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9 Best SEO Tools For Muslims 2023 (+Top Page Rank)

SEO tools for Muslims to rank websites.

Choosing the best SEO tools for Muslims can help you dominate your industry.


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In this article, I’ll guide you to the best SEO tools for Muslims.


What is SEO for a beginner Muslim?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a method that aims to improve the website overall rankings in organic search results.

SEO works by using keywords and backlinks which to attract people browsing online to find your website.


The New SEO Software For Muslims In 2023


1. Squirrly

Squirrly is a brilliant SEO tool that is used by beginners and legendary business owners.

It is user friendly and one of the best SEO marketing tools for Muslims.

Squirrly SEO

This software is designed to make marketing easier and profitable online.

Squirrly is an amazing SEO tool for Muslims to use and boost their websites in the Search Results.

This cool SEO marketing tool will help you understand things that your competitors are doing to outperform them in search engine result pages.

Squirrly is a tool useful for link building, content marketing and lead generation.




24/7 friendly and trusted customer support.

Analyse best links for your site.

Competitor research and report.

A large database of keywords to use.


Beginners need to invest time learning.


Squirrly has a Pro plan at $ 29.99/monthly.

Business plan – $71.99 per month.

Squirrly is a must have tool to sell online.

Click & Try Squirrly


2. Serpstat

Serpstat is an SEO tool packed with features that annihilates your competitors online.

This tool is one of a kind and has features like keyword research, analytics search, Ads analysis and rank tracking.

You need to start using Serpstat or your competitors will get your clients to their sites.

Serpstat is really worth every penny as a beginner for SEO services.

It will make your website speed better and organic traffic.

Serpstat has affordable plans with a money back guarantee.

I highly recommend that, you use Serpstat SEO and start increasing your ROI.



Best value for money in the market.

It covers every aspect of SEO for individuals, small and large companies.

Serpstat has a strong capability for generating fast SEO reports.

The interface has a built-in easy and accessible commands.


It takes time to study and understand every tool.

Prices are high for newbies due to advanced tools.


1. Lite Price Plan

$55/per month and billed yearly.

Great for SEO individuals, business owners and freelancers with low budget.

You get access to over 20 tools for SEO, PPC assignments and analysing campaigns.

Save $166 per year.

2. Standard Price Plan (Most popular)

$119/Month and billed yearly.

Excellent for in-house teams and marketing agencies.

You get all Lite package plus:
3 users
Brand reports
Extended interface and API credits.

Save $358 per year.

3. Advanced Price Plan

$239 per/month.

This package has the best value for big marketing agencies.

Perfect for large in-house teams with extensive data requirements.

Get All Standard package plus:
5 users.
Extended interface and API credits.
Save $718 per year.

4. Enterprise Price Plan
$399 per/month.

Awesome for industry leaders.

All advanced features plus:
7 users
White Label
Extended interface and API credits

Save $1198 per year.
Serpstat SEO tool is affordable.

Try Serpstat


3. Link Assistant

Link assistant is among the best SEO marketing tools.

It is good for marketers to boost their website ranking and outshine competitors.

Link assistant is an all in one software that offers everything you need to implement your SEO marketing campaign.

This SEO marketing tool has on page optimisation, keyword research, reporting tools and link building features.

If you are new to SEO marketing and you don’t know where to start, then don’t worry because Link assistant has you covered.

It comes with vast training tools including video guides and SEO workflow analysis.

Link assistant will also help you identify profitable keywords that your target customers are searching for.


Link Assistant SEO

Link assistant SEO has a free trial for newbies.

You can get multiple keywords.

The software is fully automated to save time.

Delivers awesome results.

The cloud access not included in the free plan.


Price starts from $99/per year.
Link Assistant SEO has everything you need!

Try Link Assistant


4. Bright Local

If you want to make money in your SEO online marketing, then Bright Local is the tool for you.

It is an all in one marketing tool that is reliable, quicker and produce reports.

The local rank tracking tool features will help you know who your local competitors are.

It will also help you attract their clients.

You can do audits and fix SEO bugs in the Google Console.

Bright local is trusted by over 10,000 brands and numbers growing.

You can rank in the top pages of the Search Engines with Bright local.


Bright Local

Stunning SEO features.

Bright Local is beginner friendly tool.

Faster SEO campaign results.

Loved by 10,000 brands.

24/7 supportive customer service.


Bright local has so many paid add-on features.

Time needed to learn Bright Local SEO


For single business SEO $29 per month.

For multi business SEO $449/ month.

BrIght Local SEO pros $79/per month.

Bright Local is a great tool for SEO.

Try Bright Local


5. Sitechecker

Sitechecker is an amazing cloud-based software that quickly monitor website analytics.

You can use Sitechecker to fix SEO errors and rank higher in the search.

