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27 Best Ramadan Business Ideas For Earning Extra-Income

Ramadan business ideas you can launch by reading this vital home business.

Want to know Ramadan business ideas?

Ramadan is a holy month that brings muslims all over the world together.

Ramadan business ideas also give muslims an opportunity to earn extra-income by selling products/services.

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Ramadan is a blessed month of forgiveness, prayers and seeking guidance from Allah.

In this post, I ‘ll reveal the best Ramadan business ideas you can use to make additional income.

Let’s dive in!

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Which business is best in Ramadan?

The best businesses that thrive in Ramadan includes selling dates, Islamic books, halal foods, sweets, worship items, Eid clothes, fruits, car rentals, as well as running a travel agency.

Also, online businesses like e-commerce, affiliate marketing, mentoring, Quran tutoring, Airbnb and selling digital courses.

What sells the most in Ramadan?

It is a known fact that, diary products such as yoghurt and labna sells most in the month of Ramadan.

For example, diary business owners have products specifically ready for Ramadan.

It is the month they make the most money, by offering discounts to muslims and ensuring they eat healthy diary products.

Can business be conducted during Ramadan?

Absolutely yes! Islam permit muslims to engage in their business as usual during the month of Ramadan.

In some muslim countries, employers and business owners allow employees to work reduced hours in order to spend time with their families.

This helps so many muslims to attend mosque congregational prayers, Quran Tafsirs and other good acts of worship.

What are some Ramadan activities?

The holy month of Ramadan encourage muslims to engage in good activities such as building family ties, supporting others through (Zakat) charity to the poor.

Also, taking care of orphans, elderly, kids, Quran recitations, sharing meals and spending in the way of Allah.

27 Ramadan Business Ideas & Things To Sell

The Ramadan business ideas you can start for profit are selling on the internet, teaching courses, running a food catering service, Eid clothes, operating a bookshop and worship materials.

Below are Ramadan business ideas you can start today:

1. Iftar Catering Service

There is always a high demand for Iftar catering service in the month of Ramadan.

This presents you with the perfect opportunity to launch an Iftar catering business.

You can target mosques, community groups and organisations to meet their Iftar needs.

This is a very good business you can start small at home and scale into profit.

2. Selling Dates

It’s a common practice in most places for muslims to end fasting by eating dates.

However, there are many varieties of dates consumed by muslims.

You need to find the best selling dates profitable.

Once you can find the wholesalers, it is easy to supply commercial outlets.

Selling dates in the month of Ramadan can generate you a huge fortune.

3. Eid Clothing

Eid clothing is one of the best Ramadan business ideas for extra-income.

You can create a Shopify Store and build a multi-million dollar business brand.

Nowadays, with the internet you can source suppliers around the world and resell to your clients.

If you want to build a halal lucrative business, focus on niche clothing for kids, women and men.

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4. YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the most visited sites in the world for video streaming and uploads.

Sadly, only few muslims are creating a YouTube Channel to build their business.

You can use YouTube Channel to attract clients, subscribers and redirect them to any product/services for income.

However, YouTube Ads sharing income may not be halal and stay away from it!

5. Halal Ecommerce

Ecommerce is a booming industry and will continue to do so for many years ahead.

In the past, you need a lot of money to start an Ecommerce Store.

Today, you can easily find a product, contact the manufacturer, create a website and ready to sell.

By far, Ecommerce is one of the fastest growing business opportunities to tap into as a muslim.

But, there is a caveat in running an Ecommerce business.

You need to ensure the products are halal and physically available to sell.

6. Podcasting

A Podcast is more like a radio show hosted online for audience or viewers to access.

It’s a business you can launch, with a bit of expertise in a particular field.

Podcasting is very profitable when you find sponsors and build enough loyal fans.

7. Quran Tutoring

Can you read and understand the Quran?

If so, then you can start your own Quran tutoring service online for a fee.

People are keen to improve their knowledge of the Quran during Ramadan.

You can be the one guiding and tutoring them.

Teaching Quran as a subject is very rewarding and a fantastic way to make a living.

8. Halal Butchery Shop

Any meat that is eaten must be halal for muslims.

Starting a halal butchery shop can yield you massive income.

You need a good location and have the required halal certifications in your country.

A halal butchery is a good idea and muslims will always buy meat during Ramadan.

9. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative online businesses to join.

You need no capital, no product to stock, no customer service or shop to rent.

It can be started immediately with an access to global audience using halal advertising.

Affiliate marketing is about recommending a product or company to people.

When a purchase is made, you earn certain percentage commission as a reward.

For example, most bloggers, YouTubers and Instagram Influencers get paid by recommending products.

You can promote halal products online and get paid.

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10. Consulting Service

Consulting service is a venture you can launch from home.

You need a telephone, computer and wifi to run this business.

Consulting service is about solving problems for people and businesses.

You can charge enormously for your expertise.

Also, you definitely need to present your service professionally to get customers.

11. House Cleaning

Having a house cleaning company can help you earn income as a Ramadan business.

Some people struggle with household cleaning chores.

