thriving coffee business.

Also, you need to perform background checks on new staff.

As a business owner, you have to obtain a reference from previous employers.

Give staff perks and praise when a good job is done to build loyalty.

6. Obtain right licenses

Starting a halal coffee shop is not easy as some people might think.

There are permits and licenses to obtain and requires significant investment.

This depends where you live, hence every country has different rules and procedures.

However, you should contact your local council for the required permits to apply.

Also, it is vital to get all the documents before launching your coffee shop.

Hire a tax account to help you with your bookkeeping and setting up your coffee business.

7. Promote your halal coffee shop

Location helps you attract more people into your coffee shop.

But, promotion and offering coupons will take your business to the next level.

In fact, you don’t need to have a huge marketing budget like brands to stand out!

You need to be resourceful using a better advertising.

For example, you can advertise offline and sponsoring events.

Social media networks and setting up a blog can drive people into your business.

Besides, always spend 80% of your time promoting your business and 20% on admin tasks.

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How much does a halal coffee shop cost?

You can start a halal coffee shop between $1000 to $300,000.

This obviously depends on the area or country you live.

In fact, some developing countries are far cheaper to get started.

Some of the high expenses are due to rent, salaries, suppliers, furniture and licenses.

On the other hand, you can negotiate everything and launch a profitable coffee business.

Do coffee shops make good money?

Yes. Coffee shop is a profitable business to start depending on your location.

If you have a shop in a busy street, you can generate a lot of sales each day.

A small family coffee shop should be able to make $500-$1000 per day.

What licenses do you need to open a coffee shop?

You need a business registration permit, food safety and health certification as well as tax number.

It also depends on the requirements in your country or state.

For example, your business could be subject to health inspections before permission is given.

Can I run a cafe with no experience?

Yes! You can run a cafe business with no experience for a smaller shop.

As for any business, an experience always help a lot to reduce mistakes happening!

If you can get a job in one of the coffee shops part time, you will get experience in many areas of running a cafeteria.

Is it hard to start a coffee shop?

Starting a coffee shop is hard work and that doesn’t mean it has to be a permanent struggle for the business.

If you prioritise the important areas of the business, your cafe business will operate into a profit.

How many employees do you need to run a coffee shop?

You need between 1-10 staff employees to run a successful halal coffee shop.

At the beginning, start with a small number of employees and hire more when the business is getting customers.


Starting a halal coffee shop can help you achieve your dream of becoming a business owner.

This is the best time jump on the bandwagon and get started right now!

You can take back full control of your life and increase your income as a boss.

Action Tip:

You have to go after your dreams by reading this awesome halal business free report.

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