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How To Make Money During Ramadan 2023 (+17 Steps)

Make money during Ramadan 2023.

Can you truly make money during Ramadan?

You can indeed make money during Ramadan following these easy steps.

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In this article, I will streamline the 21 ways to make money during Ramadan Holy Month.

What is Ramadan Money Making?

Ramadan money making is about any online and offline side hustles a Muslim can venture into to generate income.

This might include selling a product or service with a good high profit margin.

How Can I Make Money During Ramadan?

Several ways to make money during Ramadan includes:

1. Translation/Transcription Business

Translation side business is hot right now online.

Freelancers are getting more jobs for translation service and generate income.

For example, non-Arabic Muslim speakers might need help translating religious texts, letters and audio files into English.

2. Food Delivery Service

The Ramadan food delivery service is a Multi-Million Dollar market.

With many people fasting during the day, they may need someone to deliver food or groceries to their homes.

However, you can start a DoorDash food delivery service and make money.

3. Sell Dates

Selling Dates are very lucrative for Muslims.

In fact, Dates are a staple food item during Ramadan in many parts of the world.

Also, there is a high demand for them.

You can buy dates in bulk and sell them at a higher price to make a profit.

4. Teach Quran Classes

Ramadan is the best time to start teaching Quran classes.

Muslims are usually very keen to learn about the Quran and Islam.

You can offer Quran classes for children and adults.

Additionally, you can also use online platforms like Skillshare and run Quran classes.

5. Offer Iftar Meals Service

Do you have a good cooking skills as a Muslim?

You could be hired to prepare Iftar meals for Muslims.

Many Muslims are too busy or tired to cook after a day of fasting, so you can offer to prepare iftar meals for them at a fee.

6. Start A Blog

Blogging can be a profitable business during Ramadan to make money.

You can start publishing articles on your Blog.

However, you need to launch your Blog before Ramadan to rank on Google.

Also, you can approach small business owners and make reviews for a fee.

7. Work from Home VA

If you have an internet and computer, you can work from home as a virtual assistant.

There are so many immediate start jobs full time and part time on Flexoffers.

You need to signup free and start working from home during Ramadan to make money.

8. Sell Sweets and Snacks

You can start a Ramadan business selling sweets and snacks.

It can be available online and offline to Muslims.

Sweets and snacks are very popular in the month of Ramadan.

You also can make and sell traditional Ramadan treats such as baklava, ma’amoul, or qatayef.

9. Write Islamic Ebooks

Publishing Ebooks can be done faster and cheaply.

You can write Islamic Ebooks and start selling from your website.

The Ebook business is booming for Muslims.

Ramadan is ideal time to launch your Islamic Ebooks for profit.

10. Offer Catering

Make money quickly during Ramadan helping Muslims.

Many families and businesses host iftar parties during Ramadan.

However, they might need help with catering service.

You can offer your service as a caterer for these Ramadan events.

11. Start Halal Perfumes and Oils

The perfume business can be a profitable venture to consider during Ramadan.

You can start selling traditional Islamic perfumes and oils from a shop and online.

These can be used by Muslims for personal or religious purposes.

12. Fiverr Freelancing

You should consider the freelancing opportunities on Fiverr for Muslims.

Fiverr is a markeplace for freelancing with millions of customers.

You can signup on Fiverr free and start making money during the month of Ramadan.

13. Sell Decorations

Selling decorations can be a highly profitable business for you.

Muslims like to decorate their homes and you can offer decorating services to them.

For example, Ramadan decorations such as lanterns, banners, and lights are popular during this time of year.

You would need a good website to display your decorations online for clients.

14. Sell Halal Meat

Make more income selling halal meat during Ramadan.

Meat is popularly eaten on daily basis.

You can start selling halal meat locally for a profit.

For example, you can buy whole and start selling halal meat to Muslims.

15. Greeting Cards

Launch a business selling halal Greeting Cards for Muslims.

The month of Ramadan is about showing appreciation and caring for families, friends and neighbours.

You can create and sell Greeting Cards that reflect the spirit of Ramadan for income.

