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25 Best Tips: How To Make Money With Islamic Calligraphy

Make money with Islamic Calligraphy art to replace your full-time income.

Would you like to learn how to make money with Islamic Calligraphy?

Disclaimer: This post has affiliate links. I earn commission when you make a purchase at no extra-cost to you. Thanks.

Islamic Calligraphy Business Tools You Need To Start

Calligraphy Business ToolsFeatures/MeritsVisit Website
1. Liquid WebCreate your online store.

Web hosting + Domain.

Affordable plan.
Click & Try Liquid Web
2. FiverrHire website designers.

Quality work starting at $5.

Faster service delivery.

Click & Try Fiverr
3. Canva ProMake calligraphy designs.

Affordable plans.

Work from home.

Click & Try Canva Pro
4. Constant ContactPerfect for email marketing.

Automation + Optin forms.

Better plan options.
Click & Try Constant Contact
5. Yelp BusinessUse Coupon code: IM7D300.

Expand your business on Yelp.

Get clients and sales.
Click & Try Yelp Business
6. TailwindStart social media campaigns.

Automate your social media marketing.

Affordable plans.
Click & Try Tailwind
7. Bluejeans VideoUse video to build a business.

Start webinars.

Make income from videos.
Click & Try Bluejeans
8. GrasshopperGet local phone numbers.

Connect with local clients.

Increase local RO1
Click & Try Grasshopper
9. BubbleCreate a calligraphy app.

Make your app available online.

Generate income from app.
Click & Try Bubble
10. MondayProject management.

Sales & CRM.

Click & Try Monday
11. LearnWorldsTake business courses.

Get coaching lessons.

Sell courses.
Click & Try LearnWorlds
12. BT Business BroadbandBroadband deals for business.

Get phone deals.

Run a calligraphy business.
Click & Try BT Business Broadband
13. DellGet laptop+ desktops.

Build a profitable business.

Save money.
Click & Try Dell
14. BuzzSproutStart a calligraphy Podcast.

Market your Podcast.

Make income from Podcast.
Click & Try BuzzSPROUT
15. JarsperWriting tool for entrepreneurs.

Make your blog/website articles.

Sell writing service as a freelancer.

Click & Try Jarsper

The best way to make money with Islamic Calligraphy business is to sell online.

In this post, I’ll teach you how to make money with Islamic Calligraphy business from home.

What Is Calligraphy In An Art Of Islam?

Arabic calligraphy is the artistic practice of handwriting and design based on the Arabic alphabet.

It is known in Arabic as khatt (Arabic: خط), derived from the word ‘line’, ‘design’, or ‘construction’.

Kufic is the oldest form of the Arabic script. Source: Wikipedia.

Is Calligraphy Allowed In Islam?

Yes. Calligraphy art is allowed in Islam depending on your writing or design topic.

Calligraphy is the most recognised and fundamental element of Islamic art.

For example, Holy Qur’an, the book of Allah revealed to the Prophet Muhammad was made in Arabic with a beautiful calligraphy writing.

This is the best time to make money with a calligraphy business from home.

The Best Islamic Calligraphy Services To Buy And Sell Online.

Sell calligraphy art from your website, personalised calligraphy invitations, start a calligraphy blog, calligraphy greeting cards and stickers.

Let’s dive into Islamic Calligraphy:

Step 1: Sell calligraphy art from your website.

Sell a calligraphy art work by creating your own website from home.

Many muslims need calligraphy done but they end up paying high.

Calligraphy artists with large customer base will charge a lot more than you will.

You need to also charge high to make profits from your calligraphy art website.

Your clients will tell their friends and family, and you will also get more clients.

Step 2: Sell personalised calligraphy invitations.

You can sell personalised calligraphy on Etsy or a website.

Hostgator can help you sell personalised calligraphy invitations online.

There is so much demand for halal personalised calligraphy invitations online.

Muslims are spending money selling and buying calligraphy.

Keep making nice beautiful calligraphy invitations and get the word out online.

Also, request reviews from buyers to rate your calligraphy art.

Step 3: Start a blog about calligraphy.

Starting a blog is a great way to tell people about the secret world of calligraphy.

Get your calligraphy blog registered with

You can make a living by selling calligraphy as a business.

Blogging is the best way to tell people about your calligraphy business.

Show people your work in case they want someone to do it for them.

Step 4: Calligraphy greeting cards.

There’s Eid soon and other important events happening in the Islamic world.

People will need a greeting card with calligraphy-style writing to make it look fancy.

You can start a calligraphy greeting cards business online with

You could even pitch it to the greeting card companies and see what they think about it!

Step 5: Sell calligraphy stickers.

Another thing you can do to make money with calligraphy is by selling stickers online with Squirrly.

For example a small calligraphy sticker, you can seal an envelope with that say a thank you!

You could also sell personalised address labels for people.

Calligraphy home business can be highly lucrative for muslim artists looking to make money.

Step 6: Make calligraphy printouts to sell

Have a calligraphy printouts to sell online with

An example of a printout you can create is menus for an events.

Also, various calligraphy signs that will let people know where the event is located.

You could also use calligraphy printouts for halal games at birthday parties, weddings and more.

Step 7: Sell halal calligraphy paintings

Calligraphy Islamic paintings can be a profitable home business.

But, you need to build a halal calligraphy painting website.

As you know, the calligraphy painting must not depict humans and animals.

Selling calligraphy halal paintings can help you become a respected calligrapher.

