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How To Make Halal Money Blogging (Hostgator Software).

You can make halal money blogging using WordPress platform.

Launch a business and make halal money blogging.

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Tools To Help You Make Halal Money Blogging.

Get the A-Z blogging tools:

Make Halal Money Blogging Tools Features/Benefits Visit Website
1. Hostgator Domain and web hosting for bloggers. Click Hostgator.
2. 99 Designs Hire website design service for bloggers. Try 99 Designs.
3. 48 Hours Logo Use the 48 hours logo software to create your own logo. Click 48 Hours Logo.
4. Outgrow Make blog contents to grow your business. Try Outgrow
5. Squirrly SEO tool for bloggers to rank their sites in the Search Engines. Click Squirrly
6. Foto Use Foto to edit your blog photos online. Try Foto
7. Bluejeans Make videos to grow your blog. Click Bluejeans
8. BuzzSPROUT The best Podcasting tool in the world for bloggers. Try BuzzSPROUT
9. Tailwind Social media marketing tool for bloggers. Click Tailwind
10. LearnWorlds The world’s best courses for bloggers. Try LearnWorlds

In this blog post, I’ll streamline the best ways to make halal money blogging.


Let’s start the class!


You Can Turn Your Idea Into A Profitable Blog.


The thought of paying an expert to start the blog for you may not be an option.

Simply, because you don’t want to spend more money on your new blog.

Besides, with the right guidelines, you can easily start a WordPress Blog cheap on Hostgator. 

Before you even think about starting a WordPress blog, there are two important things to consider:

You need to first find a great topic for your blog.

Second get a perfect blog name.

Once you have the two, then you can proceed to think about starting the blog.

You want to be sure, you have what it takes to make the blog profitable.  


Is earning through blogging halal?

Yes, earning money blogging is halal depending on the products/company you promote on your blog.

If you have good products acceptable in Islam and useful then is halal.

But, make sure you vet the products and do not sell haram items.


Examples of halal earning

The best example of halal earning is promoting Hostgator.

Hostgator sells web hosting and domains on the internet.

If you promote them on your blog and a customer joins, they pay you $65.

1000 referrals gives you $65,000 in earned commissions.


Is Hostgator the only best company for web hosting?

Hostgator is not the only web hosting provider for bloggers.

In fact, there are other better companies, but they are very expensive for a beginner.

It’s smarter to start small cheaply with Hostgator.

Then, when your blog becomes an authority in your niche with millions of readers.

You can switch your web hosting.


Hostgator Advantages For Beginners

Provides a reliable and straightforward setup to make your work easy.

It has over two million website owners and bloggers using it.

Free 1-Click WordPress installation for you to start blogging.

You are sure of 24/7 support through their helpdesk chat.

Ability to join their affiliate programme and earn $65 per sale.

Also, Hostgator servers are secure online.

Finally, it provides a fast page loading speed, because people will not be patient with a slow blog page.


How To Make Halal Money Blogging On WordPress & Hostgator?


Below are the 8 best step by step guide to make halal money blogging:


Step-1. Register Your Domain Name

The first step, you need to do when creating your WordPress blog is getting a domain name for your Blog.

Domain is just the name of your blog like

If you find it hard to come up with a domain name, you can get it directly through Hostgator.

That is one of the reasons for choosing Hostgator, as it makes life easier for people.

Besides, after purchasing a 12 month web hosting, you get one year free domain name.

That is why it is beneficial to sign up for a year, giving you substantial savings.

Better still, you can enjoy even a greater offer after purchasing a 36-month plan as that will give you a lower monthly rate.


If you opt for a free domain, you can proceed to the next step to purchase the hosting and receive a free domain in a single step.

If you are not ready with your domain name, you will get an option saying “I will create my domain later.”

You can click that option to allow you to continue even without the domain name.

You can continue and take time later to think about the name you want.

Whether you choose the domain name later or have it ready, you can complete the signup.

On the signup page, you will have the option to create an account.

You need to use an active email address.

All confirmation and details about logging will be send to your email address.

Next, you will also have an option to choose the best hosting package for the duration of your Hostgator blog plan.

You will notice that, there are varied options you can choose depending on the plan that gives more comfort.

It is also important to indicate your payment details.


Step-2. Connect Your Domain with Your Hosting

You need to connect your domain with your hosting.

But, you can skip the step if you buy your domain from the Hostgator.

It is easier for you when you choose the Hostgator domain name.

However, you will connect the two if you choose a different domain provider and Hostgator as your host.

You can manage your domain by selecting the “manage your domain” option.


