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19 Best Selling Fiverr Services For Muslims (2023).

Selling Fiverr Services for Muslims is a wonderful business.

Selling Fiverr Services for Muslims to make residual income is brilliant!


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In this post, I’ll guide you to start a halal Fiverr freelancing online.


Why Is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online marketplace for hiring freelancers.

Anyone can signup as a Fiverr freelancer to sell services as Gigs.


Is Fiverr Business Profitable For Muslims?


Yes, Fiverr is profitable with millions of people earning a living on the site.

Fiverr has a strong marketing platform as a lever to attract new clients.

An the freelance sector is growing at 15% a year!


The Latest Tools To Become A Fiverr Seller

You need Fiverr tools to start selling your service:


Fiverr Tools Benefits Visit Website & Invest
1. Hostinger Invest in your own domain and website hosting. Try Hostinger
2. Dell You need a cheaper Dell laptop for Fiverr. Try Dell
3. 48 Hours Logo Start selling Logo designs on Fiverr. Try 48 Hours Logo.
4. Jarsper Start selling writing service on Fiverr. Try Jarsper
5. Getresponse Start selling Email marketing service on Fiverr. Try Getresponse
6. Bubble Start creating apps as a Fiverr service. Try Bubble
7. Outgrow Start selling Content Marketing Service on Fiverr. Try Outgrow
8. Bluejeans Start selling Video Services on Fiverr. Try Bluejeans
9. Audacity Start building WordPress websites for Fiverr. Try Audacity
10. Buzzsprout Start selling Podcasting services on Fiverr. Try Buzzsprout
11. Canva Start selling design services on Fiverr. Try Canva


How To Make Halal Money On Fiverr For A Beginner?

Below are the best Fiverr ideas to make money:

1. WordPress Website Fiverr Gigs

Increase your income by selling WordPress gigs on Fiverr for exra-income.

There are so many visitors on Fiverr looking for WordPress websites.

You can learn about WordPress on LearnWorld and start selling Fiverr Gigs.


2. Podcasting Fiverr Gigs

Fiverr is the right marketplace to sell Podcast editing service.

This industry is thriving and there’s a demand for Fiverr freelancers.

You don’t need expensive gadgets to make money on Fiverr.

Buzzsprout is the go to software for starting a podcast.


3. Logo Design Fiverr Gigs

Escape your 9-5 and kick-start a brand new Fiverr Logo Design service.

You don’t even have to do anything, because the Logo Maker will do the work.

Try 48 Hours Logo Maker and start selling Logo designs on Fiverr for profit.


4. SEO Fiverr Gigs

You can help people with their websites and ranking as a side hustle on Fiverr.

As an SEO expert, you can charge clients for web analysis, keywords research, linking building for income.

Search Engine Optimisation is a lucrative business you can start from home.


5. CV Writing Fiverr Gigs

Start selling CV writing service on the Fiverr marketplace.

There are artificial intelligence writing tools you can use like Jarsper and earn money.

People are looking for jobs and they require having a good CV.

You can operate this business with minimal startup capital.


6. Virtual Assistant Fiverr Gigs

Busy bloggers, influencers and YouTubers are hiring virtual assistants.

You can launch your business on Fiverr and quickly start getting gigs.

Take action and register your Fiverr account for virtual assistant work.


7. Ebook writing Fiverr Gigs

The Amazon kindle is making people wealthy.

This is causing more and more people writing Ebooks.

You can become a ghost writer using Jarsper software.

Just a matter of few minutes, the tool will complete your writing.

You can become the most sought after Ebook writer on Fiverr.


8. Video Editing Fiverr Gigs

Learn video editing skills on Teachable and launch a new business on Fiverr.

Everyone hires a video editor on Fiverr platform and you can charge more.

Video editing is done on a software without having to waste time.

Take a video editing course and sell a profitable video editing service on Fiverr.


9. Blog Design Fiverr Gigs

Millions of readers are getting their daily dose of information from blogs.