You can be the one to help solve their cleaning needs.

In fact, you can extend your services locally to mosques, schools and businesses.

House cleaning service is cost-effective to start with high profit margins.

12. Halal Travel Agency

Halal travel agency is a wonderful and exciting business to launch.

Some muslims prefer to spend time in the holy city of Mecca during Ramadan.

Therefore, it is wiser to start a halal travel agency and cater to their needs.

You can handle all flight bookings, hotel accommodations and airport pickups on their behalf.

A travel agency can be operated online from the comfort of your home and earn income.

13. Web Design

Web design business can be started without having any technical skills.

You can become the middleman finding clients and outsourcing projects to web designers.

Many business owners are raking profits in this industry, without any coding experience whatsoever!

You only need to identify what people want and sell that web design package.

For example, you can find web developers online and hire them to work for you.

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14. Selling Sweets

Muslims love sweets during Ramadan, especially those made locally for cultural events.

If you can prepare sweets, then it can be an excellent method for generating income.

Besides, you can also import best selling sweets from other countries.

You need to have a business with the right documents when importing overseas.

Alternatively, you could partner with an established business entity to start your venture.

15. Diary Products and Pastries

Supplying and selling diary products, as well as pastries can be the best Ramadan business to consider.

These products are consumed on daily basis and popular amongst muslims for Iftar.

But, you would require capital to get started and build the business.

The key is to have excellent products and good branding for your business.

16. Car Rental Service

If you have a leisure time, why not opt for a car rental service?

You could join Uber in your city or a taxi service agency for extra income.

Ramadan is a busy time for muslims and people are always rushing to get home.

You can be the one offering them a taxi ride.

This can be a very flexible gig, where you can pick your shifts according to your own schedule.

17. Sell Islamic Books

Selling Islamic books online can net you a nice income.

There are wholesalers and distributors in most cities for Islamic books.

Next, you have to create a website and start promoting your books.

Also, you can rent a shop and sell directly to muslims.

18. Online Coaching

Online coaching has exploded exponentially creating more new entrepreneurs.

There are online coaches in every niche category out there.

For example, there are online coaches for entrepreneurs, fitness enthusiasts, swimming and even


Do you have a knowledge to share?

Just jump on the online coaching bandwagon and start a business for income.

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19. Blogging

It’s unthinkable that, most people now want to become bloggers.

Blogging is where to make extra-money now.

Brands are happy to invest thousands on bloggers to endorse their products.

You can start a blog on WordPress and publish your articles online.

But, blogging is a science in order succeed.

Also, you need consistency in your business.

20. Personal Trainer

It’s incredible that, that people are spending a lot on personal trainers to keep them fit.

No wonder there are gyms everywhere.

If you are smart, this is the sector you should be affiliated with.

Once you know how to keep people fit and healthy.

You can easily charge a top dollar for your business.

I suggest you learn everything about this market and build your own personal training business.

21. Freelancing

Are you still confining yourself to the old ways of making a living through a 9-5 job?

I want to pound into your head that, you are seriously sabotaging yourself.

You have unlimited advantage to transform your life, with a freelancing service.

Freelancing offers you the opportunities to dump the job that is making you sick!

Stop wasting time and start working as an online freelancer.

22. App Design

Why are you not creating Apps and make money?

Click & Start An App

Chances are you have downloaded Apps on your smart phone created by others.

Do you think these App creators are smarter than you?

Hear me out here my friend!

You can do anything you want in life.

Start playing with ideas for an App and get started.

23. Selling Mobile Phones

The smart phone industry has reached an unprecedented growth.

This eased communication and brought people more closer.

It also created new avenues for a smart thinking person to build a business around mobile phones.

You can sell smart phones online without a large advertising budget.

24. T-Shirt Printing

One of the profitable Ramadan business idea is to sell a T-Shirt.

You need to have a website or marketplace to sell your designs.

Having a T-Shirt with positive slogans and Islamic quotes can drive sales.

Besides, you can talk to local designers to help you kick-start this lucrative venture.

25. Halal Perfume Shop

Ever wanted to become your own boss?

Well, you can start your own halal perfume shop today.

Muslims like to smell good, especially during Ramadan Taraweeh prayers.

You can grow a halal perfume shop online and start selling globally.

26. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are getting hired by big companies, bloggers and digital marketers.

The Covid pandemic saw furloughed employees turning into virtual assistants for income.

You can perform simple tasks like customer service support, writing, editing, proofreading and much more.

The sky is the limit and the income earnings are awesome too.

Virtual assistants can work remotely online using a computer and software tools.

27. Airbnb Rentals

Are you a landlord with rental properties?

You can start getting bookings on Airbnb for your apartment.

Airbnb is another excellent way to make income in a minimum time.

Rather than having empty rooms, just put them on Airbnb for passive income.


In this article, we discussed Ramadan business ideas at length together.

You have acquired enough ideas to build an awesome business.

But, before I leave you.

I would like you to eliminate all forms of procrastination today.

It’s time to take charge of your own life and make an impact.

Action Tip:

Make yourself an action taker by reading this Free Report.

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