Step 8: Calligraphy art for wall decorations.

Calligraphy wall decorations can be seen in mosques, schools and public places.

Start your calligraphy wall decorations by registering your site with

Muslims love halal calligraphy wall decorations which can increase sales as a business owner.

You can help muslims decorate their houses and businesses with Islamic calligraphy art works.

Step 9: Start freelance calligraphy work.

You can start working as a muslim calligraphy freelancer with Fiverr.

People visit Fiverr each day looking for freelancers to create Islamic Calligraphy for them.

You can sign up with Fiverr and start taking freelancing gigs for halal calligraphy.

It’s best to be prepared and use Fiverr to grow a calligraphy home business.

Have a price plan to attract more people to hire you for calligraphy freelancing projects.

Step 10. A calligraphy writing course.

This is a fantastic chance to make money selling calligraphy course with AppSumo.

If you are passionate and know calligraphy better than most people.

Then, you can create and sell a course in calligraphy.

Step 11: Sell hand lettered fonts.

You can create your font and sell it for profit online.

There are websites you can pitch your idea for income.

I would recommend you build your own website.

Then, you can use the website to showcase your Islamic calligraphy art.

Step 12: Stitching gifts with calligraphy.

You can make special gifts with calligraphy.

It is easy is to purchase gifts and stitch calligraphy words on those gifts.

Start your calligraphy website with Hostinger.

For example, purchase cloths and stitch their family name on them.

People find these types of gifts precious, and these calligraphy gifts will be appreciated.

Step 13: Create calligraphy art for business owners.

Build your calligraphy home business and let business owners contact you.

Businesses will love the chance to get your calligraphy expertise.

They may need a banner as a new business or when having an event.

Also, they can get calligraphy logos done for their business.

Step 14: Calligraphy channel on YouTube.

When you start a channel on YouTube, it’s like a blog except you’re speaking instead of typing.

You can do anything you want with your calligraphy channel.

You can tell people how to start their own calligraphy business.

Also, start building your email list with Omnisend to promote your business.

Step 15: Post calligraphy on social media.

Start selling your Islamic calligraphy on social media.

You can post in business calligraphy social groups inviting others to join.

There are social media platforms you can attract more clients.

Step 16: Create Calligraphy E-books.

Another thing you can do is calligraphy e-books.

You can sell your e-books on Teachable.

Selling calligraphy e-books will help someone else out.

When they are also trying to start their business in calligraphy.

You can show them some of your work and inspire them.

Step 17: Become a calligraphy teacher.

There are various subjects that teachers need to teach.

One of those is calligraphy.

Yes, there are calligraphy classes that people can take with LearnWorlds.

Teaching a calligraphy class can help you earn a fortune.

Step 18: Join a calligraphy community.

If you are new to the calligraphy world, then joining a community with other calligraphy professionals will help you get started.

You can ask questions and see some work people have shared and get inspiration.

For example, 99 Designs have calligraphy designers sharing ideas as a community.

Step 19: Create place cards.

If you’re going to attend a wedding?

You can create place cards for groom and bride.

Also, you don’t have to sell it to them, since you just getting your foot in the door.

When people see their calligraphy place cards.

They may ask the bride or groom for a calligraphy business recommendation.

Step 20: Write calligraphy on envelopes.

Calligraphy handwriting can be used when sending out an invitation or a thank you note.

It will impress everyone who received your beautiful envelopes.

Work with companies and get hired to make their envelopes.

Step 21: Calligraphy designed quotes.

Start selling calligraphy designed quotes to the public.

However, you need calligraphy designed quotes created with Canva first.

If you have a quote that is great on a wall somewhere, sell that to people.

Muslims will buy your calligraphy art quotes with an inspirational message.

22. Licensing your calligraphy Art

Help other beginners by licensing your calligraphy art to them.

You can create a passive income by licensing your art.

But, you need a calligraphy website to build a rapport with people.

23. Local calligraphy shop

You can have a halal calligraphy shop in your town.

This can help you build a very profitable business.

Muslims can walk directly into your shop and choose calligraphy art.

24. Calligraphy E-commerce

By having a calligraphy E-commerce store.

You can sell to more people online.

The internet is the best tool to help you double your sales.

I suggest you start an E-commerce calligraphy website with Liquid Web.

25. Calligraphy consultant

You can launch a profitable Islamic calligraphy side business from home.

There’s nothing stopping you except getting a good online presence.

You can charge would be calligraphers to help them grow a business.

How Many Styles Are There In Calligraphy?

The most common three types of calligraphy are western, eastern, and Arabic.

For example, the language and writing reflects different parts of the world.

Besides, a Western calligraphy show the power of English handwriting.

And the Eastern calligraphy encompasses Asian alphabets.

Is The Quran Written In Calligraphy?

Devotion to the book is exemplified by the way Qur’an manuscripts have been devoutly and assiduously copied throughout the centuries, exhibiting diverse styles of calligraphy and illumination, which often reflect their place of origin and date of production. Source: British Library.

Why Is Arabic Calligraphy Beautiful?

The reason for the beauty of the Arabic calligraphy is the symmetry styles.

A stunning balance of dots, edges, curves, and points makes the Arabic lettering one of the best perfect designs in the world.

Concluding Thoughts

When you first decide to make money with Islamic calligraphy, be sure to start easy.

Calligraphy is in high demand, and it’s a great business to get started in.

Action Tip:

Start you halal calligraphy home business by reading this free business report.

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