Once your website is optimised and running smoothly, you can then also check your backlinks.

However, you need to connect to Google Search Console and Sitechecker for accurate data reporting.

Sitechecker is awesome for auditing, keywords and backlinks to get ahead with your rankings.

It also has a free trial for 7-day to get the inside feel.



Sitechecker is user friendly for beginners.

Good for core vitals.

It gives you data and analysis report.

Sitechecker SEO tool can help you improve your site rankings.

You can boost your backlinks and beat competitors.


Sitechecker whitelisting takes time.


Basic plan starts at $23/per month billed annually.

Standard plan $39/per month billed annually (Best Value).

Premium plan $79/per month billed annually.

Enterprise plan $319/per month.

Sitechecker is cheaper for beginners.

Try Sitechecker



This company is helping thousands of entrepreneurs start winning with their SEO performance.

SEO Buddy is for those who really want to get their websites ranked.

It is a secret arsenal for those with limited budget to get maximum SEO results.

A goal without a plan is just a wish

SEO Buddy has a great customer service team ready to answer your questions.

You can start with a 7-day free trial and get the benefits to quickly rank your site.




1. Free (7-Days Trial) is price 0 for a test.
No credit card required.

2. Startup is $47 billed monthly.
Excellent for startups serious about SEO.

3. SME Plans is $98 per month.
Awesome for small and medium businesses.

SEO Buddy works for your business.




AlOSEO is used by 300,000 professionals including social media strategists, bloggers, Ecommerce markers and small business owners.

AlOSEO is a WordPress plugin and one of the most powerful tool in the market.

It is a complete SEO package designed to rank your website for more leads and sales.

AlOSEO is changing the SEO market with their 100% refund guarantee policy.

It is very easy to use for a starter to boost their website rankings.




A WordPress Plugin easy installation.

Smart schema map.

Video sitemap.

Faster site speed.


keywords and integrations.

Redirection links.

And much more.


Understanding WordPress is essential.


Basic plan $49.60/per year.

Plus plan $99.60/per year.

Pro plan $199.60/per year.

Elite $299.60/per year.
AlOSEO is for fast track SEO result.



8. ExactMetrics

ExactMetrics is one of the most important Google Analytic WordPress Plugins for entrepreneurs.

This is the best tool for measuring your ecommerce business.

It is also fantastic for tracking online events in your marketing such as downloads, affiliate links and emails.

There are over a million small business owners using the ExactMetrics to enhance their business.

You can get the real time data online for your products/service.






Plus Plan $99.50/per year.

Pro Plan $199.50/per year.

Agency Plan $399.50/per year.

More Sites Up to 100 is $699.50/per year.

ExactMetrics is a must have tool to sell online.

Try ExactMetrics


9. 24-7 Press Release

The 24-7 Press Release is one of the best ways to get your business on the news.

It is a leader in the online press release industry.

There are countless news outlets worldwide to get your business seen by ideal audience.

24-7 Press Release helps small business owners and corporations distribute news to journalists, editors and bloggers.

Also, this is the best Local SEO to spread news about your business.

Try 24-7 Press Release


Is SEO Worth It?

SEO is worth everything, without SEO you will have difficulties making a sale online.

The fact that, ChatGPT and other AI tools are getting smarter, SEO becomes even more important to rank your website.


How Much Does SEO Cost Per Month?

It depends on the software and agency you are hiring for SEO services.

There are local SEO packages priced at $99 per month.

Small business SEO deals can start from $300 per month and big SEO packages are sold at $10,000 a month.


Is SEO Free On Google?

Yes, SEO is free on Google, Bing and Yahoo respectively.

You must submit your website to Search Engine Webmaster tools to get ranked and be seen online.


What Are The Four (4) Types Of SEO?

The four types of SEO are On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Technical SEO and Local SEO.


On-Page SEO:

This is the SEO technique applied directly on the page or website like meta titles, descriptions, keywords, headers and images.


Off-Page SEO:

The Off-Page SEO strategy is done outsider the website like Ads, media coverage and guest blogging.


Technical SEO:

Technical SEO is about improving your site to make it user-friendly for visitors.


Local SEO:

The Local SEO is the domination of local business search, having a presence in a particular location or city.


Can I Do SEO Myself?

Yes, anyone can learn SEO and quickly start applying the strategies and get good ranking results.

There are software tools designed for beginners to “Do-It-Yourself SEO” and save money on Agencies.



Are you ready to apply SEO tools for Muslims?

SEO tools for Muslims plays a crucial role to rank on top of the first page of Google.

You should invest in the best SEO tools for Muslims and outsmart the competition.

If you are not using SEO tools for Muslims, it becomes more harder to get organic traffic.


Action Tip:

Download this free business report and turn an idea into a profit.


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