This is where you have to come and start creating WordPress blogs on Fiverr.

Fverr is also getting millions of visitors and most of them are looking to have a WordPress blog.

If you are going to start selling Fiverr gigs, I suggest you get a domain and web hosting on SiteGround.


10. Voice Over Fiverr Gigs

Voice Over Fiverr Gigs are in-demand and most people made lots of money on Fiverr.

You can become a Voice Over expert on Fiverr and rake into profit.

Also, you can take Voice Over courses on Skillshare and take your business to the next level.


11. Transcription Fiverr Gigs

The last time I checked, the demand for Transcription service is insane.

People are willing to pay Fiverr transcription professionals high fees for gigs.


You can simply get a Transcription online tool and start selling your service on Fiverr.


12. Instagram Fiverr Gigs

Make money by selling Instagram service gigs on Fiverr.

Signup at Canva Pro and you will have access to the best features and social media templates.

Then, head to Fiverr and also create an account as a seller.

People on Instagram will start contacting you on Fiverr for gigs.

You can help them by designing halal images, make reels and much more.


13. Apps as Fiverr Gigs

The app marketing is amazingly profitable.

You can train to create apps in less than a week.

Also, the most popular software for creating new apps without coding skill is Bubble.

In no time, you will have clients on Fiverr paying you money for apps.


14. Facebook marketing Gigs

You can do almost anything on Fiverr with Facebook gigs.

Help people by building Facebook groups, create Facebook business pages and run their Ads.

Smart Fiverr sellers offer various services around Facebook marketing for income.

I recommend you take a Facebook course at Skillshare.

And start selling your Facebook service on Fiverr as gigs.


15. TikTok Videos

The new social media took world by storm with millions visiting the platform.

It led to million dollar opportunities for Fiverr sellers.

Can you appear on camera and record TiKTok videos?

New shy TiKTokers would be glad to pay you to create videos for them.

You can head to Fiverr and signup to access clients.

Also, you can take a course on TikTok Marketing at AppSumo.

You need a camera and good lighting to get started on Fiverr.


16. Linkedin Fiverr Gigs

The best lead generation tool for Linkedin Business is Cleverly to sell on Fiverr.

After you have purchased Cleverly for Linkedin business.

You have to signup as a Fiverr seller and start running Linkedin services for entrepreneurs.

By far, one of the most lucrative business to launch on Fiverr.


17. Business Plan Fiverr Gigs

More people are starting a business.

Also, creating a booming business for freelance writers too.

Have a good bio on Fiverr and list your business plan writing service.


18. Email Marketing Service Fiverr Gigs

Email marketing is not dead and you can still make money on Fiverr.

Offer one page WordPress sites and squeeze pages on Getresponse for clients.

Fiverr email marketing service is the fastest way to succeed as a freelancer.


19. Content Writing Fiverr Gigs

Build your business with content as a service on Fiverr.

Small business owners are aware about the importance of content marketing.

You can subscribe to Outgrow and sell contents on Fiverr as a gig.

This is a very lucrative venture for smart muslim freelancers on Fiverr.


Is Fiverr a good way to start a business for Muslims?


Yes, Fiverr is an outstanding marketplace to become a freelance entrepreneur.

For those new to Fiverr, it is a global marketplace and gigs can start as low as $5.


How Does Fiverr Work For Muslims?

Fiverr works easily with these steps:

  1. Visit Fiverr website, register an account and set up your Fiverr Gig free.
  2. Give a good description of your service with a price starting with $5.
  3. Ensure you perform good service for clients.
  4. Submit your completed work to Fiverr via Dashboard.
  5. Clients get notified, accept the work and you get paid by Fiverr.



The best selling Fiverr services for Muslims can be started with no money.

You don’t need any marketing, because Fiver has clients.

The small investment relates to software tools to get you started on Fiverr.


Action Tip:

I suggest you download this starter report free.


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