Then, you will see the set name server option that you should click.

You will then need to enter your updated information in the space under Hostgator name server.

You need to save the changes by clicking “save the changes.

You can only add the domain you have not from the Hostgator as an add-on domain.

Once you log on to the Hostgator, you can click domains and click assign.

After, you will need to follow some simple steps to help you add your domain.


Step-3. Time to Install WordPress on Hostgator

Installing WordPress is the most important step for starting a blog on Hostgator.

WordPress is an open source software that powers 75% of websites and blogs.

It is also very simple as long as you are willing to read the instructions.

With Hostgator, you are allowed to create a free WordPress blog.

The first thing you need to do is create your password.

Hostgator will guide you through the process.

Create a password that is not easy, but not too complex that you cannot remember.


Step-4. Customise Blog Theme

Hostgator will ask you to begin by picking your Theme.

Which you can pick at random or choose depending on your preference.

A Theme is the design element of your blog.

It includes the layout, design style and colours to make your blog beautiful.

If you do not like the theme after picking it, you can always change it later.

Envato Themes are the best and most popular in the world for blogging.

You can build any type of blog/website with Envato Themes.

It is easier to customise without coding experience.

Also, you could get a cheap website designer to build your blog with a Theme.

Investing in a Theme gives your blog a professional look.

Also, you will have access to licence code and all the features.

You can build multiple blogs with the same purchase licence code and benefit from future updates.

Warning, you need to invest in a good Theme and ignore mediocre WordPress free themes.

Blogging is a serious business and vital for you to get the right tools.


Step-5. Add Special Features

It is important to note that, WordPress platform has a full package of the essential elements necessary for setting up a basic site.

However, users can add special features with plugins depending on what they need.

You will have to choose the features depending on the need of a specific site.

WordPress plugin directory has hundreds of free plugins.

You can either install or buy custom plugins designed by a third-party WordPress developer.

Look for Blog related plugins that have tools for sharing.

It is also paramount to choose SEO tools that drives traffic to your Blog.

Add value-adding tools like the Yoast SEO plugin and Google Console and Analytics.


Step-6. It is Time to Create and Publish Your Posts

WordPress admin dashboard provides tools that help create two different kinds of content.

The first one is the page and post.

The purpose is to allow you to post your information.

That is the one that has the about page.

You can add your policies, disclaimers and publish frequent useful articles on your Blog.

You will also be able to add any other necessary elements like videos or images.

Once you add all the information you need, you will have to make it visible on the site.

With WordPress, you can display your post as the Blog’s front page.

You also can create a static about page that your visitors can see first on your blog.

The cool part is that, you can post or add as many pages as you want.

You can also opt to change the appearance or the layout of your blog anytime you want.

There is no limit as to how many changes you can make on your blog about page.


Step-7. You Need to Optimise Your Blog for SEO

In the final stage, you need to do everything possible to optimise your blog for search engines.

You should try ranking on the first page of the search engines.

Also, Google allows you to follow your users and track their performance.

What you need to do when you are setting your bog is to include analytics to benchmark the performance.

It is therefore important to confirm that your Blog has the following:

•    A Google analytic account
•    A Google Account
•    A Tracking Code and 
•    Added the code to WordPress via Plugin


WordPress is such a versatile, flexible and a content management tool used worldwide.

It has enough tools and features to help you build a blog of all kinds.

You can therefore publish and even share your content to all corners of the world.

You can also be sure of getting the support you need from WordPress.

Once you optimise your blog, you are ready to swing to action and promote products/services.

8. Make Income from Your Blog

Blogging helps you quickly replace your salary and become financially successful.

This is why I suggest you download this free business report.

But, you need to be patient for at least 12-24 months to allow articles to rank online.


However, there various methods to make income from blog and includes:


Affiliate marketing-Endorsing and promotion of products to clients.

Sponsored posts Getting paid by companies to publish reviews.

Selling courses You can sell ebooks, membership subscriptions, online video course and events.

Advertising Accepting paid Ads on your blog for banner placements.

Jarsper- Writing tool to make blog articles and Social Media Ads.


We discuss ways to make halal money blogging.

You know there’s a lot of money online and everyone wants to start an online business.

Start small with a big domination mentality.


Action Tip:


Register your blog domain and web hosting with Hostgator now.

Stop procrastinating and read this important free business report.

Dell: Get cheaper Laptop/Desktop deals for bloggers.

BT Business Broadband: Get the latest broadband + phone deals.


“An investment in self-development pays the highest dividends.”


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