16. Sell Clothes and Jewellery

Muslims are generating profits by selling halal clothing, T-Shirts and jewellery.

You can sell online clothes for Eid al-Fitr for both men and women.

Also, you can start making your own branded T-Shirts with Islamic slogans and quotes for income.

Traditional Islamic clothing and jewellery are always a booming business in the month of Ramadan.

17. Offer Social Media Service

The social media service for business is growing in the Muslim community.

You can start a side business helping Muslim business owners reach more clients.

Also, you can help them with content marketing, engagements and followers.

You can charge high fees and make money during Ramadan.

How Can I Save Money In Ramadan?

Simple ways to save money in Ramadan:

Try public transport

You should avoid travelling by trains and taxis to save money.

Public transport is very cheap to travel and saves you money on gas, as well as parking fees.

Save money on meals

You can save more money on Ramadan meals.

Start by planning your meals for the entire month of Ramadan.

Buy groceries from farmers market and avoid supermarket branded items.

Drink Tap water

I really don’t buy water bottles because they are expensive.

A tap water even tastes better at times in some areas.

Also, drinking more water is great for health and well-being.

Finally, stop buying fizzy drinks and save money during Ramadan.

Always Shop around in Ramadan

Reduce the frequency of your visits to the same store.

Go online and compare your local prices before leaving the house.

You can save more money by buying from different shops.

Cook at home during Ramadan

Save thousands by learning to cook delicious meals.

Cooking at home is much cheaper than eating out.

It also gives you control over the ingredients and the portions, which can help you save money and stay healthy.

Buy Only energy-efficient appliances

You limit the amount of expensive appliances at home.

Some are very expensive to maintain and can increase your bills.

You should buy only energy-efficient appliances to save money.

Give to charity

It is cheaper to make cash donations than cooking a full Iftar.

Giving to charity is an important part of Ramadan.

If you are struggling with the cost of living, consider cash donation to charity.

Buy in bulk in Ramadan

Visit wholesalers with ethnic foods and buy bulk.

You can buy rice, lentils and flour cheaply and save money.

Get coupons

There are so many free coupons in major stores.

Look for coupons and deals in your local newspapers, magazines, and online.

You can save thousands without spending your own money.

Buy more seasonal produce in Ramadan

If you want to shop for Ramadan, it is vital to consider seasonal produce.

You can save money on seasonal produce, because is more cheaper than out-of-season produce.

Don’t waste food in Ramadan

You should store foods in containers and avoid wasting during Ramadan.

Plan your meals and portions carefully to avoid wasting food.

You can also save more by freezing foods.

How to bulk up in Ramadan?

You can bulk up more in Ramadan by eating enough calories, have liquid calories, weight lifting, good nutrition and enough sleep and rest.

Is Ramadan Good for Making Money?

Yes, Ramadan is a wonderful month to make money because more Muslims are always in the spending mood as well as giving charities.

If you intend to run a side business in the month of Ramadan?

It is vital that, you make a plan in advance regarding the type of products/service to sell.

Is It Hard to Make Money During Ramadan?

It depends on the plan you devised for making money during Ramadan.

Also, since you are going to fast, it probably will be more harder to run a business compared to other months of the year.

How Much Money Can You Make During Ramadan?

You can expect to earn $1000 to $25,000 depending on your business and marketing methods.

It is very difficult to estimate the exact earning potentials because of the four weeks of fasting period.

If you are an established entrepreneur with an online brand, you can expect to earn more than $50,000 in a busy city.

Can You Do Business During Ramadan?

Yes, you can definitely do business during Ramadan.

However, since Muslim workers staying up late to break their fast, and getting up early so they can eat before daybreak.

Some countries office hours are reduced during Ramadan.

How Do Muslims Raise Money In Ramadan?

Muslims can raise money through Sadaqah (or voluntary charity) is the second main form of charity in Islam, Zakat being the first.

Also, by employment, a business selling service or products.


This article discussed many ways to make money during Ramadan.

Ramadan is a month of spiritual reflection, fasting, and charity for Muslims worldwide.

You should also find a way to launch your own business by applying these tips.

Action Tip:

Feel free to download this halal home business report for Muslims.

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